Consequences and preparations

As well as losing a promising young player for no fee the Sevco High Command have rather been busy this week.

The elevation of Mr Douglas Park to being at the right hand of the esteemed chairman could be seen as a preparatory move.

I am advised that it could be in preparation for a decisive move by the chaps at the Takeover Panel.

The judgements by the Court of Session was finally published today.

It can be read here:

Court of Session Takeover panel Dave King February 2018

I’m also told that the meeting with the Metro bank (which they urgently sought) and the Sevco High Command has already taken place.

The sit down was earlier this week.

I’m informed that the banking folk stated quite clearly that if any sanction emanated from the Takeover Panel case then they would abide by it to the letter.

The Sevco High Command were in conclave this afternoon and two things were on the agenda:

Dave’s Takeover Panel troubles.

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