Seven in a row and simply third best

The 2017-2018 season is now over and the league does not lie.

Celtic are the champions and Aberdeen are best of the rest.

The Gerrard circus will now be in full flow until the middle of July.

That is the next time when Sevco will play a competitive football match.

As with the Pedro revolution (cough) everything was wonderful until matches had to be played.

Last summer the  Sevco High Command gambled on the likeable Portuguese spoofer getting the basket of assets into the Europa League Group Stages.

However, in their inaugural European campaign, they only met with little Progrès.

Pedro, just like the match ball in Sevco’s first ever match in 2012, was rather stuck in a hedge about it all.

Now, I have no doubt that Mr Gerrard believes what he has been told and that he will receive a transfer budget of £20m.

That has been explained to him by some glib and shameless arithmetic:

£6m from a rights issue with the remainder being made up from the directors own resources and player sales.

If the ex-Liverpool youth coach believes this pish then I can’t help him.

Like Pedro, he will have the opportunity to manage a Sevco side in Europe.

A very well-placed source was “stunned” that the Engine Room Subsidiary was granted a UEFA licence.

He is in a position to have a granular understanding of the current state of play of Sevco’s financial position.

Consequently, he was convinced, to the point of being adamant, that the Ibrox outfit was non-compliant with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations for next season.

Theref0re, three days ago I wrote to UEFA about this matter:


The Rangers Football Club European (TRFC) licence application season 2018-2019


I am a journalist and I have questions regarding the subject title of this email.

Has UEFA returned the licence application for this club (TRFC) to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) or to the club itself (TRFC)?

If so are there concerns about possible failure to comply with UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations by TRFC?

Are there any other reasons why the licence application from TRFC has been returned?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

I received the following reply 24 hours later:

Dear Sir,

Please contact the respective club or the Scottish Football Association regarding these questions.

The deadline for the Scottish Football Association, which is the authorized licensor for this case, to submit the list of licensing decisions to UEFA is the 31 May.

Kind regards,


I have no issue with the reply from UEFA.

However, the chaps at Hampden do not have a good track record when it comes to replying to my questions.

One well-placed Ibrox source told me that if I looked hard enough then I could find evidence of a fiddle on the roof.

Apparently, any overspend that would breach FFP regulations can be offset if work is being carried out on a stadium.

Or if there is even the appearance of work…

Like scaffolding.

Of course, I dismissed this theory as being overly cynical.

I am satisfied that the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden have received assurances from the six-year-old club that everything is rosy in the FFP garden at Ibrox.

What more evidence do they need?

I mean, it isn’t like there has ever been a question mark over anyone at Ibrox when it came to the veracity of European licence applications before.

Perish the thought.

In other news just three more to go…

I hope you’re feeling champion dear reader because I am.