Concomitant desperation in the Blue Room

I spoke with a well-placed source this morning and he confirmed what I had heard two days ago about the Sevco managerial vacancy.

I would not be reporting this if this second individual had not offered up this information.

Moreover, he did so without any prompting from me.

We were discussing something entirely different when he brought it up in conversation.

So here it is:

It is his understanding, and he is in a position to know, that the Sevco high command has again reached out to Derek McInnes.

We both agreed that there is a concomitant risk in trying to hire someone who had previously spurned you.

Especially if you had reacted to that rejection by publicly trashing his suitability for the job!

The Alex Neil faction in the Blue Room hasn’t gone away you know.

It is worth pointing out that there is a significant overlap when it comes to those who consider the Aberdeen guy and the Preston boss as potential candidates for the Ibrox hot seat.

My sources this morning was of the opinion that Derek McInnes and his representatives had not changed their mind on the desirability of job that as offered to him earlier this year.

Off field, Sevco is even more of a slow-moving insolvency event than it was when Mcinnes rebuffed Sevco’s dignified offer.

The need to go to Close Brothers is clear public data that there is a cash crisis at Ibrox.

Then the fact that the financial institution required a SECOND security document should scream out that they believe that there is a strong chance of default.

It would be foolish to think that Mr King cannot produce another conjuring trick that enthuses The People to renew in large numbers.

Even if that does happen the hole in the finances remains extant.

Meanwhile, across the Clyde, there is a genuinely big club who are setting their own standards.

That was evident yesterday, yet the Stenography Corp remain trapped in the “Old Firm” paradigm six years after Rangers died.

For the avoidance of doubt, the future does not belong to the customer base of Espanyol Glasgow.

Just sayin…

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