The problems build up for King and Sevco

I am told that the Sevco High Command were in “tense” conclave on Friday.

One of the few things that they were all agreed upon was that a victory in the semi-final was vital.

This is because they have been getting very worrying feedback on the season ticket renewals.

In particular, the expensive seats are a concern and it would appear that the corporate Blue Pound has given up on Mr David Cunningham King.

It is worth reminding that in March 2015 The People were instrumental in evicting a regime that was within three months of breaking even.

On Friday one senior member of the Sevco High Command angrily reprimanded the South African based convicted criminal apropos his recent statement.

It was his plaintive observation that King had effectively undermined young Master Murts in the eyes of the first team squad.

As usual, the esteemed chairman was having none of it.

You see, it is never Dave’s fault.

Moreover, the disembodied voice from Johannesburg made that abundantly clear.

Having said that the chaps at the Takeover Panel might demure on that one.

My Square Mile sources tell me today that everything is in place for serious action to commence on that matter within the next two weeks at the latest.

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