Seven in a row and simply third best

The 2017-2018 season is now over and the league does not lie.

Celtic are the champions and Aberdeen are best of the rest.

The Gerrard circus will now be in full flow until the middle of July.

That is the next time when Sevco will play a competitive football match.

As with the Pedro revolution (cough) everything was wonderful until matches had to be played.

Last summer the  Sevco High Command gambled on the likeable Portuguese spoofer getting the basket of assets into the Europa League Group Stages.

However, in their inaugural European campaign, they only met with little Progrès.

Pedro, just like the match ball in Sevco’s first ever match in 2012, was rather stuck in a hedge about it all.

Now, I have no doubt that Mr Gerrard believes what he has been told and that he will receive a transfer budget of £20m.

That has been explained to him by some glib and shameless arithmetic:

£6m from a rights issue with the remainder being made up from the directors own resources and player sales.

If the ex-Liverpool youth coach believes this pish then I can’t help him.

Like Pedro, he will have the opportunity to manage a Sevco side in Europe.

A very well-placed source was “stunned” that the Engine Room Subsidiary was granted a UEFA licence.

He is in a position to have a granular understanding of the current state of play of Sevco’s financial position.

Consequently, he was convinced, to the point of being adamant, that the Ibrox outfit was non-compliant with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations for next season.

Theref0re, three days ago I wrote to UEFA about this matter:


The Rangers Football Club European (TRFC) licence application season 2018-2019


I am a journalist and I have questions regarding the subject title of this email.

Has UEFA returned the licence application for this club (TRFC) to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) or to the club itself (TRFC)?

If so are there concerns about possible failure to comply with UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations by TRFC?

Are there any other reasons why the licence application from TRFC has been returned?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

I received the following reply 24 hours later:

Dear Sir,

Please contact the respective club or the Scottish Football Association regarding these questions.

The deadline for the Scottish Football Association, which is the authorized licensor for this case, to submit the list of licensing decisions to UEFA is the 31 May.

Kind regards,


I have no issue with the reply from UEFA.

However, the chaps at Hampden do not have a good track record when it comes to replying to my questions.

One well-placed Ibrox source told me that if I looked hard enough then I could find evidence of a fiddle on the roof.

Apparently, any overspend that would breach FFP regulations can be offset if work is being carried out on a stadium.

Or if there is even the appearance of work…

Like scaffolding.

Of course, I dismissed this theory as being overly cynical.

I am satisfied that the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden have received assurances from the six-year-old club that everything is rosy in the FFP garden at Ibrox.

What more evidence do they need?

I mean, it isn’t like there has ever been a question mark over anyone at Ibrox when it came to the veracity of European licence applications before.

Perish the thought.

In other news just three more to go…

I hope you’re feeling champion dear reader because I am.

37 thoughts on “Seven in a row and simply third best”

  1. I’d just like to wish the best of luck for next season to all the inmates across the city at False Dawn International plc. By God, they’ll need it.

  2. So much to discuss now the league season is over.
    Perhaps we could attain to a “clear the air” or “clear the desk”status.
    Surely the CO has now time on his hands to finish and publish his report (once two red cards, one missed red and a managers red has been addressed – ten minutes work there).
    Neil Lennon’s statement on why he impersonated a bomber aircraft (imo) deserves attention at ALL levels. Surely the Politicians, Police and the Football Authorities should now be at “last resort” stage with any sectarian singing in grounds? Have it reaching a certain decibel level and your team looses points – something has to be done to cut out irrelevant items that have no place in civilised society let alone football.
    Also does the FFP rules include “aiding and abetting”?
    If any part of a football company, club or holding group, has excessive borrowing or outstanding fines, compensation etc. then surely the should have until 31st May to pay and clear in order to be given a licence for UEFA.
    Why can’t the authorities see that this could be holding back investment in our game?
    The attention that Sevco’s new manager will bring to it, will only count if our game is “clean” and only a football product is presented!
    Anything else is just a wasted opportunity.

    1. ‘Clean’ the beautiful game in Scotland has never been thus and never will be unless We set up a totally free,transparent and democratically elected governing body.

      It really is that simple,sfa aren’t FIT FOR PURPOSE.They’ve proven that to be the case my 52 fitba seasons long life.
      In fact you can add my Da’s life to that,so 63+52,that equals 115 years.
      More or less corrupt since inception.TOTAL CORRUPTION.

  3. The scaffolding has been up at the back of the broomloan rd stand now for a few weeks, the car park has just been re-lined even new disabled spaces ! hopefully the lining company got paid upfront !!

    1. This could be more to do with the clause in Close Bros loan conditions about all assets put up as collateral being kept in good condition.

  4. Mr Ge55ard is here for 55.
    5-5 at Ibrox yesterday was an omen, am telling you.
    Zorba the Priest music will be threw our sound system is not faraway buoys.
    So any fake news today Declan.

    1. Zadok is the priest you’re looking for. Who “threw” the sound system in… was that the much trumpeted army of ” tradesmen” we were all laughing about several years ago… these heroes were going to renovate the Bigot Dome after they’d come home from work had their tea and finished watching the ballet on Sky Arts….. as they say at the Bolshoi … the Swan died…. just like Glasgow Rangers…. the came big handed Charlie …. he brought the Big Hoose down with his version of the Nutcracker Suite…… it’s still running… mainly away from creditors…. the take over panel…….
      Adieu Billy….I’m off the the Barre.. .!!

  5. Of course, should any invoices for scaffolding or other ‘works done’ have been generated, the tax man would want his share of both VAT and other other taxes. I’m sure the scaffolding company will be happy to pay that too.

  6. As for next season, improvement against teams who press us is a must. Also, we have to find a way to score through very organised brick walls, especially on tight pitches

  7. May I say something here, second is last for Rangers, for sure!!!
    Well what is third Souness? you arrogant specimen.

    We are champions, 7 going for 10!!!

    Honey G must be retarded if he thinks that the Lying King will deliver on any promises that he has made.

    God bless the Green and White

    Hail Hail Phil and all!!!!

    1. ‘Sourness’ to give him full name has the arrogance that you may see displayed by a member of the royal family,I truly cannot listen to his uppity bile.I never watch or listen to anything that he,or the German interlopers say or do,mainly for health reasons,as raising my BP is not good for me,and those two examples most certainly do that.

      Let’s hope it absolutely buckets down with torrential rain on their up n coming wedding day.How they can justify spending £6+m on one event when there’s working people having to use food banks just to feed their families,and growing numbers of homelessness year on year.
      Truly disgusting. But not unexpected.

  8. Isn’t it incredulous that the ruling bodies of Scottish fitba can grant a license to any club who are publicly known to be in financial turmoil in light of the fact that they are already under scrutiny as regards Resolution 12.
    It’s as if they don’t even care, as it only seems to be the blogger bampots that will write about it, and with the help of SMSM , the blogosphere can be easily dismissed as “obsessed” “motive driven”.
    This nest of vipers seriously needs a clear out, top to bottom….

  9. Well done Celtic for winning the league. A league my 96 yo mother could win with the resources Celtic have. Still money doesn’t mean you can win things eh?
    Have to say I was sorry to see Celtic players acting in such an undignified manner, no matter what that clown Logan did.
    Glad to see Sevco drop a place and a shame Hibs could not have dumped them further.

    1. Celtic operate within their own financial parameters bud.
      Hence why as of Feb 2018 there was in excess of £25m Net Cash in the Bank.
      This means we are living well within our means and in reality not spending enough in order to compete at the higher level in Europe.
      It’s the same for all Clubs who have bigger Stadiums and larger gates we generate more income as a result.
      c’est la vie

  10. Not overly miffed with regards today’s result, We are worthy champions also, If it puts the Huns gas at a peep and cheers up Lenny what’s not to like. Onwards and Upwards for Scotland’s Champions,HH.

  11. Phil

    I sincerely, 120 thousand million percent (in my best Simon Cowell accent), genuinely hope that the scaffolding story is true.

    Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen and the rest of them deserve nothing less.

    And if their fans continue to allow their boards to ignore it then they also have the competition they deserve.

    If it’s true then it really is bottom feeding stuff and if the SFA support it then we all know where we are.

    It seems Celtic having been left hangin, have managed to achieve very little and if they have been driven to match throwing tactics, then the panto has taken another sinister twist.
    GIRFUT we have a stand alone policy.

  12. I understand what has “held up” the application. Unfortunately The Scaffold didn’t write ‘Letting In Water’……

    So no video it is….

  13. Gents are we on the verge of obsession?

    On the day we win 7 in a row there is no discussion around how we move forward but of a team in govan

    I want to hear inside information on how we move forward

    Sounds daft with another treble in waiting but what should we expect from the next 8 weeks ?

    Is all the focus on sevco taking away from where we are going I. The pursuit of 10 and European adventures?

    1. I am with you sir, I don’t give a monkeys toss about what the other teams do, I’m more concerned about what my team does in the summer.
      Yes we won the league quite easily and the league cup was a canter and I’m sure Motherwell will not be able to halt us next weekend – BUT- we need to improve, to move forward – let’s gave some decent investment to build the foundation for another 7 in a row

    2. July 2019 is a key date in the Celtic Diary.
      This is the month we finally break free from the long term borrowing we have been paying back since the O’Neill revolution.
      Last payment is £6.25m.
      We had £26.5m cash in the Bank in December.
      One more qualification for the Champions League proper this Summer and it is actually irrelevant what they do as they will have to find at least £20m Just to rebuild what they have..then there’s the small matter of money need investing in their ground.
      Put it this way…
      We are spending £4m on lighting and sound this Summer whilst they are scraping round for ten bob to keep the leccy on over the Summer.

    3. i’m quite enjoying wallowing in their second mad dash to liquidation!

      enjoy it while you can – when they’re gone again, they’re gone forever.


    4. In all honesty mate….Yes !!

      The team from Govan cheated for years. Shafted honest people and even though we know they didn’t get away with it they think they did.

      This is the biggest sporting cheat of all time that has yet to be punished.

      Our team will go on winning cups and leagues but until the team from Govan either admit there past sins or die again (no laughing at the back) them as far as I’m concerned this is the only news in town


  14. The longer the review of SFA licencing procedures tasked to the Compliance Officer, 8 months ago by Regan, yes 8 months ago, drags on the more the integrity of our football authorities is called into question.
    Evetyone knows that the licence application was fraudulent as Rangers lied about overdue taxes relative to the wee tax case.
    The unpaid tax bill problem was not unknown to some of those on the SFA licencing committee yet the application was waved through.
    I’ve been thinking for quite a while now that the CO has been stood down from his investigation on the quiet, for the good of Scottish football and keeping those involved in perpetrating the fraud, and the subsequent cover up, which is still going on 6 years down the road, out of jail.
    Lets not mince words here.

    1. Let’s not mince words here…
      Edited for defamatory content.
      Shape up or ship out.
      Yellow card.
      Dear or dear…

  15. I’d like to congratulate Celtic, not just on another league win, but on the remarkable choreography required to lie down to the sheep while putting in a performance like that just to twist the knife into the team who play at Ibrox these days.

    Because according to their fans it was predictable and inevitable that Celtic would let my team win today. Never mind Rodgers’ proud record of never having lost a domestic game at Parkhead until today, never mind the trophy day party the team would have wanted to put on for the fans today, apparently all celtic were interested in was seeing rangers finishing third rather than second despite it having no bearing on whether the team who play at Ibrox now qualifying for Europe.

    And they have the cheek to call you lot paranoid 😀 😀 😀

    1. If you look at the stats for the game I don’t know how anyone could draw that conclusion if I am being honest?
      We weren’t paranoid enough given all that’s transpired post EBT / Implosion 🤓

      Well played Aberdeen who in my opinion are only a couple of decent signings off fighting us for trophies.

    2. History, reading and other academic subjects are not on the agenda of the Govan hordes. Their paranoia knows no bounds. I know many of them avidly (albeit secretly) read every word of Phil’s. Let me take them back to April 1959 and give them an illustration of our club’s honour and integrity. It was the final day of 1958-9. Another dark, unhappy, barren season for Celts was ending; we were in 6th place. Rangers were 2 points clear of Hearts, with identical goal average. There were 2 points for a win. Rangers lost 1-0 to Aberdeen. We were 1-0 down to Hearts at half time. We didn’t ‘lie down.’ Bertie Auld equalised, we added a second and we gift wrapped the league for our old rivals. Almost 60 years later, we are still awaiting a ‘thank you, Celtic’ letter. We don’t do lying down- not then, not now, not ever.

  16. Phil you should do a piece on the complete breakdown of the financial status of Celtic going into this Summers draw down leading up to and beyond July 2019.
    July 2019 is the final payment date for the Co-Op Long term Loan at Celtic Park.
    From this date forward Celtic will be completely free of any further payments.
    I think it may surprise a lot within the game up North just exactly what position we are going to be in within the next 14 months.
    £6m doesn’t even cover our overdraft facility ffs 🤫

    I think the Current Celtic Squad is in line for serious investment this Summer.

  17. Hail hail Phil. Well done to all concerned at Parkhead. I fear that you are correct in that there will be a PR deluge of biblical proportions from Ilbred. Gerard will probably enjoy riding his horse and carriage through reality. The bully boys will swallow all the half baked tripe served up to them.
    Being the bronze medal recipients will be flat beer initially, but season ticket money has been portrayed as the manna essential to the Scouser wannabe. The staunch, dignified and loyal bullies will duly spew up a shedful of dosh, believing this will grant their entitlement to wondrous success.
    There is, however, the problem of playing football whilst adhering to the rules.
    On the sound of the referee’s whistle to herald competition time again, reality will again be overwhelming for the simply not the best gormless Govanites.
    Before that, it would enhance the reputation of Scottish football, and rekindle some semblance of fair play if this SFA would collectively get up of their arses and administer as they are paid to.

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