The problems build up for King and Sevco

I am told that the Sevco High Command were in “tense” conclave on Friday.

One of the few things that they were all agreed upon was that a victory in the semi-final was vital.

This is because they have been getting very worrying feedback on the season ticket renewals.

In particular, the expensive seats are a concern and it would appear that the corporate Blue Pound has given up on Mr David Cunningham King.

It is worth reminding that in March 2015 The People were instrumental in evicting a regime that was within three months of breaking even.

On Friday one senior member of the Sevco High Command angrily reprimanded the South African based convicted criminal apropos his recent statement.

It was his plaintive observation that King had effectively undermined young Master Murts in the eyes of the first team squad.

As usual, the esteemed chairman was having none of it.

You see, it is never Dave’s fault.

Moreover, the disembodied voice from Johannesburg made that abundantly clear.

Having said that the chaps at the Takeover Panel might demure on that one.

My Square Mile sources tell me today that everything is in place for serious action to commence on that matter within the next two weeks at the latest.

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  1. I was chatting to my son during and after the game re: Madden, and commented that he was neutral and unbiased with his decision making, in his innocence he replied, “he’s supposed to be”.
    To be honest, I do think he is one of the better ref’s.

    Voted for you Phil in all categories (even the ones that do not apply, lol)

  2. Wonder when Barry Ferguson next Celtic got lucky article will appear?
    Tavernier was looking forward to a treble this year and a run in the Europa Cup.
    Oh dear Tav, never mind, maybe next year?
    I suspect that in the run up to the league game there will be little talk in the media and by the players of the gap closing.
    Probably lots of we need to win this for the fans blah blah.
    Meanwhile Celtic do their talking on the park.
    I feel sympathy for the position Murty has found himself in, not helped with King’s statement last week throwing him under a bus in an attempt to drum up ST sales.
    I would imagine a significant number of fans will be hanging fire on ST renewal till the new manager is announced with an accompanying board statement of significant financial support.
    However with payroll through the roof and some players who are not contributing on healthy contracts, moving then on will be difficult.
    If the likes of Warburton and Pedro, with their management teams, are being drip fed their contract settlements on a monthly basis, that will eat into what’s available.
    With Mark Allen’s star already waining most, if not all, of the loanees will be returned to their parent club, including Murphy who will be unaffordable.
    Docherty signed a 4 1/2 year contract on an undisclosed fee, a fee yet to be paid.
    What if the new manager doesn’t fancy him? Does he just get returned to Accies with a thankyou card for his services?

  3. Thanks Phil enjoyed reading all past four articles just then and I’m sitting grinning from ear to ear😂

    Thanks Mr Fear ☠️

    Apart from winning a Europa Lge Cup,this nearing DBLE TREBLE scenario is good as We are ever gonna get unless there’s BIG league changes,IT really doesn’t get any better than this.

    HH🍀 BIG GRA 1💚CFC✅

      1. Mr. Barnet,
        Would that mean 3×3 =nine,so that’d be the 9 IN A ROW equalled(theirs is now invalid)but surpassed by attaining 3 trebles on the way to,equal it,even if We didn’t and just won the 9iar,I’d be looking into All sorts of religions.

        IF that happens I might actually start looking into this ‘God’ thing real seriously,coz not only will that be a Celtic MIRACLE,that means that this ‘God’ fella has been analysing and catalogueing Our very dreams.

        IF ‘God’ has done this I will pray six times a day,just 1 more than Our Muslim Brothers and I will NEVER DRINK AGAIN COZ I WILL BE WAY TOO BUSY PRAYING.

        I’m being lighthearted,so please don’t take the above in any way serious,surly life’s TOO SHORT to blast me for trying to have a laugh.

        I’ve been rather busy myself last couple of days and so it would seem has Oor Phil,aka Mr.Fear,so as soon as I’ve finished on my pc I will be taking in ALL OF PHILS work as he has also been a very,very busy man too.
        IF Phils updates are similar to his last four I’ve read,well let’s just say I hope ‘God’ is gathering data from my dreaming.And if he’s gauging it by grins and smiles I’d bet after reading Phils work for the last two days,well I’ll be grinning wider than the proverbial Cheshire Cat.

        And now I wish my PC would go even quicker,I keep it well clean and run regular maintenance twice a week,at least,it’s currently performing at 99% of its capability,turbo speed.And now I have my bedtime reading and possible I’m hopeful of dreaming of the Miracle that you set out,well it just CANNOT finish it’s tasks fast enough.

        What a FANTASTIC time to be a supporter of The Mighty Hoops.

        Goodnight Celtic Family and please keep dreaming BIG.


        Praise be upon YOU,and plenty of it too.

        My PC tasks are complete,whoo hooo,bedtime reading here I come.


  4. Do you think there is any truth In the rumour that Mr Halliday remarks were meant for the departing ginger haired fella and that the square go in the changing that followed the game was quite a brutal affair, poor manager never made the bus back to auchenhowie and got a Glasgow Hackney back to his car. Hope he never tried to use the account,

  5. I see the heavy duty Klan mob are out in force on follow follow. They have put it out there they want legs broke jaws cracked teeth knocked out of our players if their team can’t beat us .Typical hun use violence when they can’t get things their own way .

  6. Aw poor wee Coco from ibrox noise has just called himself a fool hey Coco news for you we all know that lol .He has just left Morelos the 11 million pound man he quoted way back earlier in the season without a name .You wonder how this muppet can write this after what he has written praising him previously. As I said the Bennys &Sams never a day goes by without any of them letting us down with how thick they really are .

  7. Watched the game in a pub called the Shamrock in Lanzarote superb atmosphere it reminded me of that song Russ Abbot would sing oh what an atmosphere I love a party with a happy atmosphere.

  8. Just when they thought it was safe to go back into the water…
    They heard the sound of an Oboe coming from the Celtic dressing room.
    (With apologies to Peter Benchley.)
    Hail hail.

  9. Well I wonder how wee Barry the Bankrupt will spin this one .No doubt he will put it out there that we where lucky because the Klan got a man sent off and we got 2 penalties we shouldn’t have got and that the hun defence gifted us the other 2 goals. You just know this thicko will spew this shite out as he knows no better another village idiot who follows the bouncing ball when trying to put a sentence together.

  10. felt celtic took their foot off the pedal,should have been 6 or 7 such was the obvious for madden, don’t be sucked in, in closer games celtic will not get the penaltys they got, madden could see sevco were never at the races this gives him a bit of leeway in future. ,he is part of the establishment,make no mistake about that.
    as a sheepie, i enjoyed the ole’s,that must have cut deep amongst the zombies.
    pity there was no song,like, can you hear the sevco sing no, no, or sevco sevco give us a song. would have been music to my ears. maybe next time.oh and bye bye dave.

  11. Don’t underestimate the Ibrox board’s foresight. Today’s result would have been much worse if they had taken that £11m bid for Moreless. Good call on that one.

  12. Slow, very slow and lingering. Let’s not rush the debacle of their demise. In fact, may I suggest that we pour ourselves a nice glass of rioja ( let me recommend the moderately priced, but very well balanced, gran logado) and spark up a nice, big, fat Cuban, tenederly rolled on the thighs of a salsa loving Havana beauty, and mellow as they wallow. El brindis de mis amigo es – el futuro. Yendo por diez y mas

  13. Two excellent pieces Phil and it’s been a excellent day all round . Young master Murts thought he had us figured out after our “lucky” win at the crumble dome but Brendan and the players changed shape and suckered them right in today , everything about Celtic was class . Mr King and his sidemen really have got to play the hard sell with ST books now as most of the Benny’s are up in mutiny after the team’s capitulation this afternoon . Perhaps the GASL will let the lackeys get on with it while he sunbathes south of the Limpopo but I hope they’re stuck with the warbler and Pedro’s rejects cause the futures green and white . Keep up the good work amigo 🍀🍀😀🍀🍀

  14. 9-2 on aggregate this season, so far.
    25-6 on aggregate over the last two seasons, so far.
    FFS mind you don’t get your fingers caught in that closing gap!!

  15. Got a few things recorded to watch when i get the chance.
    Mrs Browns boys, Still Game and some old Alan Partridge stuff.
    As much as these programmes will give me a wee giggle, nothing tonight will be funnier than watching Sportscene.

    Again Phil thanks for keeping us in the loop and away from the papers.

    Hail Hail.

  16. Long may this scenario continue.
    Phil, you may get an opportunity to write a bigger library than Barbara Cartland! Let us all hope. Imagine 26 in a row!

  17. Once again my worst fears weren’t realised.
    I travelled in on the Supporter’s bus convinced that we wouldn’t win…its what I do unfortunately.
    But what the feck do I know…
    Following my plea in an earlier post…the lads turned up and played the way they can…
    the gulf in class…was a chasm….and it shut ma greetin’ face.
    For the vast majority of the game it was like a practice session…and we played them off the park.
    And off the park it will hurt them severely as well…so that’s good.
    Finally….I have to compliment Bobby Madden.
    I thought he had a very good game.
    Credit where its due.
    Hail hail

  18. When I think of famous comedy duo’s, I think of the Two Ronnie’s, Morecambe and Wise, Mike and Bernie Winters, and of course, Dave King and “Rangers”. Sadly, all but the latter are no more, and if it was not for the efforts of Lord Limpopo and the Diddy men, we’d have nothing to laugh at when we are feeling low and in need of cheering up. I sincerely hope the Takeover Panel take this into account when the push the nuclear button on them!

    1. Mike and Bernie Winters were booked for their first gig at the Glasgow Empire.
      Mike came on first to “warm up ” the audience….before introducing his brother Bernie.
      As Bernie walked onto the stage…a loud Glaswegian voice was heard to say….
      “Aw fuck….there’s two of them !!”
      True story that…!

  19. I believe the TOP have decided they’ve fed Mr King enough rope and it’s now trapdoor release time.
    The result today was the stuff of King’s nightmares. A closely run tie, with some dodgy decisions going against them, could be spun with more of the ‘gap closing’ guff. I don’t know what he does following today’s comprehensive gubbing, which was a much fairer reflection of the gulf between the squads than the last 2 derby outings have suggested.
    I just adore how fitting this all is. There can be little bitterness towards the governing bodies for a lack of apt castigation because when left to their own devices, Sevco and The Peepul mete upon themselves a fate that couldn’t be concocted by even the harshest of their denigrators.
    Gotta hand it to Karma.

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