Murts in the wrong movie

No one would blame young Master Murts for not wanting to indulge in any post-match corporate mingling on Sunday.

His emotional pain was palpable, especially when he was interviewed on Sevco TV.

You can view it here.

A win against Celtic would have been transformative for his career prospects at Ibrox and he knew it.

Apparently, poor Murts and his trusted lieutenant received some harsh words from a senior member of the Sevco High Command in the immediate aftermath of the game.

One wonders what Jonatan Lillebror Johansson makes of it all.

Still, at least they now have the sage advice of Mr James Michael Nicholl to call upon at times like these.

That must be a great help.

The Canadian born Narne Arne chap knows what the basket of assets means to The People.


It must also be a comfort for Mr Murty to know that whatever discussions they have will remain confidential and the bould Jimmy would never dream of leaking to anyone in the Blue Room.

I’m happy to report that young Murts did finally carry out his post-match social duties.

After some gentle prodding, he met with the prawn sandwich types and the ex-York City starlet displayed Quintessentially British stoicism in the face of defeat.

Just like the Admirable Warburton and Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha it is hard not to feel sorry for young Murts at times like this.

Like those two chaps before him, he is in the wrong movie.

Caught between a criminal chairman and The People it is a real horror show.

28 thoughts on “Murts in the wrong movie”

  1. You have to feel for him,
    I don’t think he realised all that goes with picking up the poisoned chalice that is the managers job at Castle Greyskull.
    I’m sure the DOF will have a list of willing lambs to the slaughter for next season….if there is a next season….

  2. Rangers came very close – close but no cigar – the game was a fantastic spectacle although there were a lot of mistakes on both sides. Typical that the miss is being highlighted more than Edouard’s sublime finish. With the miss they would have equalised but they needed to win to be challenging for the league.
    Murts has done wonders really. Roll in Pedro 2

  3. I see coco at ibrox noise is doing his nut that cummings Martin and Murphy where selected for Scotland but not picked up by the BBC for recognition for this as rangers players getting picked .Coco needs to understand they are 3 players on loan to his club and not rangers players . This clown is all excited about 3 players from Notts For Norwich and Brighton being picked as rangers players they need to go back at the end of season to the clubs that own them stupid.

  4. Must be hard for young Master Muttley with the impecunious Dave the dick Dastardly ripping medals off his chest for this latest shambles. The Sevco Wacky Races will surely end in a deadly pile up and tears for all concerend. A Union Berr funeral march with dignified goose stepping neds will be in order. They still won’t show their faces though, such will be their shame at the death of tribute act Sevco. Meanwhile jelly and ice cream will fly off the shelves.

  5. All quiet on the TOP/COS wee problem for Kingy.
    Two weeks left to put £11m in an escrow account and make the share offer.
    At 20p the institutions will knock him over in the rush to get out.
    Having jetted in for the game we must assume that he’s bringing the board up to date on his promise that NOAL will step up to the plate.
    With those already millions out of pocket saying enough it’s over to Close Bros as the bank of last resort to keep the lights on.
    The payroll, with the loanees added in January plus those recalled from loan with hardly any movement outwards, must be horrendous.
    As the Compliance Officer struggles with finding a form of words to absolve Oldco and the SFA from the 2012 fraudulent licence application perhaps he should engage with Bryson whose never short of a clever sentence.
    A man who can spot a wrong date or a missing signature from a mile away but can’t reconcile the DOS/EBT payments being reported through the Oldco annual accounts but mysteriously not included in the players contracts lodged with him!
    With the UEFA licencing process for next season currently under way we can rest assured that the results of his review won’t see the lights of day anytime soon as it will only shine a light on the current licencing process.

  6. See he is falling back on the old dressing room clichés of nobody rates us and everybody is against us mentality and the we need to show ’em mentality. Only problem with all of that is that is it’s total shite! His team actually gets the opposite from the media all the time, nothing but fawning praise and over-valuation. I have zero sympathy for him.

  7. Can’t agree with Murts putting on the quinessentially British face on things. I saw his post match interview yesterday and saw the biggest petted lip ever seen on a man. He was moments from bursting into tears and couldn’t have stiffened his upper lip if his life depended on it. It was obvious that losing this much hyped game would mean Murts would have to pay some serious consequences. When you talk up a mediocre team such as he has, the fans as well as the board have higher expectations and therefore he must shoulder the blame and rethink his soundbites for the semi-final. However he can feel safe with the knowledge that his job won’t be on the line as sevco can’t afford to replace him but any chance of trading in his zero hours contract for a full-time managerial position next season has just went down the Swanee.
    Maybe Murts will have learned a valuable lesson before the next derby match as we’d all rather see a buttoned lip than a petted one. It’s not a good look on a grown man! HH

  8. Mr Murts has been bought and sold like all the sevco managers before him. He has been only to willing to spout all the level 5 nonsense when told to do so. He will suffer the same fate. Bottom line for that job is beat Celtic or your sacked. The board must be seen to not accept their fate.

  9. If anyone missed this movie…

    There is a second showing at Hampden in a few weeks time.

    Unfortunately for ‘Murtz’ there were no alternate endings shot for this one!

  10. His Newco career will be defined by the cup semi final.
    A win will make him a hero, a defeat will consign him to the same fate as McCoist, Warburton and Pedro.
    Many of their support are already calling for his head.
    Big kudos to Broonie for his display on Sunday.
    Gordon Parks must have been choking on his food as the Celtic captain rammed the words of Parks nasty and spiteful article on Sunday down his throat.
    Make no mistake this was a vicious, nasty,unprovoked attack on the Celtic captain by a so called journo who made no attempt to hide his true colours and was left with egg all over his face as Broonie ran the show.
    Goss and Docherty may have shone against Ayr United and Falkirk but Broonie had both of them in his pocket from the get go.
    Whilst the 21 year old Docherty’s legs were gone with 30 minutes to play, a 32 year old Broonie was just getting warmed up.
    How Parks gets any column inches is beyond belief…… The Pro in the know, what a load of crap.
    Broonie well and truly put him back in his box till the next time he crawls out.
    He had the brass neck to take a quote from an unnamed source comparing Broonie to a headless chicken. The article was on the cusp of being slanderous and I hope Celtic or Broonies’s briefs have warned the Sunday Mail that a repeat article will see them in court.

  11. I think Neil Mccann should be hanging about with murty .They both spoke about bad those goals where that their teams conceded . Not a mention from any of these two bangers about how well the other teams played against their teams . Mccann also got caught out when it was put to him did you slap Zander Clarke no he said I put my hand up then stopped tv cameras showed him slap Clarke so he is a Bear face liar . Someone should ask him to produce his rule book he was so good at carrying when a TV pundit and ask him what it says if you slap or physically manhandle someone I wonder what his answer would be . A very bad loser this guy always someone else’s fault .

  12. I see a mad benny on follow follow was looking for Rogic to be sent off as he stood on young Master Bates ashe scored his goal . Most of the other bennys told him to Shut up and that he was making himself look stupid by posting this needless to say the benny who posted it was not best pleased.

  13. poor Master Murts, he may take off the suit and put away the brown brogues now, that he’s been sussed out for what he isn’t. a football manager.

  14. To be fair to Murts, plenty of lower league teams in Scotland or England might be interested in him now. And he might actually get paid.

  15. I have a gut feeling that Murty will get the job permanently. Assuming of course that the wheels of the “caravan ” are still attached to the axles at that point.

    I’m not sure why I have this feeling. There’s some kind of imperative in play. However, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  16. Can it be assumed that the senior Sevco person has previous for this type of bullying behaviour?
    Is he not also renowned for his erudite strangulation of the queen’s English and the parliamo Glesga?
    Finally , did he not play out of the stadium where John Brown used to play?
    If it’s who I’m thinking of, then he is an ignoramous,vile ,bigoted individual excuse for an amoeba.

    At the very start of his tenure with the first team, Mr Murty came across as courteous respectful and modest man who was handed an opportunity to develop himself as serious football manager.
    Within days and weeks he morphed into talking and using the same verbal effluence as Mr Warburton and Mr Caixinha.
    When you join Sevco as a manager one must learn the ancient Sevco martial art of Bulshito.
    It would be outstanding if your blogs found their way to Close Brothers, if they aren’t already.

  17. Do you think the word will go out to the men in black to stop red carding Celtic players because it only makes them better? After all, “The red card was pivotal!”😂😂😂

  18. It’s just like watching a slow death… Slow but Sure. They cannot afford any Manager with self respect, New players, Bovril services, Big Screen to watch replays of Celtic goals, No Car 🚙 Park.
    About only thing they will be able to afford is a LOCK FOR THE GATE and a Lock 🔒 for the gates.
    They will have at least one record as far as I am aware that of Holding the Shortest Existance of any Club in the SPL.

  19. Bonsoir Mes Amis!

    ‘Murts In The Wrong Movie’…

    Perhaps the ‘right’ movie would be:

    Colonel Murtz in ‘Apocalypse Now’…

    The Horror…..


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