Mr Gerrard and Poundland FC

In a parallel universe, there is a Scottish sports journalist who has already broken the story about the Sevco training camp in Spain.

The exclusive report would reveal that the new Ibrox manager was less than impressed with the Poundland operation.

Our fictional journalist, operating in a different dimension, would also have found out that Mr Gerrard had recently received some bad financial news.

As in being informed that he had already exceeded his budget for re-building the Sevco squad.

It is almost as if Mr Gerrard had been badly informed by someone very close to him and that this trusted confidant had assured him that you could take a Dave King promise to the bank.


Back on Planet Fitba the inter-galactic PR guru has been getting it in the neck from his Johannesburg based boss.

Apparently, the ample advisor has been informed that he needs to “get ahead” of the Poundland narrative.

If only everyone on Planet Fitba was as biddable a certain well-rounded young chap who was out there in Spain obediently averting his eyes at the unfolding embarrassment.

Anyone who thinks that the Gerrard experiment will end well for Sevco has not been paying attention.

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