Fascism in Fair Caledonia 2018

As previously reported it was the intention of the Union Bears chaps to have an unauthorised march on Sunday.

The route would be from a Quintessentially British hostelry to the stadium that John Brown played for.

This is the flier they produced to publicise the event.

The SMSM then reported that Police Scotland had visited members of the UB to, presumably, tell them that unauthorised marches were naughty, illegal even…

That notwithstanding the Churchillian procession did take place with the Queens’ Polis looking on impassively.

I think it is apposite to invoke the British Wartime leader when describing these Ibrox Fascists.

In a speech praising Mussolini given in Rome on 20 January 1927, Churchill said:

“If I had been an Italian I am sure that I should have been whole-heartedly with you from the start”.

Anyone who does not think that Fascism is part of the DNA of the Ibrox match day experience has not been paying attention for a very long time.

However, do not expect anything historically literate or redolent of a vertebrate from the local media.

Sadly,this type of klansplaining is much more likely.

Meanwhile, the world looks on and sees the apparent official toleration of Fascism in modern Scotland.

59 thoughts on “Fascism in Fair Caledonia 2018”

  1. And to think here was me thinking that Ireland sent many good men with her blessing to stop Franco in his facist attempts to put down republicans whilst one of the comments above stated Ireland remained neutral whilst facism swept Europe. I can only imagine that this was tounge firmly in cheek and that the UKs Mosley and the brown shirts were actually just a boys brigade parade and had no alliegance to Nazism.

    1. Don’t forget that Duffy and his blue shirts also went from Ireland to Spain, to fight for fascism. Not everyone who went from here went off to fight in the International Brigades for Republican Spain… more’s the pity. But it is bloody awful that the polis’ did bugger all to stop these wannabe nazis marching in Glasgow on Sunday. WTF!

  2. Oh Dear! So much Historical illiteracy in these comments. No wonder the Elites always get away with their agenda. Fascism and Marxism/Communism has absolutely NOTHING to do with each other Adrian. In FACT Lenin was a puppet of the Elite Bankers etc just as the leaders of the Allies were. Hitler and Mussolini actually did the right thing by arresting the bankers and jailing them and they also shut down the Secret Societies also controlled by these Elite Bankers etc. Churchill, Roosevelt and all of the Allied leaders including Lenin were all Freemasons and Churchill led all of them against Hitler/Germany etc because they arrested these bankers and did what our governments should have been doing back then and should be doing now by printing their own – the peoples – Debt and Interest FREE money and spent it into their economy and that is why Germany was booming back then while the rest of the world was in the Elites DELIBERATELY created Depression.

    These Elites got their puppets in the Allied governments to goad Hitler into invading Poland by getting the Polish Government to ethnically cleanse and murder the German people living in the German areas handed over to Poland after WW1. Hitler knew what they were up to and actually managed to stop war EIGHTEEN times before WW2 started – even after he went to his peoples aid in Poland and overran Europe and pushed the British/French back to Dunkirk he offered to return to the pre-Versailles German border with no string attached and Churchill refused because he and the Elites could not let Germany/Italy continue having a successful Debt and Interest FREE economy because they knew the people in all of the other countries would end up questioning why their governments were NOT doing the same.

    Hitler was actually warning the world what was going on back then and what he was saying back then is EXACTLY what is still going on just now with all of the wars, “terrorism”, totally FAKE Debt/Austerity etc.and if you Google Paisley Expressions and the Jesus, Hitler and Wonderful Wizard of Oz post on there just now you can see that Hitler speech and the excellent British documentary “Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told” that has been banned off of Youtube etc as the Elites try to keep the TRUTH exposing everything I have said above and more from coming out.

    1. The only ethnic cleansing of Pokabd’s German minority occurred after 1945 and this was done at the behest of Stalin with the full agreement of Churchill and Roosevelt.

      1. Rubbish PolishBhoy – Try doing some simple research to see how the Polish people were conned just like the rest of us by our governments and these Elites. The German areas handed over to Poland just like the other German areas handed over to Czechoslovakia and France were GERMAN land full of German people which these countries are still hanging on to today minus the German people. The Polish Government at the behest of these Elites started to ethnically cleanse, murder and rape the German people in these areas to goad Hitler into invading to save them and the Polish Government were arrogant enough to think that they could beat the Germans but as we all saw that did not work out for them.

        Stalin invaded Poland at the same time as Hitler and the Allies NEVER declared war on him because as I said he was a puppet of these Elites and another Freemason just like the Allied leaders.

  3. I see coco at ibrox noise is putting it out there they are interested in moult once again and they may get him in the summer .A player who signed 3 and half year contract in January is now being mentioned with ibrox .I wonder how much they will tell Preston the English need to pay to rangers to bring him back to svotland that’s usually do business take a player without paying for them or or get someone elose to pick up the tab

  4. Fascists get a much tougher time in England, even at approved and planned marches: 45 arrested, 31 arrested, 40 arrested, 179 arrested, 28 arrested.

    What does that say about Police Scotland? Well everything really. Where there’s a will there’s a way. No will – period.

    Look up List of English Defence League demonstrations at Wikipedia

  5. I doubt these wee guys know what fascism is. I am not condoning their antic’s, however lets not over hype their relevance. I don’t think too many of your readers Phil, me included, have had their life’s truly blighted by fascism. Writing about fascism in this context only serve’s to trivialise it. Wee boys, Mixed up and over influenced, by drunken and misguided Fathers’s. That truly is Scotland’s shame.

  6. For me the most alarming thing about the illegal march was the abandonment of law enforcement by Police Scotland. Apparently there were too many participants to be dealt with therefore the Police simply stewarded the march.
    If this is indeed the case then it’s a sad day for society because what the Police appear to be saying is that if the lynch mob is large enough it can do as it likes.
    I do seem to remember that when a couple of hundred Celtic fans attempted to walk along the Gallowgate to their club they were “kettled” by a very strong Police turnout.
    Given that the Police had ample warning of the Sevco Fascist intentions the question should be asked as to why a stronger Police turnout was not organised

    1. There, common sense at last! This is the crux of the matter. Forget fascism, anti Catholicism, etc. this was a breach of the peace and should have been stopped immediately with arrests. Police Scotland abrogated their responsibilities. Ask the question of Justice Minister as to why, rather than a rambling discourse on real or imaginary history on a blog! Until this is done by concern citizens of whatever persuasion it will be repeated ad nauseam.

  7. Wait, is this the same Mussolini that on attaining control of Italy also received a warm letter of congratulations from his Socialist comrade in arms Vladimir Lenin? Mussolini was loved by the Marxists – why? Because he was a Marxist.

    Fascism is the sister ideology of bolshevism, always was, always will be, and no post-war left wing revisionism will alter that fact. They’re just bitter sibling rivals fighting over the detail, a bit like Catholic and Protestant or Shia and Shiite.

  8. I have seen a few videos now online. It’s quite depressing, even more sad is there is tolerance of it.
    These people have their apologists out there.

    Let me be quite clear, this exactly why someone like me, who looks like the average bloke in Karachi or New Delhi…..with zero links to Celtic or ibrox at birth…..supports Celtic.

    You see underneath all the veneers at ibrox, lurks this racism. The Irish are the main target, very nice, tomorrow it will be me. In fact in another setting it is me.

    Does this mean there are no racists at CP…..of course not, out of 60k that’s simply not possible.

    I have never been to ibrox but I would be interested to be able to experience a matchday there. I know of people of colour who go and love it, some are related to me! But genuinely they are very clever, a bit dim and just don’t see stuff.

    Can anybody tell me:
    Do they have a warning message about discrimination etc pre match? Saying how the club opposes it and has from day one, an inclusive message. That nice re assuring wooly message that visible minority’s like me find good.
    Gets played at CP every game.

    Of course people I know like to tell me how they hate all from Jeremy Corbyn to Celtic supporters groups and use the whole IRA sympathising aspect as an excuse. (But conveniently fail to give a damn when it comes to the current govt in their arrangements with terrorists in DUP. Like Peter Robinson and all the other sympathisers)

    I made friends with people who were in the Green Brigade. I actually attended a lecture, several years ago given by a prominent anti fascist professor whose father fought against Francis fascists in Spanish civil war. It was held not far from Ibrox believe it or not. I found these people in the green brigade to be typical ultras football fans but Many had quite articulate and internationalist views etc.
    We all know, well I do anyway that the green brigade held anti racism football tournament inviting immigrant communities al over Glasgow, particular take up by the many different groups from African nations.

    I like to give all things a hearing regardless of how awful I pretty much know them to be. Do any ibrox fan groups do this kinda inclusive thing? Or is it just wave a flag for the troops etc?

  9. The Churchill you refer to in your piece, would that be Winston Churchill ?

    The same Winston Churchill who led Britain against the Euro Fascists from 1940 to 1945 while your beloved Irish Republic chose to remain neutral ?

    1. So much historical illiteracy in one comment.
      You must be one of The People Alan.
      For wartime Churchill see the Bengal Famine.
      The Irish Republic did not come into being until 1949.
      However, as for the Irish Free State.
      Any notion that it was neutral during WW2 is as risible as the idea of Sevco winning the SPFL.

      1. Hardly one of the people Phil, been a Hibby for over 50 years . That’s the club that gave Celtic their first strips .

        Sorry about the Irish Free State / Republic confusion , but my point was Churchill fought fascism, I didn’t say he was a nice man.

        1. The “Churchill fought Fascism” trope partly implies that Chamberlain did not.
          Again, this is incorrect.
          WC’s reputation among Brits as a hero entirely undeserved.
          However, if ye want to put a racist sociopath on your £5 that’s your business.
          My substantive point about the myth of “neutral Ireland” also stands.
          Read my piece and learn.
          When I encounter historical illiteracy on that scale I automatically think Ibrox.
          I’m rarely wrong.

          1. I don’t doubt for a moment some assistance was afforded to the allies by the Irish government, but they did not join the war or send troops to fight the Euro Fascists.

            As for Churchill, he was the only leader willing to stand up to Hitler. Make no mistake, if Britain had caved in in 1940 it wouldn’t have been long before there was a Quizling type puppet in charge in Dublin.

          2. OK, I’m guessing you’re not a history major.
            One example that you might be able to process:
            D-Day would have gone ahead without Irish weather reports provided every hour in the days before the invasion.
            This allowed the commanders to avoid the worst storm in living memory in the channel (the week after D-Day).
            There are many others examples, some of them contained in my piece.

        2. “Churchill fought fascism” ?
          He had no option but to fight. He would have preferred if he and Hitler had combined their forces and taken on the Russians, to beat down Communism and Socialism and subdue the aspirations and rights of the masses. He had previous with his anti workers behaviour.
          As for the only leader to stand up to Hitler 1940, what about leaders of Belgium,Holland,France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia etc,etc.
          They all tried to resist but succumbed to overwhelming force.
          Churchill was an out and out fascist,and racist himself. His treatment of the Boers, Indians in Bengal and our own Miners , and many others testify to that.
          He is not widely taught in our schools because his background doesn’t fit
          with the narrative or the fantasy heroic narrative.

      2. Took the words right out of my mouth re the Bengal famine 1942-1944 where millions died…
        You don’t get taught this in school,
        I wonder why…..

  10. There was only an impassive police presence keeping a watchful eye on these halfwits. I would hate to think what would happen to any stray Celtic fan if the police were not present. These moronic breeds are capable of murder. That is why this “March”should never have been allowed to happen. What is the police and government thinking of? It is insanity.

    1. Well the Police won’t be thinking too much about it…………….

      They were too busy marching to think !!

      Hail Hail

  11. One can only imagine the sense of loss and frustration these People must feel. The only way left to express themselves is to join an angry mob and bring menace, threat and potential violence to others. This is the real indicator of how far their new born debt-free club of 2012 has come on its journey.
    You are correct to point out that there are adequate powers to deal with this, should the authorities choose to do so. Yet lawlessness prevailed and by standing idly by while it occurred, to “preserve public order,” policed acquiesced in this. Shame on them..

  12. Phil I know you approach subjects such as this from the viewpoint that all police officers are useless/incompetent/anti-Celtic etc etc, but you really need to take a step back and look at this objectively.

    While such marches may be illegal, what could the police really do? Wading into the crowd would have caused a riot. You would need at least two officers (and probably several more) for each arrest. It’s simply not possible to do. They tried the prevention and it didn’t work. All that remains is to contain it until it disperses.

    If you have a solution to how the police can safely arrest hundreds of people at once without the situation descending into chaos, and still leave enough resources to police the rest of the match then why not share it? It’s easy to take pot shots from 100 miles away. A bit more difficult when you’re the one standing in front of them having to make the hard decisions.

    1. Oh Dear😥Can’t quite understand the beligerent thoughts if sone people. Then again; you are either one of incompetent Scots Squad of our finest; or just silent when all around you there is bile and bigotry.

    2. It was planned weeks in advance and they recuited days in advance. Intelligence, i.e. awareness via observation and investigation, was either lacking or considered unnecessary. With proper prior knowledge and a concomitant response this threat could have been nipped in the bud.

  13. Is this what our wee country has come to ? Neo fascist,racist, sectarian, bigoted supremacist are allowed to illegally march down our streets spewing their bile and shouting and singing their vile songs with impunity.
    As usual Polis Scotland and politicians of every hue will be saying “ whit March,whit fascists ?”
    Who are Nil By Mouth? What about Show Racism the Red Card?
    Both conspicuous by their lack of input.

  14. In the words of the Manics…………. If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

    The term Scotland’s Shame applied not only to the sevconts yesterday.

    Police Scotland colluded with and empowered the Fascists on Mothers Day in 21st Century Scotland.

    Will all their mothers be proud of what they spawned?

  15. Think you are a mile out with this one Phil. The Green Brigade were allowed their cortege at the last game and there were no issues. I see nothing wrong in allowing a group of fans to march as one to the stadium. I remember the tartan army doung the same thing in Parus befire the Brazil game. I rhink too many people are looking for a reason to be offended.

    1. I think you miss the point about the fascist salutes, the provocative language of the flier with the intended sectarians comment. Nothing like the GB cortegere, and I am no fan.

    2. You’re not getting the point are you?

      It’s not the organising of a ‘March’ that is the issue…

      It’s the advertising of its purpose – to subdue ‘the Fenians’ – in a neo-nazi style and with a poster depicting violence towards an easily identifiable target.

      Does the iconography, the black clothing and masks not ring any alarms for you?

  16. Where are all the MP’s and SMP’s voices condeming this shameful disgrace?
    The only MP I heard yesterday was shouting Red Card at the top of his voice!

  17. Isn’t the bigger issue here that you need official permission to march in order to criticise the official position? That you can only criticise authority with their permission?

    We can, and must, deal with the situation that allows mindsets like the Union Bears’ to exist, but surely the prime issue is dealing with a state that thinks it can tell its constituents what they are allowed to protest about.

  18. Equally despicable is the refusal of the msm to highlight and report on it. However, if this was a march in opposition to Jews, Muslims, Blacks or asylum seekers they’d be there in their droves with their holier than thou “on the spot reporters showing great courage in tackling such obnoxious behaviour”, along with endless MSP’s trying to appear concerned.
    “All that is required for evil to prevail, is that good men do nothing” as I believe Jedward said.

    1. “all that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to be quiet and do nothing” or words to that effect was said by Edmund Burke a protestant Irishman and member of parliament . Unfortunately not enough think like him today.

  19. As commented previously the sky cameras should have been there to film these bigots after all they covered the game and let people see around the UK Europe and anywhere else that watched the game and shame them for what they stand for .Better still ask murty or a director or even the invisible man king what should happen to these rangers fans.

  20. How this behaviour isn’t discussed in the broader media never mind discussed is quite staggering.

    North Korea has a more open press policy than the Scottish press when it comes to Sevco.

  21. I’m disgusted that banner was allowed to be shown, never mind allowing the ‘march’ ,Police a disgrace.
    Nothing from Nil By Mouth again, it’s the wrong type of racism for them!

  22. What did you want the police to do? Arrest them under legislation about to be rescinded tomorrow.

    I usually like your stuff Phil, but you are, and indeed have crossed a line with your crusade against OBFA. I know many like me. This country tried to put down a marker of sorts against bigotry.
    It seems that this time the bigots won. They are free to sing their songs and chant their hate without reproach or fear. The future looks bleaker today.

  23. Hi Phil
    Please do not publish this, but I have heard from a friend of mine who works for Scottish Water that Sevco have been caught syphoning water from a nearby church to save water costs. Thought this may be of interest and possible investigation.

    1. Phil, please do not publish this, but I have heard from a friend of mine who works for Scottish Water that domestic usage in Greater Glasgow saw a 20% spike just before 2pm yesterday, as laughter-based urination hit a two-year high.

      I don’t quite understand how this can be, but apparently the underlying problem was caused by just ten men.

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