Humility and humiliation

When Sevco got Celtic in the Scottish cup it is reported that Murty’s men were cheering at the prospect of facing the cup holders.

At the pre-match presser, Brendan Rodgers remained the assembled stenographers that “humility” was built into the Parkhead club.

Consequently, the cup holders would respect their opponents at Hampden.

Celtic did just that by preparing well for the match which was over as a contest by halftime.

This is what an epoch of unipolarity looks like.

The six-year-old club cannot live with Celtic on or off the park.

In the build-up to this match, there were some hilarious predictions despite a hillside of evidence to the contrary.

Such prescience…

What sorcery is this that these men can see so accurately into the future?

Oh dear…

However, back here on earth, any qualified football person that I spoke to this week had heavily backed Celtic to prevail on the day.

Before the Hoops had scored their fourth goal the Dunkirk Spirit was in evidence and the Quintessentially British end at Hampden was emptying.

I think now even some of The People are starting to realise that the Espanyol of Glasgow analogy has some basis in fact.

As Rodgers stated, Celtic approached this match with humility.

It was Sevco and their unfortunate customer base who have been humiliated today.

They really should become accustomed that that.

27 thoughts on “Humility and humiliation”

  1. Ralston was one of the clowns who predicted Sevco would win the league last season and Rent a gub Barton would be player of the year. Plus ca change !

  2. So Dumb &Dumber where wrong again for the 10th time .How Ralston &Itchy Sack are still trying to write for so called newspapers I do not know .But they will battle back with some good fake news stories of how money will be made available to buy more shite and the rest of their Bennys from crossroads and Sam Dingle from Emmerdale and all the other dafties that supports them will buy into it as well .

  3. That was so f#@kin Easy, broony again was superb , he must be the best captain since Billy McNeill. 🇮🇪🍀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  4. One team didn’t pay their tax but the other covered up the abuse of children. please please realize what you did and confront it that way you might find peace and maybe forgiveness Scotland’s shame sorry Ireland’s shame

  5. Met the big bro in Embra…£105 won on 4:0. Not only are the mighty Hoops bumfucking the Huns but we’re also making money…’s good.

  6. Frank De Boer for Sevco Manager, Fuck me, he would get a game at the back after that shite today. Minus his EBT this time of course !!

    The biggotdome will be full next season and they will have Stevie Clarke in the dugout. They will be organized but still a million miles away from the champions.

    They will blow there tank on the shite players they have just now and they will stumble from clusterfuck to clusterfuck……………….with monthly handouts of course.

    But hey………………having more money is not a sporting advantage says LNS

  7. I am a poor traveller and refuse to pay for TV football. My nephew invited me to watch the game today. Celtic were a joy. I’ve been following for fifty plus years as an arm chair supporter, through the good and bad. The team,supporters and management were a credit today to Parkhead and all that is associated with our wonderful club.
    There is an unhealthy manner about Ibrox and the people thereabouts.
    The old saying “you couldn’t like them if you reared them” comes to mind. Brainwashed by the friendly media and their inbred belief of entitlement brought them to Hampden with high expectations. Full marks for immaculate blazers complimented with the Queens tie.
    But let’s be respectful. No homework tonight for the people. That was an intense lesson they got today. HH

  8. Very disappointed that we took our foot off the pedal with 20 minutes to go.
    Chris Jack will be crying himself to sleep tonight. He should be grateful that it was only four.
    Can’t wait for his Level 5 insight into what went wrong for his team in tomorrow’s ET.
    Have a feeling that the Scottish Cup is no big deal and the race for 2nd is where it’s at!
    With McKay and Bates having jumped ship the Ibrox dressing room cannot be a happy place.
    The amount of money going out the door on a monthly basis to pay off Warburton and his team plus Pedro eyond eand his team must be killing them.
    Add in the wages for Alves, Pena, Herrera, Cardoso, Dalcio et al who are providing zero payback on the park, will see this year”s losses soar beyond last year’s £6m loss.
    Oh and a big well done to Bobby Madden today.
    There are a number of officials who would have waved away the first penalty award, never mind sending off the player.

  9. If their pain has a taste, it is of the finest champagne and the rarest of truffles…

    I am drunk on the Möet et Clandon, and gorging on the finest of truffles that even Gordon Ramsay could afford!!

  10. Typical chris “union”jack in his prediction he put it
    Hun’s v Celtic
    Celtic should have been put first, just another small minded bigot who knew exactly what he was doing

  11. Stupid is as stupid does. All that whooping and cheering when they drew us in the semi makes them seem even dafter and the only peepul who thought sevco would triumph here were the SMSM and the deluded gullibillies. This will shut them up for now but what hype comes out of the crumbledome next will probably be more laughable. Oh what a mess they’re in and we should enjoy every single second of it. HH

  12. Just back from the game..thats as comprehensive a victory as it gets, a total horsing , out thought , and out fought ,out played ,on and off the park.
    All summed up for me by the bold Brendan , so far ahead of anything they have in every respect .
    Im so proud of him, everything he has done together with the manner in which he has done it, the way he conducts himself is to the benefit of the entire club.
    The fact that im joyously happy ,is given that extra boost in that it is inversely proportional to how absolutely fkn miserable they are. Let the party begin….

  13. Respect is not a birthright. It must be earned. They are the peepul. Long may their attitude continue.🍀🍀🍀😡

  14. Celtic were magic today. The only doubt before the game was who was playing and were they up for it. Midfield bossed the game. Fans backed the team from the onset. All in all a very good day. I wonder how our beloved media will spin it now. By Wednesday we will have a list of Managers and imminent signings and the gullibillies will fall for it again.

  15. Probably the most bizarre Celtic v SEVCO game I’ve singing**
    from the orcs…nothing.. Their support were as rank as the players on the park..both sub’s came off raging!! Think Murty has lost the dressing room..3-0 down & he brings on a defender!!!… Where was miller or Cummings. Their support must be wondering if they will renew the season tickets…

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