Sevco’s Irish problem

Firstly, let me start with a direct apology to the decent folk who work at the press office at “Rangers”.

I learned today that my email of 11th Inst (which you did not acknowledge) caused you all some angst.

Look, I know you’re just there for the paycheque, but just to let you know that this isn’t personal, it is strictly business.

So see dear reader, I sent the following email to the Sevco press office at 16.00hrs on Thursday, January 11th, 2018.


I am a journalist (NUJ Press Card image attached).

I am currently researching a story regarding your organisation.

Here are my questions:

[I published those on here yesterday. ]


The email ended with:

I would appreciate a response from you by close of business tomorrow (12/01/2018), i.e. 17.00 hrs.


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin


Attached to the email was this image by way of identification.

Today I learned from an impeccably placed source what happened once the email was opened and read.

Apparently, there were several folks in the Sevco communications operation, they discussed it amongst each other.

No one wanted the thankless task of presenting it to the appropriate Level for consideration.

Finally, one of them did the needful and there was a quaking sound in a PR galaxy far far away.

The tremors were even felt south of the Limpopo.

The PR guru was ordered by the Impecunious Kid to “Deal with it!”

I’m told that the first port of call for the Ample Advisor was the chap who was once his suntanned subordinate at the Daily Radar.

However, the award-winning chap eschewed the opportunity to take your humble correspondent to ask on this one.

Indeed, his response was that my questions were relevant and a lot of people were privately asking them.

The PR guru was not defeated by this setback and his second choice was willing to serve the basket of assets, if not the Public Interest.

My social media timeline was full of chortling yesterday about this chap’s…err…journalism on the current rosy state of financial unfair play at Sevco.

It was this that prompted me to publish my questions here yesterday before the deadline I had set in my email.

As always my priority is you the reader.

I’m told that my communication to the Ibrox press office also led to a rather tetchy exchange between the Serious Professional and a chap at Bibby Financial services.

It was a case of accusation and counteraccusation about who was the source of my information apropos my rock solid story about invoice financing and Sevco.

Overall, it generally wasn’t a very good day at the office for Mr David Cunningham King.

He had thought that the might be able to kick the Court of Session problem down the road until the summer.

Instead, he got four weeks.

A hat tip to John Clark of the Scottish Football Monitor for being in court and providing an account of the proceedings.

To say that the Take Over Panel chaps are gunning for King would be like saying that the event at the OK Corral on Wednesday, October 26, 1881, was merely minor disagreement among church-going ladies of Tombstone over place settings for lunch.

Chairman King is also in the sights of a major faction on the RIFC board led by Alistair Johnston.

Quite simply, they want the current chairman gone before the cold shoulder sanction is imposed on him.

The danger of a contagion into RIFC and then to Sevco cannot be underestimated.

Despite this, the South African based convicted criminal has resisted all requests to Do Walking Away.

If you prefer your schadenfreude to be Ibrox flavoured then you should be hoping that King stays the course.

Meanwhile, I do hope the Sevco chaps have a pleasant flight back over the Pond to dear old Blighty.

After all, they paid for the seats themselves…

Something to do with a travel agent and unpaid invoices.

Instead of gushing about chocolate cake in Florida there is a real story about the financing of the Sevco winter camp in the Sunshine State.

For the avoidance of doubt, don’t expect to read it in the Daily Radar.

50 thoughts on “Sevco’s Irish problem”

  1. Amateur club employing amateur staff. They might be working on a statement for you though. Nah they don’t do statements ?

  2. Phil,
    I am a regular visitor to your site but have never replied to any of your posts.
    I am bemused at the goings on at Sevco today with the announcement that that have “signed” Jason Cummings and Russell Martin’s arrival is imminent AND That Bruno Alvesis happy at Rangers and wants to fight for a place in Murty’s (sorry DKs) team !
    Typically the SMSM have never reported that they need to “offload” Pedros flip flops to reduce their wage bill.
    Jason Cummings wages at the English Championship side must be in excess of £15,000 blue notes per year, Martin’S wages too must be over a wage cap you would think would be in operation at a club without a credit line or bank account.
    How do the do it? Someone must be funding this spree?
    Do these English clubs not have scouts in Scotland ?
    Footballers talk to former playing colleagues, therefore you would expect player’s agents to know all about the Ipox financial implode!
    I have had copious amounts of flavoured ice cream sitting on the freezer shelves and will not touch it until they are removed from Scottish Football forever!

  3. Jason Cummings has played 14 games and scored ONE goal for Forest.

    The Championship is proving too difficult for him.

    Murty is focussing on loanees who don’t score for their parent clubs.

  4. I hear from The City that The Carillion will continue to build HS2 at the same cost to HM Govt and with all H&E awards intact, but with greatly inferior operatives in the field, which may delay many millions of journeys and limit friend-making opportunities nationally, globally and intergalaticcally.

      1. Jayz, someone else has noticed!

        Good on ya, man!

        You’re well named tae, as the PLC must be carrying our 2 decades’ worth of CL multimillions around in an onion bag 🙁

    1. Rule E5 of the SPFL counts owners and operators as the “club” in terms of an insolvency event. RIFC are 100% owners so they would count.

      The key point about TRFC is that AFAIK the SFA registration would stay with them (TRFC) as would all player contracts, assets such as the stadium etc so unless TRFC was liquidated – if it couldn’t be sold to anyone – then you won’t get into the same game as Rangers plc did in 2012.

    2. RIFC PLC is Placed into Administration then the Administrators have control of fully owned subsidiary TRFC Ltd (The Club, which is an incorporated single legal entity).

      TRFC Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland ltd) can be sold as a single entity, but it is in massive debt to RIFC PLC.

  5. Thanks Phil Our newspapers and radio stations and tv stations are an absolute disgrace.How can they collectively suck up to the demographic hun loving criminals and not do their journalstic duty and investigate the smell eminating from ibrokes.The financial bullshit keeps on coming.They will die and unfortunately come back again but the fact that the media chooses not to grill those involved proves that that the collusion is deep rooted and as such recalcitrant.Sevco will continue.Mý only hope is they struggle on mid division and we kick on.The hoops are the hoops always.

  6. What grounds were there for an appeal to be granted? I thought they had it as tight as a badgers behind…..On a different note, I see the Daily Tripe is talking of a remembrance garden being made in an old car park at Ibrox, an artists impression of how it may look was fed to the masses, pictures of the fallen and their hero’s , but I wonder if the will have any images of Jock Stein in amongst their tributes..? Now might be a good time for the American organisers of the tournament the gers were participating in to kick them out of their bluenoses for the shame they brought on an event that was conceived to help promote tolerance and peace amongst all..

    1. An appeal hasn’t been granted – they haven’t even begun to argue their case for an appeal.

      All that’s been agreed is the date on which the hearing will take place to decide whether to grant leave of appeal -28th Feb.

      Before then, King’s reps will have to provide grounds for appeal and supporting legal argument, case law etc.

    2. CS, They need to submit the grounds for appeal to the CoS by 7th Feb with all supporting docs by 15th Feb – see my comment on the previous post. At either point King and his counsel may be told to go forth and multiple if their arguments are BS – as in the original hearing. But appeals are sometimes accepted to clear up even very small technical points as precedent for future cases. This is made more likely given that this is the first time such a case has got this far in the courts. If Mlud is wearing blue tinted spectalces, he/she may take a lenient view of a BS appeal in oder to buy a brother some time – for all the good that will do RIFC plc and Rangers

      Today, I’ll most be singing “They shoot horses don’t they?” by Racing Cars

    1. No it’s not. It’s not one little bit surprising. Not where the SFA and either Rangers or their bastard offspring are concerned.

  7. Here we go with the latest transfer round, the Newco way.
    Young Docherty at Hamilton has been identified as the man.
    A £600k fee appeared in the media a couple of days ago from an unknown source.
    Today some Bears are rumbling that because it’s Newco who are interested the Accies are pushing up the asking fee.
    When,and if, a figure is agreed then it’s on to payment terms.
    Will Accies be subjected to the same runaround apropos Allan, MOH, Walker, Murphy, McInnes?
    If so then it’s only a matter of time before the player’s attributes change from a box to box midfielder , just the type of player we need, to someone who isn’t any better than what we already have and won’t br held to ransom on the price, or terms.

    1. Have I missed something? Has the club/company/thingy operating out of Ibrox changed its name again to LOAN RANGERS?
      Goss, Murphy, Martin, Cummings et al.
      Yep Ralston was bang on, the club is rolling in money.
      Getting someone out of the door to bring in cash must be the number 1 priority to help meet January payroll.

  8. Even fellow journos are taking the piss out of Ralston, privately of course, following his historic article of the other day.
    They reckon he’s crossed the line and the article may come back to haunt him when it goes tits up at Ibrox.
    Ralston was quick to hit back at the jesters by pointing out that his mate Jacko’s career never bombed when he lied through his teeth as he introduced the Motherwell billionaire with wealth off the radar to the Oldco fans.
    Personally I was of the belief that being a billionaire automatically entitled people to think that indeed your wealth was off the radar.
    Of course around that period there was a severe outbreak of the duped disease doing the rounds which even Knights Of The Realm were not immune from.

  9. more like the BUN fight at the O K corral. the only thing is they have run out of scooshy cream, oh that reminds me? i need to put the jelly in the fridge to set. Its nearly that time again,LOL.

  10. Journalists that have lost their lives in the persuit of the truth will be spinning in their graves at what passes for that profession at the daily record , shame on them

  11. When oh when is the balloon going to pop… It’s running like a slow motion train wreck, mind you , I’m sure there’s a lot more laughs to come going by their past record….PS On Gary Ralston’s article, Brian Rix couldn’t have done a better job…..

    1. I think everything probably depends on the transfer window. If The Rangers can’t bring in any transfer fees for their dud players and get them off the wage bill, the only hope they have left is King riding to the rescue with his £millions.

  12. Don’t know about the “gun fight at the OK coral” comparison Phil.
    Apparently it lasted 30 seconds.
    Meanwhile the Hun-fight at the no pay coral has been a blank firing massacre since it’s inception in the year of our Lord 2012 !

  13. Superb work again Phil.
    It still amazes me as to why you and one or two others have to do what you do.
    Newspapers are being allowed to die on their arse thanks to some of their very own employees.
    Ralston and co are an utter disgrace to journalism.
    Your last few pieces really is cat amongst the pidgeons stuff.
    Your getting to them Phil and thousands of us know it.
    Anyway as i notice the days getting that little bit longer i can’t help but think the opposite is happening over Govan way.

    Tic Toc from the Doc.

  14. Hi Phil
    Even if they oust the GASL as chairman he’ll still have his shares so the cold shoulder should have implications for sevco.
    Club 1872 also have a substantial shareholding as does the Hong Kong kid so could they and the three bears also be construed as colluding as they’re all linked to the GASL

  15. Phil – when I have nothing, I cannot give you anything, but a small remuneration has been sent by way of thanks for the copious hours of entertainment that you have provided! Scottish Ballet, or Phil Mac… a bit of a no brainer, methinks! ????

    1. It will be put through as a business expense on their tax returns.
      I take it DCK is still paying for that Level of service?

  16. Is their financial status still at “dromedary” level, or are they now seriously the “full camel”? Either way, they are bumped!! Couldn’t happen to a less classy outfit!!

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