Why the Sevco payment plan might not wash in Brighton

Back in January, the first the news that the signing of Jamie Murphy had turned into a loan deal was broken here.

My readers had a Kingside of that developing clusterfuck.

Since then the player himself has stated that his permanent move to Sevco is a “formality”.

Of course, there will be the small matter of the transfer fee to his parent club.

It is industry standard in professional football that the agreed price of a player is paid over several tranches.

However, I think that the good folk at Brighton and Hove Albion will be interested to learn want has been recently discussed within the Sevco High command.

As ever with the basket of assets it comes down to money or rather the lack of it.

Of course, they’re financially distressed.

However, they have to pretend to their customer base that they’re a big club with no money worries.

Consequently, they have been looking at ways of paying for Jamie Murphy in the summer and keeping faith with the fans.

What I was told late last night was that the English side might be approached about an instalment plan that goes beyond what is normally accepted.

That is, paying for the player in equal tranches over the life of, say,  a four-year deal.

Sources in agentland tell me that such a deal is almost certain to be rebuffed if it were even attempted.

That such a discussion has taken place within the Sevco High Command is indicative of the financial pressure that is coming down the pipe in the summer.

That is why the magic 42 number must be reached for season ticket sales.

All of the succulent executives in the local media will have high-Level instructions to achieve that target.


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