Resigned to permanent chaos at Sevco

I am afraid that there is an air of resignation around the Blue Room at the moment.

Moreover, I think it is fair to say that Mr David Cunningham King was in a less than Zen-like state last night.

The resignation of Mr Barry Scott came as a total surprise to him.

I’m also told that the South African based convicted criminal had a rather ungracious attitude towards the resignation of Mr Paul Murray.

Consequently, an inter-galactic PR guru had to be briefed last night with the “clearing the way for new investment” fairy story.

Of course, the stenographers dutifully ran with that today.

File under “high-Level pish”.

Now I’m told that two rather important looking missives marked “personal and highly confidential” arrived today at Ibrox for the Serious Professional.

Eyes only.

They were delivered by hand.

I think that all speculation as to their likely contents should be Parked at this point in time.

Developing story…

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