After deep thought the answer for the Sevco High Command is 42

I am told that the Sevco High Command were alarmed at a recent piece of mine.

You can read it here.

Apparently, I was breaking news to them that there might be a new group that could rival Club 1872.

Of course, this is very bad timing given that season ticket renewal time is upon us.

The Blue Room chaps knew that there had been grumblings, but the idea of a rival fans group is alarming to them.

Consequently, it was required that the esteemed chairman had to step up.

His demotivating statement yesterday let young Master Murts know that no level of success will see him established in the home dugout next season.

The latest…err… statement is full of self-pity and Herrenvolk entitlement.

Apparently, the poor dears are blameless in all matters save for a *cough* “tiny minority”.

The statement also complains about Police behaviour towards The People.

Yet the Constabulary recently allowed an unauthorized march to go ahead after this flier was circulated.


For the avoidance of doubt, all of this posturing is about the season ticket renewals.

As ever following the money usually tells a greater truth.

The Sevco High command reckons that no matter what they will have 17,500 season tickets holders.

However, they need around 42,000.

The latter number will allow the Ibrox business just to stand still with the operating deficit extant.

At the time of writing, the Blue Room chaps are concerned that some of the less hardcore 24-25,000 are having second thoughts.

Almost certainly most of them will renew as well.

However, only a small shortfall could wipe out the increased revue brought in from the price increases.

That is why The People are being, once more, promised managerial jam tomorrow.

If you care to check back the past three years you will see that Mr David Cunningham King has made an almost identical statement at this time of year.

One thing that The People might not be happy to learn about is that the Blue Room chaps are hugely grateful to the Celtic support.

The fact that the Hoops can fill the Broomloan stand twice a year is financially critical to the Ibrox balance sheet.

Consequently, any attempts to reduce the ticket allocation to visiting Celtic fans are likely to come to nothing.

When Sevco was starting life in the lower leagues Charles of Normandy pushed for the maximum numbers possible.

However, I’m told that 42,000 is the perfect number for the Sevco High Command as they can turn the Broomloan green and white twice a season.

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