Two prospective backers refuse Sevco

As I had previously reported the Sevco High Command had high hopes for two potential investors.

These chaps are well-off individuals with a strong emotional connection to the Ibrox brand.

Given that a major source of Blue Room funding has been Parked then this is just what the Johannesburg doctor ordered.

However, it is my sad duty to relate that, at the time of writing, both of these fellows have eschewed the opportunity to invest in the basket of assets.

The first chap was gentle enough in his refusal.

It was very much along the lines of “I’m not investing right now, but you never know. I might re-consider in the future”, that kinda thing.

He sounds nice.

The second potential investor was much more forthright.

He stated bluntly that what had been presented to him by the Sevco high Command did not square with the reality of them having to go to Close Brothers.

With these two potential investors off the table then the only hope left is The People.

Therefore, expect the love-bombing of the Sevco customer base to be stepped up in the coming months.

Fortunately for the Sevco High Command, they have influential fans onside.

Of course, these prominent supporters have a proven track record in advocating for all manner of dignified saviours at Ibrox.

Moreover, the chaps in the Blue Room can also count on a local media that doesn’t subject them to journalistic scrutiny.

As we witnessed in 2012 there is only one way that this movie ends.

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