Sevco’s Irish problem

Firstly, let me start with a direct apology to the decent folk who work at the press office at “Rangers”.

I learned today that my email of 11th Inst (which you did not acknowledge) caused you all some angst.

Look, I know you’re just there for the paycheque, but just to let you know that this isn’t personal, it is strictly business.

So see dear reader, I sent the following email to the Sevco press office at 16.00hrs on Thursday, January 11th, 2018.


I am a journalist (NUJ Press Card image attached).

I am currently researching a story regarding your organisation.

Here are my questions:

[I published those on here yesterday. ]


The email ended with:

I would appreciate a response from you by close of business tomorrow (12/01/2018), i.e. 17.00 hrs.


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin


Attached to the email was this image by way of identification.

Today I learned from an impeccably placed source what happened once the email was opened and read.

Apparently, there were several folks in the Sevco communications operation, they discussed it amongst each other.

No one wanted the thankless task of presenting it to the appropriate Level for consideration.

Finally, one of them did the needful and there was a quaking sound in a PR galaxy far far away.

The tremors were even felt south of the Limpopo.

The PR guru was ordered by the Impecunious Kid to “Deal with it!”

I’m told that the first port of call for the Ample Advisor was the chap who was once his suntanned subordinate at the Daily Radar.

However, the award-winning chap eschewed the opportunity to take your humble correspondent to ask on this one.

Indeed, his response was that my questions were relevant and a lot of people were privately asking them.

The PR guru was not defeated by this setback and his second choice was willing to serve the basket of assets, if not the Public Interest.

My social media timeline was full of chortling yesterday about this chap’s…err…journalism on the current rosy state of financial unfair play at Sevco.

It was this that prompted me to publish my questions here yesterday before the deadline I had set in my email.

As always my priority is you the reader.

I’m told that my communication to the Ibrox press office also led to a rather tetchy exchange between the Serious Professional and a chap at Bibby Financial services.

It was a case of accusation and counteraccusation about who was the source of my information apropos my rock solid story about invoice financing and Sevco.

Overall, it generally wasn’t a very good day at the office for Mr David Cunningham King.

He had thought that the might be able to kick the Court of Session problem down the road until the summer.

Instead, he got four weeks.

A hat tip to John Clark of the Scottish Football Monitor for being in court and providing an account of the proceedings.

To say that the Take Over Panel chaps are gunning for King would be like saying that the event at the OK Corral on Wednesday, October 26, 1881, was merely minor disagreement among church-going ladies of Tombstone over place settings for lunch.

Chairman King is also in the sights of a major faction on the RIFC board led by Alistair Johnston.

Quite simply, they want the current chairman gone before the cold shoulder sanction is imposed on him.

The danger of a contagion into RIFC and then to Sevco cannot be underestimated.

Despite this, the South African based convicted criminal has resisted all requests to Do Walking Away.

If you prefer your schadenfreude to be Ibrox flavoured then you should be hoping that King stays the course.

Meanwhile, I do hope the Sevco chaps have a pleasant flight back over the Pond to dear old Blighty.

After all, they paid for the seats themselves…

Something to do with a travel agent and unpaid invoices.

Instead of gushing about chocolate cake in Florida there is a real story about the financing of the Sevco winter camp in the Sunshine State.

For the avoidance of doubt, don’t expect to read it in the Daily Radar.