Cruel comparisons for a cut price operation

I’m afraid that my last offering caused something of a disruption in a PR galaxy far far away.

Sadly, the tremor was felt by a young chap who is in Spain to…ahem…report on the cut-price Sevco training camp.

If there is a journalist out there in Malaga then they might want to arrange a sit down with the ex-England captain.

Just ask him these questions:

Mr Gerrard, are you happy with the training facilities at this camp?

Mr Gerrard, were you satisfied with the travel arrangements for you and your players to Spain?

Mr Gerrard, do you believe that you have been given the funds to re-build your squad that you thought you were going to receive?

I’m not holding out much hope that these questions will be asked.

After all, when the Hummel kit deal was announced my information is that the assembled chaps from the Fitba Fourth estate were told NOT to ask about the financial details.

Unsurprisingly they obeyed…

Of course, I’m sure that General Ashley will eventually give the basket of assets his answer about doing the retail thing for them.

Until then, they sweat in the Blue Room.

The reality is that Sevco’s convict chairman has doubled down on a coach who has one year at Under 18 level.

As the Resolution 12 issue has finally reached a stage of football governance it is worth noting that there are questions over the basket of assets this season.

For example, do they meet the UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) criteria?

After the bus story, someone in the Sevco High Command felt the need to spin a line that Celtic are in money trouble and are desperately trying to offload players.

As glib and shameless deflections go it was rather desperate.

As ever the enemy of Sevco is the truth.

Consider the following comparisons:

Private jet versus EasyJet

Made-to-measure training gear versus off the peg kit that turns up in instalments.

A secure dedicated training ground versus a publicly owned facility.

Millions in the bank versus a crippling wage bill.

What is extant at Ibrox now is the outworking of the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015.

Then the company was within three months of breaking even.

I’m told that the plan would then have been to level with the fans and set up something along the lines of the Foundation of Hearts.

Such a development would have finished the King project before he got up the marble staircase.

Therefore, they had to wrest boardroom power from “the spivs”.

I am not a gambling person.

However, I would be interested to know what the odds are on Mr Gerrard being gone from his current job by the end of season 2018-2019.




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