Optimum conditions for Sevco means they are simply the second best

This is probably as good as it gets for Espanyol Glasgow.

A goal of a start and a man advantage for most of the second half made sure that Celtic felt as if they were in a contest.

Moreover, injuries forced Celtic to start the match with their third choice keeper Scott Bain.

In the build-up to the match, the Stenography Corps were obediently feeding The People confidence flavoured shite.

However, in the end, the club with the larger football budget won the match.

Very much a case of pounds means points.

It is almost as if having more money than your rival equates to a sporting advantage.

Therefore, finance is important in the professional game.

To that end, the cash flow situation at the six-year-old club is worthy of journalistic scrutiny.

Of course, do not expect the grieving stenographers to be doing that.

However, your humble correspondent has not such squeamishness when it comes to matters Ibrox.

I have learned that the efforts to raise cash from the fans to cover the operating shortfall has been stepped up.

Club 1872 is an organisation that is renowned on Planet Fitba for its good governance and transparency.

The fine folk there freely give of their time collecting money for the basket of assets.

As I had previously reported, it is the hope that Club 1872 would raise at the very least £1m to assist in covering the losses at Sevco.

My information at the moment is that the figure they can call on is in the region £650k.

Obviously, those selfless folk who collect the cash donations from their dignified brethren will have to be very busy in the weeks ahead.

At least they won’t be distracted by any silly talk of a title challenge because that is just silly.

53 thoughts on “Optimum conditions for Sevco means they are simply the second best”

  1. On what planet is letting a Scottish Tory MP, Douglas Ross, act as linesman in a game between the loyal Sevco eleven and Celtic considered fair? DRoss was awfully outspoken for a referee’s assistant. It was almost as if he was instructing ref Willie Collum about how to do his job. Unbelievable.

    1. DRoss,
      Tory politician,
      Stock in trade, being a mouth on a stick.
      Stock in trade, making honest mistakes when the lodge tells him to……

  2. “ confidence flavoured shite.” Oh ma aching sides.
    The SMSM , radio and tv pundits, and 50k+ knuckle daggers were wetting their pants at the expectation of a victory.
    One minute they were wet. Then dry. Wet again,then dry again. Finally they shat themselves. Heh,heh.
    Scottish football must have the worst referees in the whole galaxy. The commentator and Andy Walker thought Gollum had a good game, my arse. I hope that this pair got back to their locked ward before curfew. Gollum is a diddy of a referee. He gave every 50/50 ball and tackle to Sevco.
    Is this the guy who gave a penalty with his back to the play ,again to benefit rangers.
    Today he never saw the incident, but yet allowed his decision to be influenced by squeals of Red card! Red card ! Red card! from a recognised Sevco supporter, loyalist and Tory M.P. How lucky can one man be.
    Gollum needs to grow a pair.
    Maobhoy said, “ a journey of 100 titles starts with one victory.” My wishes to the marching hordes. GIRFUY.

  3. If rumours are true after the game Murty told the Sevco players that they had drawn Kilmarnock in the league next week. They all cheered.

  4. Oh and another thing, Brendan needs to sharpen up this was for me, technically TITLE RACE ON…..at the moment Sevco went 1-0 and 2-1 up.
    And after we went down to 10men.

    Not good enough Celtic, should be well ahead some 12-15pts with a game in hand to render this game near pointless. Yet pishy home display after pishy home display dropping pts to shite teams and we found ourselves in the range of a desperate Sevco.

    Sort it out, we are and should be absolute miles ahead.

    Historic back to back treble. Never been done by any team in Scottish football history, is in sight. Sharpen up or it won’t happen.

    1. Are you a troll? 9pts clear with a game in hand! Some Celtic fans are becoming so arrogant that they fail to understand how challenging it is to play against teams each week who park the bus.
      As this Celtic team and management strive to break records, show a little humility. You’re beginning to sound like WATP!

      1. John Holland,

        I’m not a fu***ng troll. I’m turning up every 2nd week in week out near enough at CP to witness us with many fringe players and things all being pedestrian.

        Draws to Hibs (who at times outplayed us in 2-2 game)

        two draws to St Johnstone.
        A draw to Kilmarnock who nearly won that day.

        A lacklustre scrape 1-0 win v Dundee. That’s some of the crap I’ve witnessed, this Sevco side are awful. Yes they can score and they have put together a decent run before today, but we should have been miles clear.

        You know what I dared to do? I dared to dream that we could build on last season, ok we ain’t Gona go invincible again but same time really get ahead and kill league early.
        Have a go at Zenit and maybe have gone through that tie. Maybe show improvement.
        What’s the point? We came close to losing that game today.

      2. I see your point but do think it’s a bit fair to simply think the Bhoys need to sharpen up. It been a little tight and it’s true, treble is no sure thing here.

  5. Just seen it on news that Scott Sinclair was attacked at Glasgow Airport after the game, This is all these bastards have left, god help their wife’s and weans tonight.

  6. Ah lol at coco the clown from ibrox noise talk about HUMBLE PIE what a horses banger . All mellow in his match feedback a wee bit of reality kicking in but he is still wondering how we beat them. Murty got it ftom him and a few others that he was bumping his gums about all week watch this space as he tries to bounce back with some positive points later on .He even had a go at the 40 million pound man and that sitter but could not praise him enough earlier how the bennys can turn on you .

  7. So proud of my club today, wonder how the march back to the kp louden went…???We gifted them two goals and they still couldn’t beat us.. Love Celtic.HH.

  8. You have to laugh at the bennys on follow follow. They now have put it out there what do the fans want srevie clarke or FDB .This time last week it was sign murty up a long term contract. Also get Goss signed ASAP lol now he is not good enough . Forthenham got it as well now they need a new goalie lol . They say they had no fight in midfield to go up against Scott Brown lol that’s not what they spewed out all last week. They even had the sevcoman lol sorry linesman shouting like a town cryer red red red to ref it ain’t his place for that what a horrible wee James hunt of a man. Still it eneed 12 men against 10 and we still played them of the park roll on the semi final .No doubt the sponsored silence will be in full flow on the papers and radio this week regarding a title challenge .

  9. Phil

    Why was the only sponsor on view via TV cameras Puma?
    I believe supporters were asked not to drap banners and flags over these today?

    What’s going on?

    1. I disagree, I regularly noticed SportsDirect.Com scrolling around the pitch side advertising boards.

      I wonder if he’s paying them for this or it’s part of his ‘settlement’?

  10. The most satisfying result against them in any of their guises since Broony’s ten man equalliser and spread-arms smile at that wee reptile Diouf.

  11. That’s put big talking sevco back in the box, no more talk of title races, it’s just been won!
    We took all that they and the smsm threw at us and proved on the park that we are the champions. Talk is cheap but so are sevco and now the union bears can go home and shit in the woods. There won’t be an almighty rush to hand over money to the profligate board now as their team don’t have it in them to win a coconut and everyone can see it apart from the most severely deluded zombies. They will come out fighting in the semi but will be shown up and outclassed once again and one has to wonder at how many beatings they can endure. No class, no money, no hope.
    The bhoys were immense today and deserve all the adulation we can afford them, just imagine what we could have done today if it hadn’t been for another shocking performance by a referee. Regale us with the double treble now bhoys for we’re nearly there.

    How much for Alfie today?

  12. I hear a rumour in that World of ‘Wacky Racism’ that is ‘Govania’…

    DCK DASTARDLY &. MURTLEY had hatched a cunning plan and vowed to “get those meddling Fenians “.

    Apparently DCK DASTARDLY ‘jetted ‘ in on a ‘borrowed’ plane and was ready to pin a medal on MURTLEY if the fiendish ‘plan came together’.

    We all know how these cartoons end though!

    (Clasps hand over mouth tries not to make eye contact)

    Tssee Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

  13. I enjoyed Broonie’s post match interview when the Sky lady asked him about the pre-match talk of a title challenge. SB said: “That was them not us. We never spoke of a title challenge.” The Sky lady then said: “But Rangers were only 6 points behind you.” To which SB replied: “They can talk all they like. We do our talking on the pitch!”

  14. Just out of interest, how many ball boys did Rangers have out today? Ball was very slow coming back from behind hoardings at times.

  15. What about that linesman? “Red card red card” jeezo !!

    Fuck me gently. Collum didn’t let a Celtic player breath on a Sevco player in that 2nd half or it was an instant foul.

    3 great goals. Kris Boyd spewing at full time.

    Another title in the bag


    1. Jozo made it easy for him. Even though his elbow may have slightly touched Fluffalo’s chin it was still a stupid thing to do.

    2. Looked more like he was coming in his shorts to honest. Anyway can’t really complain about the red card. What today showed was that Ajer and Hendry are way ahead of jozo and dedrick, cool and competent performances. Great debut from Bain. They gave it their best shot but still couldn’t beat a celtic team that only rarely left second gear

      1. I don’t see where he had a ‘Great debut’, saved a couple of shots he should be saving, closed his eyes and turned his back on the first and second for Sevco. 5 out of 10 performance. DDV far better keeper.

  16. “It is almost as if having more money than your rival equates to a sporting advantage.”

    Behind twice, down to 10 men & still finding a way to win is the hallmark of champions.

    Again. As you know.

    Despite some nervy & clumsy 1st half defending, we ultimately put in a terrific all-round team performance.

    The players & manager were clearly determined to show the very noisy neighbours where their place in the food chain lies : as bottom feeders.

    If M&S did Sundays ….

  17. Glad the ‘talking’ was done on the IBrokes pitch.

    I feel justice was done as I will never see sevco as anything other than a club that shouldn’t exist.

    All the more enjoyable as Celtic had only 9 men for much of the game.. Well let’s be honest… We started with ten the moment ‘Bombscare Boyata’ took the pitch. Raonjuuurz ( new or old) always start with 12 men.

    7th is as good as bagged. Roll on the cup and back-to-back trebles.

    1. Completely agree about Boyata.

      Sviatchenko made one mistake and was rapidly shipped out (unfairly in my opinion).

      Yet Boyata makes mistake after mistake and Brendan does nothing about it.

      It’s worrying.

      However, enough of that! The rest of the Bhoys were magnificent. Here wo go 10 in a row!

  18. The ref tried his best to help sevco with his sending off of Jozo for a deliberate elbow. I wonder if he can do anything about a cold shoulder.

  19. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t confident of coming away with anything from ibrox today, a feeling of foreboding that was compounded by the appointment of Willie Collum as referee. I will never accept them as the same team and, in some ways, the prospect of losing to Scotland’s newest club seems even harder to countenance or accept. Consequently, I found something else to do between the period of 11.30 – 2pm today. It was a pleasant surprise to find Celtic run out 3-2 winners, suggesting a close run thing. However, quick read of the match ‘as it happened’ on BBC Scotland says more about Celtic confounding the officials best attempts to award the game to the substitute establishment club. I figured there’d be at last one red card to Celtic, seems this one was given by the assistant, not the ref. BBC pundits split between accidental and assault while cynical fouls by the home side deemed not even a worthy of a word let alone a yellow.

    That aside, Murty seems a decent if tad naive person and he has got this ibrox side performing better than the Caxman ever did, albeit against mostly lesser clubs and a media destabilised Dons. They let me down yesterday, they could have been within their one game in hand of being level again on points. Good to see a Lennon lead Hibs doing so well, I would love to see them continue in this vein for the rest of the season to leapfrog them.

    After all the noise coming out of ibrox this week and the title race hype it’s great that we’ve done our ‘talking’ on the pitch, against the odds and shown we are still the team to beat. HH

    1. Been a Celtic supporter all my life and have never blamed the referee – we need to stop being bitter and twisted – we are better than that
      We gifted the Huns 2 goals – the ref gave them nothing – and Simu’s elbow was stupid, deliberate and gave the ref a decision to make

      1. Pete1954 – There have been many, many instances of biased refereeing over the years (I have been watching the Celts since 1958) and if you are OK with that then, fine. One of the most blatant was against Inverness CT only a few years ago, which denied Ronnie Diella the chance of a treble. I could write a book on these cheating officials but nothing will be done, so I will stick to ctiticing them on forums like Phil’s. By the way, Collum didn’t have to make the decision about Simunovic as the linesman could be seen mouthing “red card, red card”.

        1. What about John Greig breaking the Buzz Bomb’s leg and Rangers getting a free kick as an example? We’re no paranoid enough!!!

      2. I’m certainly better than bitter than twisted however very far from blind to bias or ignorant to injustice, both of which have been commonplace in Scottish football. Can’t see an elbow on the radio and your words echo those of footballing intellect Michael Stewart, a view not shared by Paddy Bonner (perhaps no surprise there) nor former ger Steven Thompson.

      3. Gollum is just incompetent. Seen him give horrific decisions against rangers so it’s not bias, just being a shite referee.

        Celtic shot themselves in the foot a lot today, but managed to work through it and deserved the win.

      4. Sorry but your wrong re referee .
        Their 1st goal came after wee jamsie had his shirt pulled 3 times
        Broony not allowed any 50/50s
        Broony foul against after running length of pitch with the full back
        McGregor exactly same situ for but in the box nothing given
        Need I go on
        Seen some bad refereeing v them including that other lot since 60s
        But today summed it up

  20. Title race? Gap getting bigger by the minute lol 10 men win the league again (1979) jelly and ice cream anyone? Hail hail!

    1. I cherish the recording of my dad (RIP 1983) laughing about that, particularly consoling “dear Colin” but later collapsing into tears for really dear Johnny D.

      1. Magic you mentioning my old friend Johhny Doyle wore his heart on his sleeve and sadly missed a great guy and team-mate

        Jackie Mac
        The Red Celt

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