The Sevco High Command decide to reign in their overmighty PR fantasist

I am hearing that the Serious Professional and a transatlantic brother had to have a sit down with their intergalactic PR guru.

Apparently, the fantasy wages on offer for señor Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz has caused a real problem.

So the Ample Advisor has been told to reign in the BS.

Consequently, don’t be surprised if the putative wages on offer in the media for Morelos start to be massaged down to around  £30k per week.

You may recall that when the Daily Radar broke the amazing scoop it was stated that the mystery Chinese club wanted to pay the Colombian £60k per week.

The problem with this fantasy is that the player’s agent was soon knocking on the door looking for a new commensurate package for his guy!

Consequently, the high-Level fairy story that has been faithfully regurgitated by the Stenography Corps will now have to be toned down.

All of this has been an expensive fantasy for Sevco.

It is the sort of thing that journalists should be across.

Yeah, yeah, I know…

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