Sevco director asks Mr King to pay his debts

I’m told that there was a free and fair exchange of views in the Blue Room on Friday.

Mr David Cunningham and a very senior member of the Sevco High Command had a very loud discussion about monies owed.

The director told the convicted criminal on Friday that he finally wanted his money back.

This chap had loaned the Johannesburg based entrepreneur two interest-free loans to purchase RIFC shares as part of the Off Licence Putsch in 2015.

he had expected that it would have been a rather short-term loan.

However, things have rather dragged and Lord Impecunious always seems to have an excuse at the 11th hour to explain his non-payment.

Although he had asked Mr King for the money last year, that conversation had been Parked.

Now it is payback time.

Mr King had been in dignified conclave with a legally trained chap and the Ample Advisor on Friday when he was doorstepped.

This very Senior member of the Sevco High Command turned up unannounced, much to the chairman’s surprise and a Quintessentially British rammy ensued.

The Churchillian discussion ended with the director saying that he would “take steps” to get his money back.

I am told that Mr King wished him the best of British with that one!

My information is that the director loaned a substantial seven-figure sum in two tranches to the man described by a South African judge as a “glib and shameless liar”.

Meanwhile, Sevco staff have been told to expect more redundancies.

55 thoughts on “Sevco director asks Mr King to pay his debts”

  1. Thank you Our Irish Gentleman & Investigative Sports Reporter….

    And they say men CANNOT multi-task….aye right!!

    The other leg plays Jingle-Bells 🎹🎼🍀🌈🌍

    Thanks Phil.thee truth hurts them,keep at it Mr.Fear…..coz they DO.


  2. Phil, was this loan known to the ToP? This would surely have been the nail in the coffin and proves beyond doubt there was a concert party. Rather than buying all the shares it appears someone parked a load of cash into The Lying Kings account so he could buy on his behalf. Thus proving King should not have been alone in the dock.

  3. Oh dear coco is at it again on ibrox noise he has written about morelos and that sitter from yesterday. He then goes on to say and all this hype about Chinese millions oh dear this is the guy that pushed it every day from 7 up 11 million at one point and he is now putting it out there that it was other people saying this . Ah wee coco a see he still has the memory of a goldfish keep following the bouncing ball coco Janet and John will be pleased .

    1. Is there a reason for you constantly posting whatever pish hun sites are posting? The running commentary seems unnecessary. None of it seems remotely linked to this site.

  4. I see the bennys on follow follow are not to pleased about Leigh Griffiths holding up the ROI flag asking why is a scottish international player doing that .As this clown is spewing this out I don’t see any saltires at ibrox only union jacks and they want to make a statement about Leigh .Ah the bennys they get thicker by the day they never disappoint or let us down .

  5. Will there still be a three year discount season ticket on offer? Jimmy Nicholl will have to get the squad & Murty in for some extra coaching……

  6. I see coco the clown from ibrox noise now that the dust has settled has had a wee sit down with himself and tried to analyse the game from yesterday. Oh dear it’s not good this doughball has gone from praising his team having them challenge us in the league to now posting 10 things that went wrong or need changed . Players that he previously praised and could not get enough worth millions and buy out clauses is now questioning them . There really is no hope for this guy but he thinks he is doing well and writing some fantastic blogs he is unfortunately it’s at his own expense as we sit and piss ourselves laughing at him keep it going coco.

  7. Anybody want a good laugh . (Ken Dood and his diddy men R.I.P Ken )sorry murty and his team will not be judged on yesterdays game if you read Chris itchy sack jack ftom the shark jump lol. No its the semi final and and winning the scottish cup if you read this bennys turkish delight that he spews .This is the guy who had ken and his diddy men beating us yesterday playing before us next weekend and going top or joint top of the league. Now this bawbag is telling us that his team want the scottish cup over the league as that’s all have now .How this james hunt excuse of journalist gets away with it I do not know .But roll on the semi final for another rangers win from this clown and we can have a really good laugh at him once again keep up the good work Chris your predictions are best ever .

  8. Phil, Sorry you have gave up on SFM. It makes me grieve so many times too. But I cant get away from keeping friendships going with fans of other clubs. good fans. You wouldn’t believe how much I know of Ireland and its sad history. But I try to look forward Phil. Peace and reconciliation.

  9. It’s quite extraordinary that Sevco lost the game today.
    Admit it, you were worried?….So was I.
    It’s extraordinary only because we were not quite cheated out of this result.

    Not quite…

    1. In case you’re confused……… me.
      Try the Daily Rancorous for clarification……………………..later.

  10. All that cheering at drawing Celtic in the Scottish cup from the rangers players must have tired the poor soles out against the mighty TEN

  11. A win for “deadco ” today was absolutely vital. The failed, at home, to beat a team down to ten men. I don’t expect to hear any “noise” emanating from Ibrox for quite a while. It was becoming tedious.

    1. They have the memories of goldfish. They WILL be exactly the same in the run up to the semi. Boasting of what they’re going to do to us.

  12. I see on follow follow there the bennys blaming scott for the airport abuse he got. Oh dear they really don’t get it you can’t verbally or physically abuse someone in a public place and expect no backlash. The fact that the 3 stooges got removed completely from the airport and not allowed to board the flight says it all. No doubt some clown will come out and tell us its only a bit banter . That’s what the bennys on follow follow have just done instead having a go at these 3 muppets for shaming their club they actually praise them oh dear .

  13. And so the fairytale continues. The Great Glasgow Celtic win a match against 13 with ten men. Meanwhile sevco shuffle off into a mortal coil yet again. Does it get any better HH

  14. Rangers Ultras what pure excuses for human beings .How this shambles of a walk /protest against catholics with police presence is a disgrace. You won’t see or hear to much in the papers on tv about this .The sky cameras should have been there to film this dross and dregs of humanity at their best with all he hatred and let people see what they are all about and what they promote. Had any other group tried to organise something like this put on social media to meet up at George Square to protest about Muslims or asylum seekers it would be stopped in its tracks .But hey its against catholics and it’s only foitball banter you couldn’t make it up .

    1. Scud.
      As a local taxi driver, I assure you this festival was not as well attended as might be expected.
      Black clad guys, lingering near bus stops, kebab shops, dry cleaners….they dare not put their name to this ……….pish.

  15. The daily ranger running a story about Scott Sinclair getting attacked at Glasgow airport after the match.

    The zombies are fuckin raging


  16. How can a businessman accept the word of a glib and etc,some businessman. As to today’s game,Scott Brown was absolutely amazing. The substitution for the third goal was a great move by Brendan. Thanks once more Phil,keep doing what you do.

  17. How very dignified.

    The deserve everything that is coming to them and Karma can be a right cow when she wants to be.

    Off out for more supplies. Jelly & ice cream it is.

    1. The pain I felt during the ebt years is now finally starting to be healed; Karma indeed – they deserve nothing more nothing less than pain …..and there will be more to come.

  18. The sands of time look finally to be running out, how many will get bumped by
    the GASL ?.
    Even with ten men today we showed them who oozes class and delivers when required—- not something which DK is capable of!!!!!

  19. Never mind, the most exceptionally, very excellent and unbelievably amazingly brilliant mr graeme murty is…….em, well you know the rest

    1. TED I’m glad tae see your still here,well if CANNAE laugh at life n all therein,well,what’s the point?

      Keep the funnies coming TED,your a brave and resilient soul,IF yir a genuine sevco man☮️

      Love,Peace and Happiness 💚☮️😂 mhiguel 😇

  20. Rangers star. Alfredo Morelos admits that being regularly pulled off at half time has affected both his confidence and eyesight. The Chilean valued at £11,000 000 added that his sight problem came to a head when he tripped over an elephant whist holidaying on safari. However known lovingly as El Buffalo by the peepul, Morelos confirmed today that giants Spec-savers are keen for him to lean their upcoming promotion.

  21. So now the title challenge is over and there are enough points in the bag to avoid relegation after a points deduction, would it make sense for Sevco to pull the admin lever now?
    Cynically ditch the expensive wages budget and start rebuilding for next season?
    I wonder.

    1. They need to ensure enough points for that lucrative Europa slot…. Or maybe their Scottish Cup win will cover that! Aberdeen and Hibs will be on their heels. Only a top half finish can be guaranteed at present.

      Personally I feel they have missed their own admin window and if it happens it won’t be through a unanimous board decision.

        1. They don’t have to qualify for a license. The SFA will just ignore the rules and not bother telling UEFA. Same old…

  22. Beginning of the end…it would seem. I find it curious that all this is playing out post Close. As ever a great inciteful article and a spectacle like no other….

  23. As somebody who came from ” The Milk ” Mr King should know that debts SHOULD be paid.
    Retribution may follow if he chooses to ignore it.

  24. Greetings from New York City where its great to be aTim! Enjoyed the day; a few thoughts:
    * Now I understand why Sevco were so desperate the keep El Bufalo. Who needs the dosh when you have 2 clear sitters that could have closed-out the Tims?
    * Broony post-match: “we do our talking on the park.” That’s why hes captain and legend round these parts.
    * Agent Murty, return to headquarters. Mission accomplished. 7 in a row nicely secured.
    * With the near and dear affinity among the Sevco support for one other, how soon do we re-name them Close Brothers?

    Keep up the brilliant work, sir. Your site is a wonderful break from the fake news generated here in the US of A.

    PS – Rugger Guy must be over the moon. Roll on Paddy’s Day! Grand Slam anyone?

  25. After today’s result I would imagine that there will be a few more people looking for their money back. They shouted loudly all week to get their hordes into battle mode and they failed against 10 men. Long may their hurt continue and I look forward to reading Downfall 2.

  26. The game today was brilliant to watch. It had it all. Hopefully a few new defenders will be in during the summer. Boyata and Simonovic aren’t good enough. Lustig is finished. Rangers will need to spend a lot of money they don’t have to catch us.

    1. Boyata wasn’t great although he’s just back from injury – echoes of Ambrose at times . However, playing in games as competitive as this is exactly what creates great teams. We’ve lacked opponents who play with intensity and this is obvious in Europe where it’s a big step up. Ten men though haha how good is that ?

    2. A big part of the problem with Jozo and Derek lies with who ever coaches them.
      I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again…..
      CB’s aren’t supposed to dribble past people….make telling passes….and generally make an arse of it.
      They are meant to defend….but ours are caught up in the total football mantra that the team employs…and they get caught out.
      Somebody needs to tell them to cut it out and do the simple thing….
      Which is Row Z if that’s what needed.
      Its not feckin’ rocket science.

      1. Nonsense, all the best centre backs play the ball out of the back and dont just hump it! Rio Ferdinand a prime example always played out!

        Boyata is too laid back in my opinion vvd used to be like that at times, he needs to speed up his game but still try and play as he does. He did however cock up against windass should have been a strong left foot challenge for starters and not a pussy footing lazy right.

        1. Why is it nonsense…?
          You’d think its the first time its happened.
          Both these CB’s are too casual…and it has cost us…prove me wrong on that.
          All I’m saying is…defend and clear your lines first…show boat second.
          And as for comparing our two to Ferdinand…?
          Now that is nonsense.
          Have a good day.

          1. Jesus wept, what a basic misunderstanding you have there of my comment and football! No comparison to Rio merely demonstrating how the best do it and how we are trying to emulate it.

            They arent show boating but trying to play football, that will be clear instruction from the manager. Play out of the back and maintain possession into midfield.

            Lots of things cost us like missed chances also, not just mistakes from centre backs.

      2. Tell that to Guardiola ! Our manager wants the player’s to play the ball out of defence and not just hump it up the park where it comes straight back in the air and has to be defended again. Keeping the ball is what the best teams do and we won because we have that ability when we get it right.
        Don’t get me wrong though when we gift goals like the first one I’m screaming at the screen along with all the celtic family. You could see it coming. Far too casual.
        In Europe against better teams we’ve struggled in central defence too since Virgil.
        Anyway the game and the win was massive .
        ‘In Brendan we trust’

        1. See my reply to Robert Fitzpatrick…
          Its very similar to your post.

          You seem to agree with me btw…
          But all I’ll say is….
          If we’d lost the game….Boyata and Jozo wouldn’t be getting off so lightly….they’d be getting pelters…and deservedly so.
          There’s nowt wrong wi’ constructive criticism.

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