The Škrtel squirrel

Oh dear.

I’m afraid that The People and those fine chaps in the Stenography Corps have been rather misinformed.

Firstly some facts:

There WAS contact between Mark Allen and the UK based agent of Martin Škrtel.

However, even before transfer fee and signing on fee could be fully discussed it was difficult to see that his wage demands could be met.

I’m told that there is sometimes a bit of a Laissez-faire attitude to taxation in Turkish football.

Consequently, for Mr Škrtel’s current take home pay to be matched at Sevco he would have to be paid approximately £90k per week within the UK.

However, the pretence of a big money move for the Slovakian international defender was understandable.

Moreover, it was a good move to show the call history from a Sevco mobile phone to a couple of handpicked stenographers.

This proved that there was contact between the ex-Liverpool defender and the basket of assets.

No lies were told, but the breathless shills on the sports desks ran away to make happy up happy clappy stuff.

At the end of it all a couple of weeks of feel-good publicity and some more season ticket renewals.

Such is the way with the Impecunious Revolution at Ibrox.

I’m also told that one chap in particular within the Blue Room was less than Zen like apropos my last report.

He was particularly irked about the news getting out regarding resignations that were currently Parked.

The upshot is that all is not well on Planet Sevco.

I know it and they know it.

However, they do not want The People to know it.

Of course, the Sevco High Command does have staunch allies in the local media.

Those chaps are vital in keeping up the pretence to the Ibrox clientele that all is rosy in the dignified garden.

In many ways it’s just like being back in 2011.

This now resembles an unethical longitudinal study that is testing the limits of credulity in a selected population.

Such experiments should be more stringently regulated.



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