Why the Sevco payment plan might not wash in Brighton

Back in January, the first the news that the signing of Jamie Murphy had turned into a loan deal was broken here.

My readers had a Kingside of that developing clusterfuck.

Since then the player himself has stated that his permanent move to Sevco is a “formality”.

Of course, there will be the small matter of the transfer fee to his parent club.

It is industry standard in professional football that the agreed price of a player is paid over several tranches.

However, I think that the good folk at Brighton and Hove Albion will be interested to learn want has been recently discussed within the Sevco High command.

As ever with the basket of assets it comes down to money or rather the lack of it.

Of course, they’re financially distressed.

However, they have to pretend to their customer base that they’re a big club with no money worries.

Consequently, they have been looking at ways of paying for Jamie Murphy in the summer and keeping faith with the fans.

What I was told late last night was that the English side might be approached about an instalment plan that goes beyond what is normally accepted.

That is, paying for the player in equal tranches over the life of, say,  a four-year deal.

Sources in agentland tell me that such a deal is almost certain to be rebuffed if it were even attempted.

That such a discussion has taken place within the Sevco High Command is indicative of the financial pressure that is coming down the pipe in the summer.

That is why the magic 42 number must be reached for season ticket sales.

All of the succulent executives in the local media will have high-Level instructions to achieve that target.


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55 thoughts on “Why the Sevco payment plan might not wash in Brighton”

  1. Phil. Murphy and Co were signed as RRM that would play for the jersey. Thing is, will they have any jerseys to play in next season? Am I right in thinking the current deal with Puma ends soon and that Puma may not be minded to extend it, given their “uneasy” (putting it mildly) relationship with Sevco generally and the GASL in particular (even without the imminent cold shoulder)? Have they got a replacement lined up yet? Even if they have, won’t the cold shoulder put paid to any actual or potential agreement with any reputable kit supplier?

    PS: You got my vote and there will be a wee donation to follow. Please keep up the good work!

  2. As Phil said the instruction to the media is out, to get 42 into their den next season.

    4 players sevco could sign – headline in out today – including John McGinn – utter fantasy.

    But the peepul will buy it hook line and sinker.

  3. What would the beaks do should Celtic lose to hibs on 21st? That would make the sevco game on 29th the league clincher. And also put hibs level on points before hearts visit ibrox.

    Do they:

    A. Allow the sevco game to be the league clincher
    B. Rearrange all the games
    C. Ensure both sevco and Aberdeen also lose that weekend, therefore the league is won, but puts unwanted pressure on sevcos EL hopes
    D. Suddenly realise they’re fools for even trying to control these things and let sporting competition / merit / whatever you want to call it ‘decide’.

    (Note. In all multiple choice questions, at least one answer can be eliminated immediately)

  4. Lol ah see mad Tav keeping the Klan on board with his statements they can do a Man Utd or Roma on us in the semi-final on Sunday. Aye that’s right ya madman you don’t have the quality of the players Man Utd &Roma have that beat Man City &Barca. This guy is right up there with the Bennys &Sams when it comes to being dense but then again the word dense would flatter this thicko .

  5. Even before ST books are sold the close brothers will want there dosh and I don’t see anyone purchasing Pedro’s flops , apparently most of the Benny’s want Mororless sold for around £10 million quid to finance the summer spending spurge . Hopefully they will start next season in Admin . Keep up the good work amigo 😀🍀😀🍀😀🍀

    1. Why do you call them bennys? In 35 years I’ve never heard that word used to describe the previous/current huns until another reader (Scud Missile) and now you.

  6. Just reading the blog and comments.
    Not surprised Sevco are struggling to raise cash for the deal. The old adage of “Buy an expensive suit when you are skint to fool others you are doing well” has bitten them badly.
    Too many poor quality suits have been bought and now their shoes are worn thin.
    As for JJ. He needs to concentrate on his own site, stop berating his visitors and certainly stop looking to enhance his status by attempting to demean others.
    Also, unforgivable to out someone else’s source…especially if it is wrong. Shameful.
    Perhaps he has lost his dignity.

  7. Hibs it is, well done SPFL.
    If Celtic win the match they will have 2000/3000 max fans in the stadium.
    Looks like a deliberate attempt to curtail what would have been a massive party in Paradise and Glasgow if we had been given a home game first.
    Oh how I hope it blows up in their face with a draw at Easter Road and the party carried forward to the following week.
    SPFL/SFA both useless and unfit for purpose.
    If 3 points are picked up at Easter Road will we see Murty setting up his players to form a guard of honour the following week to applaud the 7 IAR champions onto the park?
    Now that would be something, perhaps their fans might join in?
    If it wasn’t going to be the first fixture there is no way it should be the second.
    If it turns out to be the day the Champions clinch the title any fan trouble can be laid directly at the door of the clowns who came up with this.

  8. Votes cast Phil. Best of luck. The heroically exiled/anonymous still trying to have a pop. Quite laughable, guy is delusional.

  9. Ah wee quark deep space 9 (AlexRae) acting like a mad Benny on radio snyde tonight. He was asked to name 12 players that played for Celtic Scotland and other scottish clubs wee Quark answered Colin Hendry the panel laughed .He then came back in with Kevin Thomson what an absolute thicko this Benny really is the guy who fronts the programme found it embarrassing that wee Quark couldn’t understand the question. So when was it Colin Hendry and Thomson played for Celtic again oh dear .

  10. Keep Pinging them Phil,
    I have urged all the Pages to keep at the SFA over Resolution 12 by e-mail, phone ect… Compliance officer has head in sand! 🧟‍♂️🐿 hand in hand!

    Also voted, gd luck!

  11. Back in January I emailed Paul Barber, the CEO of Brighton &HA, as I’m sure others did.

    Although I did not receive the courtesy of a reply, they could have been left in no doubt as to how much of a basket case this operation was and were given some suggestions for further reading.

    If they fall for the scam after all that, they can’t say they weren’t warned.

  12. Murphy’s fee will be around £1.5m. Brighton will know exactly what the score is after his permanent move in the summer became a loan as they couldn’t raise the money for his transfer fee.
    Not a penny has been paid yet for that very strange deal with Accies for Docherty whose services have been gifted to Newco…..courtesy of the Park family dual interest!
    That £600k also has to come out of ST money and lets not forget the £4m loan repayment due to Close Bros.
    It’s a no brainer that Cummings, Martin and Goss will return to their parent clubs as they are unaffordable.
    Thats £6m gone on day 1.
    They are kicking off next season in a worse position than the current one with no new significant revenue streams on the horizon.
    Selling Morelos for £12m will balance the books but of course in the real world he will end up in the English Championship for £2m tops.
    You would have thought that with so many ICAS members floating around Ibrox that at least one of them could do the sums.
    Pena et al will also soon be back on the books.
    No matter how you look at the situation it’s a pending financial disaster.
    Anf thats without any knock on effect from King’s wee problem with TOP/COS.

    1. They should get a new shirt deal and sponsor, well maybe depends on cold shoulder. It would also be on pretty biased terms but could cover the wee overdraft they have..

      But agree worse start position than last year. Can see them 4th this season, really can.

  13. Here is the comedy gold Rangers team for the semi-final on Sunday. In goal Benny from crossroads a back 4 of Hope&Crosby Laurel &Hardy. In midfield the 3 stooges Moe Curly &Larry. And the 3 strikers are Morecombe &Wise and Tommy Cooper.Managed by Ken Dodd and his backroom staff the Diddymen.

  14. And they’re off and running no its not the Grand National but the PR machine and spin to punt season books at the bigot dome .Taking up the running is Clint Hill closely followed by Dave The Rave hot on the heels of Dave is The Piemaster it’s only Wednesday and these 3 runners &riders are already making the running god knows who’s going to be jockeying for position before the weekend but I dare the media will through a few more out there .

  15. Hi Phil…
    There’s a certain Pay per View site wondering why you are so popular.
    Well for a start…good manners when dealing with people is a big plus.
    They are sadly lacking there.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Well said, the info on that site is good, but his attitude to readers is appalling, his good work ruined by his stupidity and rudeness.

      Keep up the good work Phil, you have someone else rattled!

    2. Hit the nail on the head there. JJ is losing the plot with his ad hominem attacks. Apparently Philmac lifts all JJ’s ideas and Swiss Tam is rugger guy etc.

      Sad he has become so bitter and twisted.

    3. Yes, I agree with these sentiments. There is some very interesting reading on the site in question. The proprietor writes quite well, but seems to operate on a very short fuse and is often his own worst enemy.

      Voted for yourself Phil, good luck.

      1. I would only “disagree” with you on one point…
        He actually writes very well…imo.
        But your other observation is spot on.

  16. Vote cast. Was looking for “Only honest reportage on all things Sevco” category, but clearly the award guys don’t bother with a “1 contestant only” nomination!

  17. I can see why Brighton would be worried. Even if they get to the magical 42k that money isn’t going to stretch very far.
    When you take off the vat, the Close Leasing loan it only leaves around £15m plus sponsorship and prize money.
    For a club with approximately £3m+ running costs per month it won’t end well and you can see why creditors would be worried.
    Vote sent earlier

  18. Interesting figures.
    42k season books @£600 each is £25.2 mil less vat of £5.04 mil leaves £20.16mil or £1.680 mil per month – 27 first team squad at £10 k per man per week ( a reasonable average ?) = £1.08 mil per month (plus employers NI liability ??)
    Leaves £600 k to run the rest of the club per month! They really need 47k season books !! No wonder they get so many home cup games !!

      1. I checked last years Accounts and they reported ST sales of 43,253 generating 13.6M. Therefore the average ST sale is nearly 315 quid. If they raise that to 400-500 they are risking a lot of drops.

        1. The reported price rise is 5 – 10% so assuming concessions etc all remain at the same level of take up 13.6m they’ll be lucky to make anywhere near 15 – 16m.

          25m is fantasy land or hun accountancy methods.

    1. MG, that 600 quid is a best case. At least 30% of the tickets will be concessions and will be closer to 300 quid.

      Last seasons tickets and hospitality income was 21.6M, including PATG. If that has risen by 5.5%, that’s 22.7M for next season.

    2. The revenue for the last financial was £30m.
      Total costs amounted to £36m, hence the £6m loss.
      It costs £3m a month to keep the lights on.
      With payroll through the roof these costs will have increased and are unlikely to be matched by an increase in revenue.
      I wonder what will happen if they are unable to fund the transfer of Docherty to satisfy Accies terms.
      They will have had the use of the player for 5 months at no cost apart from wages.
      It’s beyond belief that Accies, with relegation issues and the subject of a £1m fraud, allowed their best player to leave for zilch.
      Even more surprising that no one in the media thought to ask Martin Canning for his thoughts!
      Docherty to Newco to help them achieve the highest possible league position possible, and the additional prize money that goes with it, whilst Accies may well have gone down as a result. Fortunately for them that looks unlikely but even so it’s the strangest deal I can remember.
      If, lets say, there is a contract lodged at Hampden registering Docherty as a Newco player with the fee to be paid in June, and the deal collapses because Newco has no funds that negate the players registration resulting in 3-0 results awarded to the opposition for every game he appeared in?
      Or will Bryson come up with his interpretation to save the day.
      A very strange deal, but no surprise that our media totally ignored it, thats what they do best when it comes to a club in blue playing out of Ibrox.

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