Spinning furiously about skint Sevco

During the last transfer window, the coverage of Sevco’s activity in the market was gushing.

The usual suspects in the media blithely spoke of “ten million” as a net spend by Pedro and the chaps in the Blue Room.

My sources seriously questioned that figure, although the increase in the Ibrox wage bill was real enough and continues to cause cash flow problems.

I note that Operation Get Rid of Bruno is getting serious now.

Even if the Portuguese stopper leaves Ibrox in this window he will still be owed the remainder of his signing on fee.

Now Sevco’s Director of Fantasy Mark Allen and young Master Murts have to augment a squad by spending the square root of zero this January.

Brighton was offered nothing up front for Jamie Murphy with £500k arriving in May when the Season Ticket cash turns up.

The English club demurred on that generous offer.

Then in the past week, two SPFL managers and a player who once plied his trade at Ibrox have called out Sevco for destroy bids and attempting to unsettle players.

Kris Boyd, Martin Canning and Steve Clarke have gone on record about how the Engine Room Subsidiary is behaving in the transfer market.

Despite this public data, the staunch chaps in the Stenography Corps can still put a positive spin on this shameful shambles.

That is certainly a skill.

It isn’t journalism, but it is something.

What we are currently witnessing is the public outworking of a policy to unsettle players in Scotland.

This is being done so that their clubs will accept Sevco’s ridiculous terms.

Of course, this should be called out in the media for what it is.

Speaking truth to power is what the Fourth Estate is there for.

Instead, Sevco are receiving praise for their …ahem…pragmatic approach to transfer business.

This sad little episode proves several things beyond a reasonable doubt:

Sevco have no money for transfers in this window.

Most of the Fitba Fourth estate are in the tank for the chaps in the Blue Room.

It is impossible for The People to experience embarrassment about anything apropos their beloved basket of assets.

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