After deep thought the answer for the Sevco High Command is 42

I am told that the Sevco High Command were alarmed at a recent piece of mine.

You can read it here.

Apparently, I was breaking news to them that there might be a new group that could rival Club 1872.

Of course, this is very bad timing given that season ticket renewal time is upon us.

The Blue Room chaps knew that there had been grumblings, but the idea of a rival fans group is alarming to them.

Consequently, it was required that the esteemed chairman had to step up.

His demotivating statement yesterday let young Master Murts know that no level of success will see him established in the home dugout next season.

The latest…err… statement is full of self-pity and Herrenvolk entitlement.

Apparently, the poor dears are blameless in all matters save for a *cough* “tiny minority”.

The statement also complains about Police behaviour towards The People.

Yet the Constabulary recently allowed an unauthorized march to go ahead after this flier was circulated.


For the avoidance of doubt, all of this posturing is about the season ticket renewals.

As ever following the money usually tells a greater truth.

The Sevco High command reckons that no matter what they will have 17,500 season tickets holders.

However, they need around 42,000.

The latter number will allow the Ibrox business just to stand still with the operating deficit extant.

At the time of writing, the Blue Room chaps are concerned that some of the less hardcore 24-25,000 are having second thoughts.

Almost certainly most of them will renew as well.

However, only a small shortfall could wipe out the increased revue brought in from the price increases.

That is why The People are being, once more, promised managerial jam tomorrow.

If you care to check back the past three years you will see that Mr David Cunningham King has made an almost identical statement at this time of year.

One thing that The People might not be happy to learn about is that the Blue Room chaps are hugely grateful to the Celtic support.

The fact that the Hoops can fill the Broomloan stand twice a year is financially critical to the Ibrox balance sheet.

Consequently, any attempts to reduce the ticket allocation to visiting Celtic fans are likely to come to nothing.

When Sevco was starting life in the lower leagues Charles of Normandy pushed for the maximum numbers possible.

However, I’m told that 42,000 is the perfect number for the Sevco High Command as they can turn the Broomloan green and white twice a season.

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37 thoughts on “After deep thought the answer for the Sevco High Command is 42”

  1. If the 1st game after the split is away to Hibs or Hearts then only around 2000/3000 Celtic fans will be there to witness 7 IAR.
    Well done SPFL/SFA, the broadcasters are calling the tune and cutting out 50,000 plus Celtic fans from a party in Paradise on the basis that the less Celtic fans are at the game the more will tune in on TV.

  2. It’s now Wednesday. The TOP 6 were known over a week ago, yet still we wait on the fixtures to be realeased.
    What about the fans who have travel and hotel bookings to arrange?
    Even Scottish based fans where transport has to be arranged and the work shift schedules have to be checked?
    Another kick in the teeth for the fans.
    If anyone was in any doubt as to where they stood then get in line behind the broadcasters, advertisers and sponsors.
    How about the Dons at Celtic, 1st game, 12.00 Sunday 22nd Apr, with no trains scheduled to get Dons fans to Glasgow in time for kick off?

  3. Surely not, another splinter group, that’s all they need.
    Apparently there’s some activity in the courts apropos Mr King and his TOP/COS issue.
    Will he finally be brought to account in a Scottish court of law, the result of which even Level 5’s grip on the Scottish media reporting will be unable to sweep away?
    Perhaps sending a copy of the email to the Court Of Session, in which he stated to his fellow concert party mates that the offer would be made by NOAL on his behalf to satisfy the COS ruling, then not do so, wasn’t his smartest move ever.
    It never ceases to amaze that King thinks that laws, rules and regulations only apply to ordinary folk and not the like’s of himself.
    Unfortunately in many instances he’s absolutely correct.
    In the UK, if you have the right contacts, you can build up a company on a mountain of unsecured debt, be made a knight of the realm, crash the company leaving debts of hundreds of millions of pounds and come out smelling of roses owning the profitable parts of your former empire and with your knighthood intact.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  4. Phil I voted for you in EVERY category,good luck🍀

    Keep prodding them wae the shitty end of the stick,nae Scots sport journalist will,not take n this century.

    Do you think they will go for good IF there is another meltdown.?

    A simple yes or no would suffice,although I can see why you’d not want to say one way or the other,sources,jobs,reputations and professional careers at risk.

  5. Vote registered for you Phil….Good luck.
    As for Sevco…
    The hatred and bigotry will once again oversee common sense…
    And they’ll do well with their season book sale….
    The Peepul never learn.

  6. Voted for you Phil . I have been reading your work for a few years and it always makes me smile watching the manky mob suffer . It’s great to read a real journalist and not the usual dross as supplied in the west of Scotland . Hail hail , all the best

  7. In marketing it’s called “inelastic demand”, usually relatrd to price. That is, a price increase / decrease does not have a correlation with decreased / increased unit sales e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, prostitution. The vast majority of users keep buying regardless of increasing price, usually for deep psychological reasons rather than a rational evaluation of alternatives.

    In the case of TheRangers STs, the dimension of inelasticity is not price but credulitiy. Big tobacco spent billions promoting credulity by undermining peer reviewed science worldwide for decades to promote the idea that there was scientific doubt about a causal link between smoking and cancer leading to increased early mortality. All King has to do is statement that he’ll do the very things he’s promised in past years and failed to perform even the very first steps.

    I fully expect over 40k STs to be sold and 45k is not out of the question if the gullible dig their heels in.

    Now that’s a unique form of psychological addiction that demands scientific study.

    1. Megalomania:

      noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˌmeɡ.əl.əˈmeɪ.ni.ə/ US ​ /ˌmeɡ.əl.əˈmeɪ.ni.ə/

      an unnaturally strong wish for power and control, or the belief that you are very much more important and powerful than you really are

  8. Oh dear wee Coco trying to hard and way to late to tell or inform the Klan about the Chisler and that speech about season tickets the other day . His comments section on ibrox noise people are now saying they are stuck with King the conman and there is no choice but to give the Chisler their money as no one else is there. They know it’s empty promises from him but will part with the cash anyway .They even know a manager if there is to be a new one won’t be in place until renewals come in but it’s more likely they could be left with present company of Ken Dodd and his diddymen. But hey the great Jimmy Pickle a RRM is there to keep the Klan on board .

  9. You now have my vote as well Phil.
    Always entertained and educated when I visit your site and I just need to learn how to donate now and again(I’m an old technophobe) but I will try and unlike other blog sites I’m not made to feel like a parasite for reading what’s on offer.
    The glib one is churning out the same old hype and once again the sevco sots will buy into it. Truly the silly season is here already. HH

  10. Duly voted for Phil ,with pleasure ,your streets ahead and deserving of a result.
    I will spread the word.
    Wee donation made as well, all the best ,be lucky. John

  11. Voted for you once again Phil, there is no competition.

    Keep up the great work it is very much appreciated, particularly your actual exclusives, which tell us things we didn’t already know.

  12. To be fair to the Onion Bears they probably recommended dark clothing to stop anyone showing up in their robes and hoods…

  13. I’m surprised JJ is soliciting votes – and even more that the Blogging awards org is accepting him as a candidate given his thinly veiled homophobic snippets.

  14. Jings Phil. I thought the longest death scene I ever saw was Mr Orange ( how appropriate) dying in the film Reservoir Dogs, but Sevco and their support are giving him a run for his money. They expire at the rate of a “ham” actor in Shakespeare. Anything you recommend to bring the curtain down permanently?

  15. I’m still hopeful of a 4th place finish for the club formerly known as. So much so I have good money on it.

    Vote cast, Phil, all the best.

  16. My m8 in work got a text yesterday saying thanks for renewing your season ticket ??he hasn’t even applied for it yet even though he is I think they are jumping the gun thinking supporters are just going to renew them

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