Why modern Scotland must face down the Union Bears

Firstly the good news.

The Glasgow that I grew up didn’t have a problem with this type of racism.

It was part of the cultural fabric of the place and entirely socially acceptable.

Thankfully, now many Glaswegians have a serious issue with it.

This flier appeared on the Facebook page of the Union Bears yesterday.

For the uninitiated, the word “Fenian” is the local N-word for anyone from the Irish community.

No amount of semantic wriggling about 19th-century Irish revolutionaries using dynamite will deflect from that central truth.

If you live in Scotland or the North East of this country and you hate Irish people then the F word is the preferred term of abuse.

If that wasn’t appalling enough the image used on the flier depicts a person on the ground being kicked.

The victim of the assault is wearing a green and white hooped shirt.

We get the idea, we really do.

Dark clothing is encouraged for this dignified march.

You mean like a black shirt?

Hello hello!

I’m told that the Union Bears is the officially sanctioned singing section at Ibrox.

Now, I’m sure that the six-year-old club will be issuing a statement of condemnation today if they have not done so already.

The response of the wider society will also be instructive.

The Scotland of many cultures has now to step up.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated last year in Holyrood that the many thousands of Irish who came to Scotland to contribute their blood and sweat to build the modern nation are welcome and valued.

Are we?


Born in the 1950s in the West of Scotland I never felt that.

In 1953, a  few years before I arrived on the planet the Irish in Scotland were referred to as “an alien race” in a Church of Scotland report.

Glasow still doesn’t have a memorial to An Gorta Mór.

I have taken part in Saint Patrick’s parades in many cities, but never in the one I was born in.

I’m glad that my brood of Gaeilgeoirí has grown up far away from the influence of the Ibrox klan.

I know that they’re better for it.

For anyone going to the match on Sunday please stay safe.

101 thoughts on “Why modern Scotland must face down the Union Bears”

  1. A big slow hand clap for everyone who wanted to repeal OBFA. Well done. Your insightfulness just contributed to embolden the events we witnessed today. Way to go guys.

    Phil, please do not ramble about existing laws being sufficient. They are not.

      1. For your information, the OBFA deals with incidents inside or outside the ground. It also deals with parades to or from the ground. Do you really think the police would deal with this incident with the Union Bears considering the legislation would probably be defunct by this Tuesday ?

        No, you have contributed to this mess by accident or design. I think that the people of Scotland and not the football supporting minorities will have their say at the ballot box, for those who enabled this boldness. We want our streets safe.

        Over 67% of Rangers fans and a similar amount of Celtic fans supported this legislation as at least a starting point. How sad that self interested politicians have used the minority to push this Act aside with nothing to replace it. Reap what you sow,but do it on your own without dragging the rest of us into the cesspit.

        1. The 2003 Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act and the 2010 Licensing Act are more than adequate.
          It is a matter of Police action (or inaction) on the ground.

  2. Lol had a quick look at the evening times there their so called journalists have all gone for a draw or a win for celtic .Well all bar one guess who went for rangers Chris itchy sack Jack what a surprise eh .This nugget has gone for them every time we have played them . He more desperate for this win than a junkie for their next fix .But then again junkies and so called scotish journalists they are two of a kind feeding themselves the same junk everyday..

  3. Hi Phil, was listening to Nolan on 5 live earlier talking about shenanigans at West Ham today. I rang up to bring BBC’s attention to the racist/sectarian flyer attributed to Union Bears. I shall listen intently to the remainder of the programme to see if my call is acknowledged. Good look to the bhoys and fans tomorrow.

  4. I see coco the clown from ibrox noise has posted an article on morelos signing extension to his contract . A benny has tweeted on this that celtic fans will be fuming with the mention of 40 million for morelos oh dear the glue sniffers are out in force again .

  5. These people are one people , they are the people , police motto ,no justice , just-us , nothing will come of it again and so wee go on we’ll put beside the rest of their shameful deeds and we’ll go on , can’t understand why you left Phil, this is “the best wee country in the world” I sh1t you not , I read it on the wall at Edinburgh airport , big bold letters , seen with my own eyes

  6. This is a fixture that really needs boycotting by Celtic fans.
    As Sevco high command has highlighted, they can’t cut the ticket allocation to Celtic fans as they desperately need the cash.
    That should be motivation enough,
    hastening the demise of Ranjurs Mkll.
    I have only ever been to the bigot dome once in my life, back in the early eighties, and vowed never to darken it’s doors again, nor help finance their hate filled bile ever again….roll on Maria Callas…..

  7. Phil , I fully support you stance on this ,however your argument falls short when your own fans use the Fenian word. Not a word I use, or think acceptable, but it’s hard to complain when your own fans use it.

    You tube has a few video’s of Paddy McCoutr’s Fenian army, but I can’t post a link.

    1. I’m sure there are videos of black people using the ‘N word’. Do you think this undermines the argument that the ‘N word’ is racist and unacceptable?

      1. Yes, I do. It completely undermines it.
        Are you saying is that it is okay for some people to use the ‘N’ word or the ‘F’ word, but it is not okay for other people to use the ‘N’ word or the ‘F’word?
        That is not how democracy works.

      2. Murphy had you read my post you would see I do not condone or use the Fenian word,( except in this context ) but it’s hard to moan when there are so many willing call call themselves Fenians.

  8. Proud to be a Fenian Monaghan Bhoy…

    Kettle the violent bigots down to nearest holding pen until after the match, a fitting tribute to the Onion Bores. Search them all for drink and drugs, fine them and let the Onion Bores set up a fighting fund to pay the fines. LMAO. Hard done by for standing up to the cause. I blame the faithers. A must used phrase in half jest but it really is the problem.

    Dropped my lass off at her work this morning passing by the big hoos as we do. A lot of 7 storey flats popping up around the place, soon it will be hidden to the eye. it seems to me a lot of things are hidden at Ibrox.

    Where’s the garden of remembrance? Has Stewart Milne bough that piece of land.

  9. The very day they said they won as Rangers FC 2012(IL)…
    Was the very same day,the same,were from the same.

    sevco,whatever is meant to happen to you,will happen to you.

  10. Better just let them get on with it and show the world what they are all about.
    The silence from the Newco board is hardly a surprise, they have a lot of season tickets to sell next year and won’t risk upsetting fans.
    The SFA as usual will be posted missing, they have their own problems with finding a form of words that will extricate themselves and the club from knowingly making a fraudulent UEFA licence application.
    My guess is an honest mistake will be put forward as the get out of jail card.
    If the Compliance Officer has done his job then the file should be handed over to Police Scotland fraud squad and those responsible for making the application and those involved in the subsequent cover up should face the full force of the law.
    You know who you are.
    Of course, given that it’s now 6 months and counting since Regan tasked the CO, would anyone be surprised if he’s been stood down for the sake of Scottish football and that we all must move on?
    What other explanation is there for an investigation that should have taken a week, not 6 months.
    The SFA already had in their possession all the relevant paperwork except perhaps the HMRC correspondence which would confirm the claim, false of course, that the bill was in dispute.
    There is no such correspondence so why the delay or if the review of procedures has been scrapped why has no announcement been made?
    Do the SFA expect the issue to go away?
    The longer this rolls on the bigger the stench coming from Hampden.
    The application and granting of the UEFA licence was not the work of one individual, that would have been impossible.
    The last official word we had from the SFA was Regan’s statement that the wee tax bill had not crystallized at the appropriate UEFA cut off date.
    It was a bare faced lie from the SFA CEO, a lie confirmed by evidence given under oath at Mr Whyte”s trial.
    Those responsible must be brought to account. The fall out will be catastrophic but a clean out of the Hampden stables and anyone involved still employed at Ibrox will be a step in the right direction.

    1. Joe, you`re well within the Celtic FC . Any confidence for the rest of us supporters around the World that our Celtic Club will throw their hand in with this?

  11. The best way to humiliate them and shut them up is for Celtic to win the game, This will hurt these arseholes deeply especially having to watch the Celtic support celebrate in their midden.HH.

  12. Phil,

    The word Fenian is used as a substitute for the word Catholic by these bigots, not Irish.

    I have said already – I am proud to be called Fenian!

    I am a Fenian!!!

    An Irish Catholic is a double whammy for them.

    But since very few Catholics in Scotland now have the Irish accent almost all of their hatred is aimed towards Catholics.

    This is harder for you to attack being an atheist but believe me, having lived in Bridgeton for 18 years, their hatred is almost 100% towards Catholics, not the Irish.

    Many of the Ibrokes choir are Irish -or so they claim.

    Ironic isn’t it that they should sing about how descendants of Irish immigrants in Scotland should go back to Ireland when so many of them left the occupied north for the very same reasons as the majority of the Irish Catholic population did.

    They just don’t do irony.

    1. Yes Croppy, the shipbuildings over why dont they go home. Indeed, independence would then become a reality, in a much richer nation.

      1. Seriously .. Richer Nation ?
        Scotland has no economy worth a shit ! 15bn deficit .. and getting worse .. Scotland would be a mad maxesque dystopian disaster.. and all under the control influence of the Masonic establishment .. no Thanks!

        1. Saiorse Eireann. Saoirse Alba!

          Why do you want to be dominated by an anglocentric government?

          Why would you not want to be free to govern yourself?

          I don’t understand people like you.

          Just another sticky!

          Independence for Ireland. Independence for Scotland.

          If you like one and not the other then you are just a hypocrite.

    2. I agree with you 100% it’s now mostly a catholic issue with them.
      Education starts at home but unfortunately it’s imbedded in their concept of reality and having the only football club they love and behold to vent their anger liquidate in front of them makes it worse now.
      For me I’m happy and proud to be called a fenian.
      They are irrelevant in every way shape and form now.
      It’s a good time to be alive now Bhoy’s and ghirl’s embrace our reality 🍀

      1. Sorry Gerry, but you talk about education and follow it up with an incoherent sentence. Makes us look like internet bampots! No offence mate.

  13. Re the onion bears hating catholicism
    Has anyone seen the average age of these weans .
    From what I have seen ,I don’t believe many would really understand what or who they are hating .
    They really strike me as no more than

  14. I think Nicola Sturgeon should leave this one up to Mhari Black to come out and condemn this racist bigoted hate crime.

  15. This disgusting flyer epitomises all that is wrong with this country. Fans visit stadia to watch their teams compete in a sport and hopefully win these encounters. The Fenian bashing urged by the UB has nothing to do with sport and all to do with hatred and supremacy, and every member of the UB should be arrested for inciting violence. THEY WON’T THOUGH! If any law abiding citizen is hurt in the process of attending the derby match by black-shirted fascists they should sue Police Scotland for every penny as they will be complicit in this crime if they do nothing after being warned, and these flyers are indeed a warning.
    It would be commendable if someone from the Govan club spoke out and decried their own supporters. THEY WON’T THOUGH!
    The contagion that is Trumpism, Brexit and Fascism is right up the alley of the monsters who for reasons best known to themselves think that Timmy should be brought to heel. The infection causes bilious hatred and violence and the prognosis is deadly. It’s time the bigots remembered that Sunday is just a game of fitba’ ffs.
    Methinks they know they’ll be losers come 2 o’clock and are trying to scare the Tims away. THEY WON’T THOUGH!
    Let’s be careful out there…..HH

  16. What N. Sturgeon didn’t mention the fact that the ancestors of a few of the Irish immigrants had left Scotland previously in the highland clearences

  17. Surprise surprise… Sevco announce Morelos us staying at ‘Rainjuurz’.

    Shows real commitment to the future after fending off 8 figure bids from Beijiing.

    What a coup, just before the ‘big game’… Close shave there..

    Those pesky Chinese clubs have been foiled by the bold and brave Mr King and his dogged refusal to just ‘take the money’.

    What a day!

  18. Back to the football

    Watched and supported Celtic over sixty years and make no mistake about this latest “Derby”it aint a gimmee

    They will come out the traps fast and we must be ready to match that

    Hate to say this but I think they are better equipped now than in the last five years

    Having said that it’s all about what we do,we have better players, better manager and the gap is still there

    What worries me is the “honest mistake” how often have we seen it

    No motivation should be needed the Hooped top will suffice

    Go to it Celtic from start to finish !

    1. Have said it before, wind back the “we are invincible” narrative. Ranger are improving, their last few results have been by more than one dodgy goal. If they win they will have closed the gap, fact. Saying we are better does not make it so. As so many have said here, do it on the pitch, the perfect response to the hate narrative.

    2. It’s when the apparent or real ‘gap’ is at its narrowest that the honest mistakes make their impact felt…

      I will expect something to affect one or more of the games.

      At least the Bunnion Bears are calling the game a ‘Derby’ rather than use their other favourite term.

  19. Phil. In Lisbon, on your recommendation, fantastic places, reminds me of home…wet, cold, pubs everywhere…main difference is…Fenians welcome, very welcome in fact.

    Of to the national stadium tomorrow, to where the lions sleep.

    The evil eyes have no place in Paradise

      1. Any other recommendation welcome???.

        Just had dinner in alfama, sat next to 2 rather gay happuly married Fins. We had a right laugh, it’s -21 at home at the 17 + rain us tropical!!!! They said same as us…the lisbonwegians are warm, friendly and INCLUSIVE, they are here for 2weeks. Its s scorcher to them 🙂

        I wonder what reception that Klan would have given these two…Vikings.

        I hate to think.

        They’re now Facebook friends with my wife and are welcome on our journey.

        Phil, did you notice in Lisbon, all the graffiti on the wall? If can only imagine it says…we’re magic…we being the inclusive, not the exclusive.

        Span a few hours in the ‘time out’ market, the staff, fantastic, the young Portuguese, polite intelligent, helpful, friendly, beautiful, warm…everything you’d want the future to be.


        1. P.s. just checked the map….walked up a massive hill to bairro alto, know now why they have those gravity defying trams/cable cars, the elevator is something to behold. Walked into a shop…went down 3 escalators then left at street level, what a place!!!!

          . Had a beer from one of those kioks at the top. Great view, again, great service, great people. They have humbled me. I can only imagine how my uncle felt in 66, tho Seville wasn’t far off.

          You reap what I sow…we reap joy…they reap grim.

  20. Thanks Phil,
    The likes of the Union Bears will not change.They hate CFC and Catholicism.Yes they should be brought to book but we know why they will not.They have free rein and unfortunately the only way we can silence their bigoted and neanderthal views is on the field.They are a blight on society part of Scotland’s shame and they know they are Sevco.Glad it hurts.We win and its league over.9 points clear with a game in hand.In Brendan we trust.If and when that happens they will again be looking over their shoulder at Aberdeen and Hibs and will then have to go all in in the Semi Final.We will win that too.There is always next year UBs and the marching season is outwith the football season.You might win that.

  21. A small point Phil, when the term fenian is deployed in this context,I think it’s fair to say it’s targeted at a wider audience. You correctly explain the link to Irish nationality, however its aimed at Celtic supporters. Protestants, Catholics, white, black it has no gender, no religion and certainly no nationality.
    Do you honestly think the person on the receiving end of the beating will escape once there nationality is confirmed as not being Irish?
    By all means, call it for what it is Phil, but make sure your hitting the target.

  22. I just hope our players are reading this and suitably inflamed enough to produce a display akin to home v Zenit or home v Bayern, this type of performance will blow these bigots away, resulting in the type of end to the day we all hope for. Our revenge will be the laughter of our children / fanbase

  23. I’m North Irish, an unrepentant fenian. This type of guff would not be tolerated here. This is an obvious hate crime. Police Scotland it’s within your remit to investigate and do something worthy of a 21st century police service or will it just be paid lip service…
    Beidh ar la linn

  24. Incredible to think this kind of anti Irish bigotry is totally acceptable to police Scotland,Scottish government etc. and has been for many years.

  25. And for “Fenian” read “Hun”, Phil, which is equally offensive and unacceptable in the 21st century and widely used in (especially) the west of Scotland also. You should be calling that out too as it takes two to tango and your excellent website (albeit I don’t always agree with your too Irish republican tinted view) should be educating bith sidea of our intolerable divide.
    It was worth noting that I was at Celtic Park recently for both the Hibs and the Zenit games and the choice of songs from the Green Brigade was markedly different – a tirade of unacceptable rebel songs v Hibs (these numbskulls need to get into the 21st century and not stay in the 19th and early 20th) as opposed to Celtic songs v Zenit – nuff said.


    1. There’s a difference, fenian is a derogatory term for all catholics in Scotland while hun is a derogatory term for for the bigoted, destructive element within the Rangers support.

    2. Celtic park even on a very busy day would be like a morgue without the GB, their energy and passion is something to behold. However chants of “Brits out” etc do not get supporters around the stadium singing along unlike, say, the Dembele song (one of my favs).

      Well done for reporting on that awful leaflet Phil. Maybe the Police will intervene, probably not.

    3. A hun is part of a marauding horde, sacking peaceful cities…like Manchester in 2008. Its only offensive because you’re feeling guilty, it’s nowhere near the “F” word. Grow up.

    4. For Fenian read Orange bastard or proddy. Both insulting words. The context of Hun is a Rangers supporter and has no reference to religion. A hun is a Rangers fan, a protestant who is not a Rangers fan is not a hun. I will agree that it is a derogatory term that the huns find offensive, but a sectarian slur is much more worrying. If the poster had said tims it wouldn’t have been half as offensive. Only the depiction of kicking someone in the head would have caused me sleepless nights.

    5. Could you tell me which race, nationality or religion the word ‘hun’ is offensive to?
      Can you explain how it is racist or sectarian?
      I’m seriously fed up of the ‘one side as bad as the other’ rubbish that is spouted by some.

      1. the origin of the term Hun as I remember when applied to the ( old) Rangers fans, came from the sixties when the English support sang ‘go home ya Huns’ to the losing German team in 1966 at Wembley. This song was then taken up by other teams supporters Liverpool etc and the Celtic fans used it to say goodbye to their rivals after a derby win. After that it passed into popular Glasgow speak for the blue hordes.

  26. Since I was a boy growing up in the fifties nothing has changed in Glasgow and the West of Scotland as far as anti Catholic and anti Irish attitudes go. Even in the work place it is infested the same way. Having acquired a post with the biggest aero engine company on the planet, one Masonic fellow asked me “How did YOU manage to get a job there?”. The inference being I should NEVER have been given work there because of my religion and Irish origins. Believe me nothing has changed. God help us.

    1. You should have told him that you were employed to correct the errors thus allowing the aeroplanes to fly with safety.

  27. The best wee bigoted sectarian country in the world.
    It is deliberate, offensive and overtly encouraged by the establishment . It’s part of our democracy, the right to March regardless of subject matter. As a previous poster stated , not if you’re Timmy. You’d be harassed, provoked and kettled by the biggest legal gang in Scotland.
    This so called March, and their pathetic infantile posturing, my head is bigger than your head, should be blootered remorselessly.
    What will be interesting will be lack of action and response from SMSM , Polis Scotland, and local and national politicians.
    First impressions were that this might be a bit of trolling, then again their collective brain cell wouldn’t be able to come up that.

    If true, and it would not surprise anyone.
    Keep digging. Many thanks.

  28. Just another example of how these “fans” think they can get away with anything, as they can no longer possibly tarnish the … ahem … reputation of the original rangers fc, which died in 2012. In their hearts, they know their club died. Everyone knows it. And it’s painful for them. Organise a wee walk to the stadium that John Brown played for if it helps to ease the pain.

      1. 100% agree, Proud and Unrepentant Fenian,
        surprised at the apparent deliberate attempt to obfuscate the the real meaning of the word by imposing connotations to suit an agenda to invent grounds for objectionable insult, as far as I’m concerned its as stupid an argument as the huns squealing that hun is offensive, though I believe the author has sympathy with that claim. If everyone who finds offence has their interpretation accepted then communication takes a battering, better to educate the stupid than dumb down to comply with their level of understanding.
        No too long ago in England a Paedologist practice was attacked by a mob, the perfect example of what can happen if this drive to satisfy the stupid by allowing words to be taken out of context by stupid peeple and accepted as insult by people who should know better, rather than crying foul we should be laughing at their stupidity, shame them into learning, don’t dumb down or ask anyone else to meet their lack of understanding.

  29. Two students made the front page of the BBC news for singing ‘we hate blacks’ yesterday on a Nottingham campus and have been arrested. I would say this poster is more inflammatory as it encourages both hatred and violence. Over to Police Scotland, or are they happy to see the fruits of this hatred in the ER rooms on Sunday?

  30. This is really dark stuff. Distributed widely days in advance with total contempt for the law. The imagery and language leave absolutely no doubt about their beliefs, intentions and “entitlement” and they feel comfortable asserting their special staus outside the law.

    I have lost any confidence I ever had in the police to apply the law in such circumstances but I have written to my MP and MSPasking them to apply whetever leverage they have, if any. No message, of course, from anyone at Ibrox or their PR delusionists.

    Any objective, external analysis of the situation at Ibrox would indicate that their demise is almost inevitable and probably imminent. Despite their whingeing, their problems are all self-imposed but there will be a massive reaction and disruption when they are finally forced to confront reality and collapse.

  31. I know that there are organisations in Scotland who “monitor” this kind of behaviour…and I know that the Govan Club should issue a statement condemning this….and I know that Nicola is duty bound to condemn it…but I also know that none of them will.
    So…over to our Board…
    How long will our Club put up with the public utterances of hatred which emanate from sections of the Sevco support ?
    This latest piece of crap is way beyond tolerance…
    Its time we addressed it.

  32. Shocking leaflet and it should be condemned by all decent people.

    I continue to be concerned about the continued use of ‘Fenian’ by Celtic fans in all shapes and forms…In songs, banners, logos on t-shirts etc…
    Are we normalizing it and giving them an excuse to use it freely?

    is it the same as black people using the N word to describe their kin? OK for them to use it but not any one else as it becomes a pejorative (or indeed, racist) term based on the ethnicity of the user of the word?

    1. The word doesn’t bother me much at all whoever is using it… It’s how it’s used and in what context and with what intentions and agenda that I find distasteful.

      As for the word Hun… It has no ethnic, sectarian, race or religious context.

      It is nothing more than a nickname. It has already been challenged and proven to be nothing more. I will continue to use it and the fact that it annoys them makes it all the more satisfying.

      I am not however rallying troops to march in an oppressive show of über entitlement against the Huns, or depicting them being kicked on the ground.

      1. The team hunskelping i believe originates from a newspaper report early sixties when rangers played a friendly against wolves in wolverhampton, the reporter commented that their fans rampaged through the city like atila and his huns. The team came from there.

    2. Well said. I Find this all very confusing. Phil seems to glorify in being a Fenian, until, he is “called” one.
      Are the Union Bears not just a bunch of Adolescent Fudz. Are they really so important. Like the gorgeous Orange Walk, let them March till the cows come home, and lets be honest we love it when they make an arse of themseves. Will someone please confirm, am I to be proud to be a Fenian, or am I to be offended, for being called one. I am still confused. Dear oh dear this moral high ground gets more exposed feeling by the day. Lets Just get on with the football.

    3. Sunburst please don’t take this as an insult directed at you, by ignorance I mean lack of knowledge, Phil’s is contributing to your lack of knowledge that is my main point.
      This is the perfect example of my previous post, Phil is responsible for exactly this kind of ignorance, this poster unfortunately believes the word to be derogatory for two reasons, first reason being, he knows or cares little for the history of the Fenian movement and secondly because the only exposure to the word is in the context of Phil’s agenda which is pushing to have it popularised as an accepted derogatory term, which actually besmirches the achievements of the Fenian movement, I’d rather be asked why they hate Fenian’s so much, at least I could answer, ‘go google the Fenian movement’, spread a little knowledge, Phil’s way reduces the Fenian movement to an Irish/Catholic thing, well done Phil..

  33. Your here! You expect a welcome! “the Despicable Bastards” Well never expected a welcome, just to be treated with respect. They must be feart, frightened that their very existence is under threat. Once it was the Church of Scotland leading the sectarian charge, now they do the huddle in run down halls and ludges. Or sticking their bellies out as they march out of step, banners aloft with funny handshakes whispering Billy Doos or dont’s to one another.
    There they go, marching down the street,
    the craziest peepul, you could ever meet,
    Hey, Hey its the Mankies,
    the daftest peepul around,
    they are the lost generation,
    who left their brains at the lost and found.
    Sad sad wee peepil.

  34. I wonder if glasgows finest will be of a mind to do a wee bit of kettling when the bears go on there wee walkabout ?
    No i dont think so, they will just put the kettle on and have a nice wee cuppa tea, and let them get on with it. I am sure if the green brigade decided to all gather up dressed in green on a match day and have a march then there would be plenty done and said about it. I also , like your good self phil, hope that everyone who does go to the game on sunday has a good day out and returns home safe and sound. H H.

  35. I know we shouldn’t be surprised by anything this mob does but I was astonished when I saw that, it really is beyond the pale. The club should be condemning this in the strongest possible terms and not only refusing entry to the ground to all who participate, but issuing life bans. It’s outrageous, utterly shameful.

  36. This scum have not moved forward since 1690 but what Police Scotland will do remains to seen
    Just hope everyone stays away from this gutless rabble and stays safe
    Hail Hail Troops

  37. The time has well passed for Celtic FC to refuse their allocation of tickets to this hate filled cesspit. That would highlight the issue much more than any newspaper article.

    I for one would prefer not to have my ears poisoned with racist filth for 90+ minutes, while watching the team I love being spat on, racially abused, and targeted with coins, batteries, pool ball, hot drinks and God knows what else.

    Think I’ll be taking a nice ramble around your lovely Donegal between 11.30-14.30 on Sunday Phil.

  38. Sorry Phil, but there is a degree of hypocrisy going on here. I also grew up on the West of Scotland. I know how it works. Yourself and every other fan worked tirelessly to get rid of the OBFA, claiming it was flawed. At least the SNP made a start somewhere,even though you did not like the idea.

    What you are now asking is that these bigots who infest the club on the South side now give up their hatred. Why? Fans have fought to keep it in football grounds aided and abetted by bloggers like yourself. As far as I can see abolishing the Act has given them free rein to do as they like.

    I stood on the terraces of Parkhead as a young man. Total support singing all the songs in the repetoire like everybody did. I have slashed the Orange sash,and did the echo of the Thomson gun bit.

    we had our own issues, now much less than before, but made acceptable by incorporating our message in “love ” songs relevant to the past. My son in law is a Rangers supporter and he would never dream of behaving the way the Union Bears act out their bigotry, and I must say I know many more like that.. Ibrox has a problem and many who identify with that club share the same problem,.

    If you are honest enough to admit it, you will know that Sectarianism has become a recruitment tool for both the Conservatives and Labour. It is mainstream and acceptable for them to put up for election ,those who are current members of the Lodge. Bearing that in mind,are any of these party’s going to even attempt to stamp out sectarian behaviour? Not if it costs them votes.

    OBFA may have had its faults ,but rescinding it will open the door to further abuses for sure.

    1. The OBFTCA is still on the statute book.
      The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act of 2003 (S. 37) is perfectly adequate to deal with this type of hate speech.

      1. How are you going to arrest 40,000 fans singing about “fenian”blood in Ibrox.?

        Police overtime perhaps? It would take every single policeman and woman in Glasgow and beyond to do that little job. Pie in the sky thinking Phil.

    2. Whilst i agree with your sentiments that there will be some within the Sevco support who do find that the behaviour of some of their fans is unbalanced. We are constantly told it is only a minority who carry out this action. So where are the silent majority who suffer along with the rest of us? Is it not about time they voiced their opinion on such a matter (this March being the very issue) which needs to be called out for what it is. There is no way that this will happen and yet again we will have missed another opportunity to tackle this type of problem wherever it arises.

  39. It really is a despicable tract! No more need be said. It’s authors and sharers deserve prosecution. I can only thank the stars that none of my family or friends are capable of such wretchedness ! Shame on those who spread this antiquated bile, and shame on those who, charged with upholding pubic order and safety, do nothing about it.

  40. I find it incredible the govan massive thought nobody would note this as offensive or was that the plan? This flyer has been online for over 3 days and as yet no action by police Scotland to remove it, why?

    Today The Scottish Sun has used its column space to advertise and place a sectarian flyer into thousands of homes it would have otherwise missed, so now the sun is a digital distibutor of offensive material under the guise of it being a story. Did they need to have a full printable version of the flyer to be displayed? It raises many question but the question of legality is one that needs to be dealt with swiftly.

    From what I can see The Scottish Sun deems it as offensive or that it is causing offence thus the article, but why the unaltered full version of the flyer? (is it legal to do so), I also note how it has gone from a side column on their site to dead centre pride of place no need to open article to see it and they have now embelished it with pictures of the local loyalists at a football game.

    Today I raised the matter of the flyer being displyed with the sun and with nil by mouth, but as yet no answer is forth coming. If facebook are on the ball then they will note it does not comply with their policy on religious and race hatred literature and imagery and pull it from the offending page that ub have displayed it on.

    You might want to consider removing it or editting it, why give them the free advert Phil, I understand making people aware but why does the full flyer have to be shown without information regarding where and when removed

    A time of typing this comment there has been not a squeak from the people who run the club who play in govan..

  41. Dembele, Ntcham, Edouard, Comperr and co. must be quite bemused at waking up today yo find themselves ‘Fenians’…

    That advert is an incitement to antisocial behaviour at minimum and a call to violent racist attacks at the very worst. Bad enough to have come from a random source…. But this is from a club recognised organisation and should merit instant sanctions from ‘ the club’ including closing their section and banning the organisation from home matches. Police Scoland ( stop laughing) should be cancelling this ‘March’ on grounds of public safety and investigating the organisers and their agenda without delay…

    Surely Phil you can’t be the only person bringing this to wider attention?

    The Scottish media ( sporting and news) must be all over such an incendiary story?!

    Mustn’t they ?

  42. I see they also released a statement to Celtic asking fans not to hang banners over advertising boards as sponsors have complained 🙈 weeks after having petitioned to get our allocation cut 🤣 on the bright side , it was nice of the union bears giving up their seats for us 😜😜😛

  43. Would the SNP happily sit in silence if the picture on this despicable right wing toilet paper was on of a black man, An Indian man wearing a Turban, A Pakistani man in national dress, would this March be allowed if it was the KKK, or Combat 18 or the NF…..NO!..Absolutely not, then why are a group representing a Scottish football club,being allowed to walk the street’s of Glasgow promoting their hatred of all things Irish and Catholic…These scum attending this march, and the rest of the scum who’ll join them in song inside the Bigotdome, make up just a part of Scotlands SHAME, the SMSM, Police Scotland, MPs, Judge’s and Policy maker’s make up the rest…Scotland,you truly are an embarrassment to yourself….HH

  44. hi, first time ive commented i think.
    im not irish, but i am huge celtic fan, and a tim through and through, i too have been called a “fenian” not as a joke, but in a derogatory manner. this wouldnt happen to anyone of any other race creed or colour without the police saying it is offensiv behaviour. unfortunately in this country the authorities look down on anyone that is irish/catholic/ celtic supporter. if the shoes was on the other foot and there was a march against the “huns/klan/or inbred orange mob from ibrox” the authorities would have it closed down and kettled in an instant. they dont care about us. never have and never will.
    stay safe on sunday COYBIG

      1. This mickey mouse parliament, will tackle all kinds of hard hitting issues, feminism,racism, sexism and as many other ism’s you care to mention except the ism that doesn’t exist, dare to mention it and then you must the bigot because you brought it up,Scotland is steeped in anti Irish anti Catholic “hatred”(because that’s what it is) and somehow it all our fault, imagine if Muslims where treated this way in Scotland, Nicola and her chums would be passing laws, re-educating people and implementing a zero tolerance policy.

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