The challenges of long distance journalism

One of the problems that I face in trying to fill the vacuum wilfully left by the sports desks in Glasgow is space and time.

Quite literally I’m not on the ground that will allow me to wear out some shoe leather in the traditional way.

Then again some of the major players in the Ibrox saga are also Furth o Scotland.

For example, take Mr Alastair James Johnston.

He is a very fine fellow and, for the avoidance of doubt, despite his North American domicile Quintessentially British.

I think he would be fascinating to interview about his role in the events that saw the original Rangers granted a licence to play in Europe on that club’s final season of existence.

Your humble correspondent has an extensive list of forensically precise questions for him on that important subject.

Of course, if I were to be granted the opportunity to interview him I would do so with a degree of caution.

Just to keep on the right side of things you understand.

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