Statement O’clock hits the reality wall

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know why there has been something of a hiatus here.

Consequently, over the last couple of days, my thoughts have been concerned with somewhat weightier matters than Planet Fitba.

These included the oppression of Palestinian journalists in the occupied territories and the way in which the Israeli state seeks to compromise foreign media professionals with sanitised junkets.

It is a deadly form of succulent lamb.

I spoke on these issues at the conference and I spent all of yesterday in related correspondence to colleagues.

Then last night it was Statement O’clock from the parody club.

The author was so incensed that they got the date wrong of the match in question.

However, they fixed it when Twitter helpfully pointed out this error.

I received a message from a journalist mate this morning.

In terms of full disclosure, he is a Hibby.

“It’s dripping with self-entitlement isn’t it?” was his observation.

I couldn’t disagree with his assessment.

One of the long-term consequences of the death of Rangers in 2012 was that the tribute act would hit a wall of reality if they pushed the pretence of continuity too far.

Of course, the clientele of the Ibrox Volkstaat have fully bought into this let’s pretend game that the Sevco High Command feeds them.

Moreover, the local media are shamefully collusive in this commercially driven ruse.

However, the rest of Planet Fitba see it for what it is.

Quite frankly, The People are in denial about what happened when the CVA was refused to Rangers six years ago.

The men who had positions of authority in Scottish football warned us all in 2012 that the absence of a Rangers, any Rangers, from the top flight would be disastrous.

They pushed the boat out with the imagery.


“Slow lingering death”.

“Social unrest”.

It sounded like the trailer for something scary on Netflix.

Instead, the new club was, quite properly, forced to start at the bottom of the professional game.

Amazingly nothing happened.

Only one club died.


Now a new chap is about to take over at the SFA.

I wish Mr Maxwell all the best in his new position.

All the reports I have received is that he is a real football guy.

There will be no honeymoon period as he has some difficult issues to confront.

The report from the Compliance Officer on the granting of a European licence to old Rangers in season 2011-2012 should be near the top of his pile.

I’m told from an impeccable source that Sevco’s UEFA licence application was sent off to Nyon with a note attached.

Let’s just say there are some concerns.

Oh, I’m sure a personal assurance from Mr David Cunningham King is all that will be required.

If it doesn’t then you can expect it to be Statement O’clock again very soon.

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