An old actor from the birth of Sevco comes back into the sitcom

An old name in the Sevco sitcom re-emerged today.

Do you recall those fine chaps at Cenkos Securities?

They were involved with Charles of Normandy when the new club was established in 2012.

In the last few days, a legally trained chap in the Blue Room was dispatched by the convict chairman to get them reinvolved with the basket of assets.

The approach was made and the Churchillian pitch was made.

My understanding is that it was an attempt to entice potential investors with the Cenkos folk receiving a finder’s fee.

Alas, there were no takers.

The same fellow then executed Plan B.

This involved him approaching several well-heeled brogue wearers.

The plan was to attempt to sell the Dave King vision for the basket of assets.

Once more, it was no deal.

What was then left was for the begging bowl to be waved under these Blue Noses.


Zero take up.

If only these business types were like those trusting chaps in Club 1872.

I am also hearing that there is a high-Level squirrel in preparation for this weekend.

It will involve three English clubs being interested in Josh Windass.

Expect £3-£4m to be quoted for the ex-Accrington Stanley superstar.

Of course, the price that is being fed to the Stenography Corps is rather cheap by Morelos Chinese currency rates.


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