The toxic chairman creates a major issue for the Sevco High Command

These must be difficult times for the Sevco High Command.

I think it is fair to say that until yesterday they might not have been fully in the picture apropos the seriousness of the Take Over Panel situation.

Whenever they have raised it with their convict chairman his response was always pugnacious.

He stated repeatedly that the Take Over Panel was in the wrong and that he would fight them every inch of the way.

Well, I learned today that Mr King was due to be in the UK last week.

My information is that his trip had two main objectives.

The firstly eas to mop the fevered brow of the new manager and reassure him that more funds would be made available to him in due course.

The second thing on the list was to give a boost to Club 1872.

Of course both of these things are related.

If the membership of the latter increased then Mr Gerrard may have more funds in the future.

However, at the last moment, I’m told that Mr King was advised by his South African based legal team that he was probably well advised to steer clear of Blighty.

Now, my impeccably placed source could have picked up the wrong end of the stick and if Mr King turns up next week in Fair Caledonia then all will be well…

However, we now know that contempt of court papers have been served on him in South Africa at the start of last month.

The fact that the Take Over Panel moved at the earliest opportunity and sent people to Johannesburg to carry out their legal duties says a lot.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the convict chairman was about to tell the authorities of some debilitating medical condition sometime soon.

Perhaps Mr King thought he was being clever when he named dropped Investec to the Take Over Panel.

However, I’m told that the chaps in the Square Mile immediately checked out what they had been told by the Johannesburg based criminal and it didn’t stack up.

Let’s just say that the folk at Investec are not best pleased.

Indeed, I would not be surprised if there are several chaps in the Blue Room who are now considering their position.

Given the statement yesterday from the Hearings Committee it was probably good timing to get the pictures of the new kit out there.

There was a conference call on Tuesday afternoon between several senior Sevco functionaries and the folks from Hummel.

Now they just need somewhere to sell the stuff!

As of first thing this morning I can report that the people in Shirebrook were not picking up the phone.

It is almost as if General Ashley wants to make them sweat.

Of course, none of this will register with the cultural unfortunates who make up the Sevco customer base.

They think everything is wonderful, just like they did in 2011.