Questions submitted to the Ibrox press office on January 11th 2018


Yesterday afternoon I submitted the following questions to the press office at Ibrox.


Can you confirm or deny that late last year a representative your club or a representative of your parent company Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) contacted several companies to access “invoice financing”?

Can you confirm or deny that one of these financial institutions was Bibby Financial Services?

Can you confirm or deny that the invoice financing that was being requested was regarding the potential add-ons for the sale of Joseph Garner and Martyn Waghorn?

Can you confirm or deny that this attempt to secure invoice financing from these companies was refused by all of them?

Can you confirm or deny that a decision was taken within your club and/or your parent company RIFC to seek quotes from licenced insolvency practitioners?

Can you confirm or deny that the quotes sought was for the role of administrator for RIFC and/or The Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited)?

Can you confirm or deny that the following companies were contacted (either formally or informally) and asked to provide said quotes:

Begbies Traynor, Johnstone Carmichael, MLM Solutions and 180 Solutions?

Can you confirm or deny that your club and/or parent company RIFC have agreed on a fee with a licenced insolvency practitioner for the services of an administrator?

Can you confirm or deny that the agreed fee for such services should not exceed £500k?

Can you confirm or deny that a planned insolvency event has been discussed by several directors of RIFC?

Can you confirm or deny that a representative of your club recently stated to Brighton and Hove Albion that your club did not have any money to pay for Jamie Murphy?

Can you confirm or deny that the initial offer to Murphy’s club was zero pound up front with the first tranche of £500k being paid in May 2018 when the season ticket money was in place?

Can you explain why your club has been unable to access an overdraft facility from a bank or a financial institution?

If I receive a response to any of these questions then I will publish it here.

97 thoughts on “Questions submitted to the Ibrox press office on January 11th 2018”

  1. Florida Cup

    ” Where Teams Become Nations”

    Have you seen what our nation has become today.

    If only we knew someone in the press who could enlighten them on the racist chant they are promoting and their officials are fist pumping along to.

  2. I have a new job, I am extremely nervous. I start today.
    I have just got the job of Daily Record Sports Journalist. Here goes…………….

    Dave King declares funds to challenge Celtic are in place.
    Rangers set to accept bid of £15m for goal machine Herrera from Man City.
    Real Madrid make bid of £25m for unnamed Rangers wonderkid.
    Dave King finds the mole in the blue room.

    I am on a 3 month probation period, I hope my work will get me kept on.


  3. Also….
    Can you confirm or deny…that the future financial state of the Club is, in the main, based on European Tournament qualification ?

    (Personally…I think this is financial suicide and can’t believe its a Policy.)

  4. I see the building warrant has been granted for work on the roofs.
    No word on when the work will begin and end or if parts of the stadium will have to be closed whilst the work is carried out.
    Is the cost included in the auditors £7m forecast cash shortfall over this season and next, if not where is the money coming from to meet the cost?

  5. Newco set to splash £600k on young Docherty from Hamilton if they meet the Accies asking price.
    They may well meet the transfer fee but will Accies be subjected to the same treatment as Hearts and Brighton with regards to the payment terms?
    Despite Ralston’s assertions that £1m had been placed in an account to cover the McInnes deal why would this money not have been used to pay most of the Murphy fee upfront rather than defer the downpayment till May?
    It’s telling that there is no further mention of MacLean moving to Ibrox from Aberdeen in the window.
    Perhaps after the McInnes farce Milne might grow a pair and make public the terms offered by the cash rich Ibrox club to cause maximum embarrassment.
    The prospect of hundreds of thousands of pounds going out the door a couple of weeks before January payroll falls due seems improbable unless a player/players are sold before the window closes.
    Even then the buying club, most likely English, will be well aware that the selling club is in no position to play hardball and will drop any offer the closer it gets to the window closing.
    Perhaps they could try making an offer with the first downpayment in May and see how that goes down?

  6. Gary Ralston and Ally McCoist should have all their ducks in a row when the inevitable insolvency occurs.

    They will be proven as deceitful and deceivers at that very moment.

    Their defence? “A member of the board told me finances were fine”.

    Neither of them is an accountant or has access to Sevco detailed financial data.

  7. For the avoidance or doubt, the answer to every question is: Aye, and in case you need translation
    AFRIKAANS South Africa ja
    ALBANIAN Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia po
    ALSATIAN France (Alsace) ja
    ANTILLEAN CREOLE France (French Antilles) wè
    ARABIC Maghreb, Near East نعم (naam)
    ARMENIAN Armenia, Armenian Highlands ayo
    AZERBAIJANI Azerbaijan, Russia (Dagestan), Iran beli
    BAMBARA Mali awo
    BASQUE Spain, France bai
    BELARUSIAN Belarus Так (tak)
    BENGALI Bangladesh, India ha
    BERBER Algeria, Mali, Niger wah
    BOBO Burkina Faso, Mali hoon
    BOSNIAN Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo da
    BRETON France (Bretagne) ya
    BULGARIAN Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania Да (da)
    BURMESE Myanmar hoke te / hman te
    CATALAN Spain (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencia), Andorra sí
    CHEROKEE USA (Oklahoma) v
    CHINESE (MANDARIN) China, Taiwan, Singapore 是 (shi) / 对 (dui)
    CORSICAN France (Corse), Italy (Sardiania) iè / sì
    CROATIAN Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina da
    CZECH Czech Republic ano
    DANISH Denmark, Germany (Southern Schleswig), Greenland, Faroe Islands ja
    DUTCH Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname ja
    ENGLISH UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa yes
    ESPERANTO [constructed language] jes
    ESTONIAN Estonia jah
    EWE Ghana, Togo é
    FAROESE Faroe Islands, Denmark ja
    FIJIAN Fiji io
    FINNISH Finland, Sweden kyllä
    FRENCH France, Canada (Quebec), Belgium (Wallonia), Switzerland (Romandie), Monaco, Luxembourg oui
    FRISIAN Netherlands, Germany ja
    FRIULAN Italy (Friuli) se
    GALICIAN Spain (Galicia) si
    GALLO France (Brittany, Normandy) yan / vais / vaer
    GEORGIAN Georgia ki / diakh
    GERMAN Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy (South Tyrol), Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg ja
    GREEK Greece, Cyprus ne
    HAWAIIAN USA (Hawaii) ‘ae
    HEBREW Israel ken
    HINDI India हाँ (haan)
    HUNGARIAN Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia igen
    ICELANDIC Iceland já
    INDONESIAN Indonesia ya
    IRISH GAELIC Ireland [ repetition of the verb ]
    ITALIAN Italy, San Marino, Switzerland sì
    JAPANESE Japan hai / éé
    KABYLE Algeria (Kabylie) eh
    KHMER Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam cha (female) / baht (male)
    KIKONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Angola ein
    KINYARWANDA Rwanda yego
    KOREAN Korea, North Korea ney (old form) / yea (current form)
    KURDISH Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran ere / bele
    LAO Laos, Thailand doy (very formal) / tiao (formal) / euh (coll.)
    men leo (that’s it) / dai (it’s possible)
    LARI Republic of the Congo ee
    LATIN Roman Kingdom – extinct sic / (repetition of the verb)
    LATVIAN Latvia jā
    LIGURIAN Italy (Liguria) sci
    LINGALA Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Angola, Central African Republic èh
    LITHUANIAN Lithuania taip
    LOW SAXON Germany (Northern Germany), Netherlands ja
    LUXEMBOURGISH Luxembourg jo
    MACEDONIAN Macedonia да (da)
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    MALTESE Malta iva
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    NORMAN (JÈRRIAIS) Channel Islands (Jersey) vethe
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    OLD NORSE Scandinavia – extinct já
    OSSETIAN Russia (North Ossetia-Alania), Georgia (South Ossetia) о
    PAPIAMENTO Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao si
    PERSIAN (FARSI) Iran bale (polite) / âre (slang)
    POLISH Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia tak
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    ROMANI Romania, Europe ova
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    SARDINIAN Italy (Sardinia) eja / giai / si
    SCOTTISH GAELIC UK (Scotland) aye / [ repetition of the verb ]
    SERBIAN Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro da
    SHIMAORE France (Mayotte) éwa
    SHONA Zimbabwe ehe
    SINDHI Pakistan (Sindh) ha
    SINHALESE Sri Lanka ovu
    SLOVAK Slovakia ano
    SLOVENE Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia da
    SOBOTA Slovenia da
    SONINKE Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Ghana yo
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    SWAHILI Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Uganda ndiyo
    SWEDISH Sweden, Finland ja
    TAGALOG Philippines opo / oo
    TAHITIAN France (Society Islands) e
    TAMIL India, Sri Lanka ஒம் (om) ou ஆம் (aam)
    TATAR Russia (Tatarstan) aye
    TELUGU India (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana) avunu
    THAI Thailand ใช่ (chaï) / ค่ะ (kha) – woman speaking / ครับ (khrap) – man speaking
    TURKISH Turkey, Cyprus, Greece evet
    UDMURT Russia (Udmurtia) ben / o-o / y-y (colloquial)
    UKRAINIAN Ukraine Так (tak)
    URDU Pakistan, India han-ji
    WALLOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) Belgium oyi
    WELSH UK (Wales) ydw
    [ repetition of the verb ]
    WOLOF Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania waaw
    YIDDISH Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Israel, North America yoh
    YORUBA Nigeria, Benin beeni
    ZULU South Africa yebo

    1. I’d go for ‘Betchfessis’ if it wasn’t for the double entendre so I’ll stick with the Welsh and say ‘Ydw’.

      Or, in Keith Jackson’s case, ‘Oui, oui’, him being a pissant an all.

  8. Your rumbled Phil. You’ve got a baby listner plugged into a socket in the blue room that is completely hidden and no one else even knows exists. The receiver is in the basement behind a bag of coal and is right next to a voice activated transmitter which sends every word to your study in Donegal. It’s the simplicity that makes it work. Ach don’t worry about me blowing your cover. The bears will have to learn to walk on their back learn to read!

    1. I only thought it was safe to blow your cover cos if you’re holding your breath waiting for a reply you’ve either already asphyxiated or you will soon. We’ll miss you………. And the baby listner.

    2. He has one better than that, the one constant in it all, the one person who has been there through it all, every other fucker has been shown the door…Jim Traynor the guy who wins in every direction, fixing and fighting it, he makes money.Love it,,

      1. Yeah, I’ve just written the same thing on the other thread.

        He’s like the Jesuits, or the Rothschilds, wherever there’s trouble …

  9. Who is this Ralston person?

    Why the surprise at the DR editorial position? No football fans other than sevco’s read it!

    If they go editorially neutral, the DR will lose an ADDITIONAL 10% of their readership year-on-year and will go out of business in 2020 rather than the currently projected 2023.

  10. Excellent post Phil. All questions rhetorical because we know the answers. Why are the sevcoites not asking the same questions. Because they also know the answers, just can’t face up to the reality. Baited breath re their response ??

  11. I see that fat salary has been bumping his gums about the Admin rumours .
    It is all Celtic fans mischief making
    all is well
    Then when asked if DK will come up with the money he has promised ,Sally replies ,
    Your right Sally ,everything is tickety boo ,when EVEN YOU are not convinced that the only guy who told the auditors that he would put up the cash to see the season out ,might not have it


  12. I wonder if some of the same styled questions put to messers Stewart and Doncaster regarding “cold shouldering” of the Sevco Passenger Service Vehicle and how that affects the rest of the clubs in the SPFL, the SFA and the SPFL itself. Because surely they must be doing a bit of planning for when there’s”blood on the streets”….

  13. As always, thanks and respect to John Clarke for his account of the CoS hearing today on King/TOP

    At the very least, King’s lawyers have bought him some significant time – allowing for a few brotherly weeks to publish findings, we could be looking at well into April or even May before any contempt of court proceeding or cold shoulder process could be started – assuming the grounds for appeal are accepted – and hence are rather better than the original defence arguments. Such a delay may prove pivotal to how the Rangers debacle unfolds – as unfold it will – but this is brisker than a Formula One pit stop to M’luds’ sense of time.

    “… grounds of appeal and notes of argument were to be submitted (7th Feb)…”

    “… (15th Feb) by which the note of authorities and case law was to be submitted, along with the appendix of documentation …”

    Hearing set for 28th Feb and 1st Mar.

    btw – Who is paying for Penniless King’s lawyers?

    1. Quite the double initiative from KingCo, eh, Clumps, burning bundles of £20 quid notes as heating AND colonising a gas giant that lives in a vacuum!

      Quite the feat, I’d say!

      And the fact that we also live ‘in a vacuum’ is neither here nor there, for
      soon The Big Red Spot will be a Big Red Hand, the Gers (?) will buy Mbappe in an ‘Mbappe type deal’ to power them into a Scottish Cup Final and all the while Chairman Dave and his merry band of concerted men deftly sidestep the Supreme Court ruling!

      ‘Very, very’ clever indeed!

      Do you think there are orphanages and pensioners on Jupiter, so Dave can further exploit his skills and mastery, and maybe even win the league ..?

      Imagine The Rabid’s gleeful headlines,

      ‘Perpetual Motion Threatens 10 In A Row!’

      Could be a nightmare for us …


        1. They’re going mad thinking about it, these ideas of a ‘regained majesty’ they never had and never will have them champing at the bit reading this, nothing’s surer.

          Gurning goons turn paid balloons, buffoons could not be dafter.

  14. Phil a master stroke !
    Demonstrating the strengths of your information and sources by laying it on the table for all to see.
    …And to answer or challenge it if they have a basis upon which to do so…..
    Ah the sound of their silence has never been so sweet….

  15. I dont know how to put links up, I wish I did. Your questioning reminds me of that great work of late victorian art of 1879 by William Frederick Yeams entitled And when did you last see your father.
    Obviously we need to recast the characters and update the language somewhat. You Phil will be a stern upstandinly staunch brouge wearing hypocrite interrogating a totaly innocent curly blonde haired innocent nothing like anything down Govan way.
    You lean over your staunch oft punched pulpit enquiring.. .” And when did ye last see yer faither… wee kent him…. do not lie to me ya wee bampot yeeee”….
    Any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely intentional.

    Next week on (F)arts Club I’ll be casting a weary eye ovef modern pieces created entirely from dung.

  16. hey phil, i think you have done similar types of questions before to the old and new entity working out of ibrox. have you ever had any answers ? its maybe a waste of time because the y do not like your honest and accurate reporting..

    1. It’s a win win for him though

      Make public of the questions asked to Rangers – don’t get a response it alludes to the obvious answers.
      If they answer and lie he could then show alternative evidence to the contrary
      If they answer and don’t lie it could return to point one lol

      ? The way I read this post is that the most obvious answers are true lol

  17. Ralston and Fat Sally being pushed forward to deny the undeniable – in order to soothe the neanderthal brow of the serially giullible. Let’s hear the same bold confidence from someone – anyone – with fiduciary resposibilities at RIFC plc or TRFC Ltd. Exactly! Silence! If a picture paints a thousand words, then utter silence from TRFC and RIFC directors under these circumstances speaks a million words – and all those words are “insolvent”.

    1. One might think that no one on the board or in an executive position has stepped up to refute the admin rumours because if they prove to be true then they will be leaving themselves open to legal action from any creditors that are stiffed in the event of administration.

  18. Well,

    No-one will be able to say that the questions were not asked.

    No-one will be able to say that the board did not have an opportunity to come clean with the fans.

    No-one will be able to say The Downfall Man did not put his money where his mouth is.

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing with The Marble Stairs Choir; “I’ve go you under my skin!” by Frank Sinister Sinatra

    1. At the end of business on a Ftiday – well fancy that – the fumes of that rumour and tales of glorious food in the U S of A will sustain the smaller-brained bears over another weekend.

    2. Where and when ?. He has no grounds for appeal. He exhausted the appeals process with the takeover panel. The court of Sessions was tasked with enforcing the TOP ruling and to issue an instruction compelling King to comply with TOP. There is no further appeals process. It’s pure spin for the zombies, draw it out. King is waiting to see what the Board does.
      If he provides funds to the Board as per his pledge to the auditors to satisfy this years accounts, he is in contempt of court as he pleased poverty when compelled to make an offer for the other shares outwith the concert party’s holdings.. If he does not make an offer for the shares by 21/01/2018 he is in contempt of court and the “Cauld Shooder” comes in to play and it will affect the Board/The Concert Party bears and ranjurs, company, holding vehicle, entity or thingummybob. That’s what the Board are scared off. If the Cauld Shooder comes into effect no listed company can trade or associate with them. That means no cash comes in and it’s 4 months to Seasson Book time. SPL teams that are listed on Stock Exchange will not be able to play against them. Even the SFA as a listed company can’t have any dealings with them other than to order them, under penalty of Suspension, to comply withe the ruling. If the do not they are themselves in comtempt of the ruling and will suffer the Cauld Shooder themselves. No away team ticket dosh. Empty home game stadium, no catering receipts .no dosh. In that scenario it’s pass admin and straight to Liquidatiom as they do not have sufficient cash to pay running costs or trade creditors unless they sell off some assets.

      1. SFA will claim it is RIFC plc and not SFA member TRFC Ltd that is under the cold shoulder – yes I know. But it will be; “King is not a director of TRFC Ltd which is the company that operates SFA member Rangers FC” – bluster, fluster, seek counsels’ advice, “appeal” and fluster some more to see Rangers to the end of the season. Hands washed, personal safety secured, salary protected, job done by the sleekitest regulators on planet earth.

  19. Great stuff Phil, those questions may remain unanswered until event lay bare their validity, but what i find unfathomable is knowing the short history of this lot including their recent published accounts that none of the jurnos not a single one approched this basket of assets for a on the radar quote, instead they offer nothing but vacuous deferential opinion pieces in an effort to dismiss any semblence of any board room / financial rigor mortis, if only their stock was listed, i would be selling credit default swaps by the barrow full.

  20. we all know that none of these detailed questions will be answered, but the sheer fact that it specifically named the Insolvency Practioneers involved by name will send shockwaves through the Blue Room. which is the whole point of this post!!!!

  21. According to Gary Ralston, Phil all you and James Forrest have written recently is BS.

    Everyone should have a wee read at that today and keep a hold of that for when the bus crashes.

    What a cheerleading, C&P con merchant. Conning everyone the sevco fans included. Either that or he is shoite at his job and thick as f**k. Either way he is a C U Next Tuesday.

    1. I think it’s very unfair to refer to Gary as a con merchant.

      After all, to mislead someone, you must first have some rudimentary idea of what the truth is.

      Sadly, Gary doesn’t have a scooby. Not even, indeed, a shaggy or a scrappy-doo.

      The truth, unfortunately – to some practitioners of the journalistic art – is like a rather distant acquaintance you kinda knew once at school, but haven’t kept in touch with for years, so that now you’d barely even recognise him if he kicked you up the arse.

      We are fortunate still to have some folk at the coal face who approach things differently.

  22. SFM on Twitter are reporting king has been given leave to appeal the takeover panel ruling…. I would love to know on what point of law he has been given leave to appeal the decision.

    1. Is the SFM tweet accurate? No other news outlet (mainstream or otherwise) is running with it and there is nothing on the CoS site.

    2. Well, from what I’ve read of Lord Bannatyne’s ruling, the main thrust behind his lending legal force to the TAB’s decision was the public interest argument – i.e. it is in the public interest that the takeover panel’s rulings be adhered to, and that shareholders be protected thereby from the actions of glib and shameless concert parties.

      It seems to me that it would take some amount of self-entitlement to take issue with this argument. But of course when it comes to Sevco, entitlement – especially deluded entitlement – is available by the barrowload.

      I would predict something like – The public interested is the interest of the people. And We Are The People.

      That’s probably about the level. xD

    3. No, he’s apparently been given the right to present his appeal to the CoS to see if they agree that there are sufficient grounds or points of law which need to be put before the Supreme Court. Those arguments need to be filed by 7th Feb and supporting papers by 15th Feb with a hearing on Feb 28.

      It could very well end there or even before that if the lawyers can’t find enough things to bother the Supreme Court. Once this is dismissed as it may very well be, that really is it then the TOP will go after King for contempt.

      Basically if the other side agree, then this hearing goes ahead without much argument. The TOP want there to be no grounds for appeal for any further person so are happy for this hearing to take place to cement the CoS ruling as robust case law.

  23. RE: A £500k max limit agreed for Admin event.

    That would roughly be £416k plus VAT I assume?

    Wouldn’t imagine you would get much for £400k these days…do we know how much Rangers current Admin\Liquidators ( always get their money first of course) have made out of that dead horse.

      1. It’s a tax thingy that kosher businesses and individuals pay. Rangers and possibly their bastard offspring don’t have any truck with it.

    1. Don’t be silly, it will be 500 + vat. All vat registered businesses simply offset this vat against vat they charge on tickets or whatever or claim it back.

      In accountant time I agree £500K isn’t a lot so they must think it’s fairly straightforward. …

  24. Nearly statement o’clock, drawing straws to decide who is gonna face up to the fans when the news gets out…. I know who it won’t be. Safe house at the ready.

  25. They have Ralston’s piece on a thread over on Fester Fester. Off course there is lots of nodding of heads and clapping of hands. These are the same peepil who moan and groan about the media being in Lawell’s pocket and call the Record the Daily Rebel.

      1. Indeed. In fact why would they not issue an instant rebuttal and threaten legal action on the grounds that such malicious rumours could destabilise their business. Ach aye that’s right. They wouldn’t dignify those outrageous claims by responding. Oh dear. The moral high ground often proves to be a very exposed position!!!

      2. In the interests of Transparency, of course, Taz.
        Remember that thing Dave King spoke of as part of his underfunded off licence putsch and which Stewart Regan made so much of when sticking his brogues amonsgt the rogues of the SFA?

        Odd tthat two of the most corrupt guys in football have shoved said ‘Transparency’ under the bus, and a veil of lies, in the interim, after making such a meal of it at their intros, eh?
        It’s almost as if they’ve been taught to speak in reverse!

  26. Excellent questions Phil, but I think, to be honest, that there is more chance of the Americans landing on the Sun( not the paper, that would be like in pure merde) than you getting a reply from Blue room. Then again you know that don’t you? Lol
    Read that piece by Ralston. He’s no journalist that’s for sure. If I put my name to that “ Bag O’ Shite” I would have to go about with said bag over my head.
    We are fortunate to have your like keeping us informed.
    Scottish media Not Fit For Purpose.
    Thank You

  27. Just as the movie ‘The Post’ arrives in this country, which celebrates journalism at its finest, we have yet more examples of the craven cowardliness that passes for journalism in this pathetic little country.

  28. Maybe you could enlist the help of “Gallant Pioneer ” Gary Ralston and get him or Scott McDermott or Graham Spiers or Tom English tos ask the same questions ?
    Professional Solidarity in search of the Truth and all that !
    However, don’t hold your breath on this .
    Nice to see the CoS TOP/KIng appeal is being taken to the wire – can kicked down road a bit will delay their “Share Offering ” and prolong the uncertainty factor !

  29. You got your reply today Phil in the Record from Ralston and Fat Salary….jesus wept I would take notice of the gardener but Ralston,christ it’s like a piece a Nth Korean “journalist” would type up.?

      1. Jayz, Nidge, you read North Korean?!

        Could you send us some examples?

        I’ll forward them on to Gallstones et al so they can see where they’re going wrong 🙂

  30. Phil; love when you poke at the bear with a stick (pun intended) to get a reaction. This will make them apoplectic today as they sit around trying to figure out how you got this information and who the rat is amongst them. Brilliant start to the weekend!

  31. Me likes the

    “Can you confirm or deny” open questions

    It is just a pity that peepul who go to the stadium that John brown played for don’t recognize the mess that WATP club is in !

    1. Well it’s not like it’s happened before or anything,is it?

      They sit and ‘fiddle while watching Rome burn.’ Noo I know that it was Nero that did that,but they have been well warned and as far as I know(not too much) they haven’t done anything of significance to stop the rot.Hell mend them.
      Maybe club 1872 have? Unsure.Obviously not enough.

      Then again,when you have a cheating,manipulative ‘governing body’ that always helps in their hour of need,I would imagine that they are thinking …
      ‘it’s okay Neil&Stewart will sort this.’

      Thanks for the update Phil.HH?

  32. LOL
    OMG, they will be hopping mad in the Blue Room. No doubt they will again sweep the place for hidden transmitters.
    Nice piece of work, Phil.
    Wonder what “Super Ally” will say now if he reads this blog. Assuming he can read, of course.

  33. It’s clear Phil you already know the answers to these questions. You know Mr Traynor will ignore your request. I wonder where the daily record are getting their information from” no administration concerns at Ibrox^ lol. I guess you are just letting them know that you know exactly what’s going on. If only we had good investigative journalists in Scotland brave enough to earn their crust.

  34. And if you receive a response which is longer than 2 words, the 2nd being “Off”, I’ll eat my hat!
    Well, I finally fell into your trap Phil and read your link to an “award winning piece”.
    Is that a spoof or is that absolute nonsense actually in a newspaper? Just incredible!
    No wonder that rag always reminds me of the old joke………
    A guy goes into the newsagents….. Newsagent says “Hello, how are you, what can I get you today”?
    Guy…..”Just a few mags….ehh, Naked Sluts of Govan, Ibrox Trollopes Spread Wide, Busty Broomloan Babes, and Helen Street Helen and Her Donkey”.
    “There you go, anything else”?
    “Erm, aye the Daily Record”.
    “There you are, do you want a bag”?
    “No you’re ok, just make sure the Record’s wrapped INSIDE the magazines”.
    I’ll get my coat!

  35. Never got your mention of intergallactic trainspotting until now as never heard of the firm . Not bad not bad at all young Phil .

    1. Please illuminate for the uninitiated. It’s beeen a long week reading Phill and James Forrest et al and my brain is begining to rebel.

      1. Jimboh, Phil reported that Sevco had approached four insolvency practitioners and that one was reminiscent of “intergalactic trainspotting”. This referred to a firm called Begbies Traynor. No denial as yet from Furious Statement FC.

  36. Phil

    Financial guru and city whizz kid Fat Salary, whose only association with Rangers in the last few years has been mowing the lawn, is ‘on Record’ today, saying all is well, nothing to see here and that it’s all just Timmy troublemaking. Davey boy and the other brogue wearers wouldn’t lie to Ally now, would they? The same award-winning newspaper (that confidently told everyone that all was well back in 2012) is also running an award-winning piece outlining why administration will never happen. If people of that stature, armed with that much insight and inside knowledge (and with press releases to prove it, no less) are being quintessentially British, stiff upper lip and Keep Calm and Carry On about all of this then I don’t think you should be bothering them with your Timmy Fenian interference. Just because you have been right on just about everything to date. And the6 may have told the odd porky or ten in the past.

  37. you’re a hoor ! – a tree of thorns in the flesh of the wicked.

    (Maj. John MacBride CSC jersey available in Cu Chulainns bar next time you’re in Cathair na Mart.)

  38. Just read Gary Ralstons quite astonishing pro Newco, pro King article this morning.
    Makes you wonder who pays his wages, Level 5 or the Daily Ranger?
    It’s a shocking attempt to inform the gullibles that all is well.
    The article is full of lies and half truths that even the staunchest of the staunch won’t be fooled by.
    Apparently King has appealed against the COS ruling according to Ralston, pushing that problem a few months down the road, his words not mine.
    Have I missed that particular announcement or is Ralston privy to information not in the public domain?
    If it’s a blatant lie who would be surprised given his paper’s previous with the likes of Motherwell billionaire claims.

  39. Your emails may very well go straight into their spam filter, Phil, and hence to the rubbish bin, but what you have laid out is the questions every proper journalist should have been asking of the Ibrox board (not Ally McCoist) this past week, and then published the answers, even if that answer was ‘no comment’ or even ‘F**k Off’!

    Now you’ve shown them how to do their job, who knows? One of them just might try. A fat pink thing just flew past my window.

    1. But he has had an answer,Phils questions would have been forwarded to Jabba who has then written the piece accredited to Ralston in today’s Record .Its like watching a very poor ventriloquists act,where it’s so poor it’s funny.Jabba has a whole shelf full of dummies,BFDJ,Ralston,McDermott,dalzie,Jackson etc etc

    2. erm… because the failure to anwer is an answer in its own right? And it also means they can’t turn round later when asked why their fans etc. were kept in the dark (about the financial state of the club) and say “no-one asked us!”.
      Contrast the secrecy and spin around financial circumstances at RIFC with the openness and honesty with fans that was displayed during HMFC’s financial difficulties.

  40. You have a better chance of seeing rangers playing in Europe..Good luck with it Phil, you will probably get a a letter saying, ” Paddy, Know Your Place” Signed “We Are The People”.

    Nice to see how professional (er hmm) members of the NUJ are now deliberately misleading the reading public and the publishers of what is regstered as a news paper in Scotland are printing delibirate and misleading information as facts, surely this contavenes rules somewhere?

    1. If the people who run the papers are working for the people who run the peepil, and they are, and they all meet every week in one fine lodge or another to further this agenda, then they can make up their own rules.

      I discovered this through wondering why the National Union of Journalists allows all the British news media to lie every day that Rangers ‘survived’, when all of Scotland and beyond knows that they died.

      Even The Peepil attended the wake so they’re fooling no one, neither with this nor with their ‘Daily Rebel’ lies, they know the journos are on their side, this is a perfect example of what the phrase ‘The Fix is in’ means, same as they knew all the refs were attending their same lodge meetings and parties for, well, EVER, really.

      Then I discovered that the reason why the media can lie with impunity on this is because the media lies every day about everything anyway, what with it being the most powerful propaganda and control weapon that our Zionist rulers have over us and which they wield with a power and might that will shock you once they’ve blown the cobwebs off with the extent of their control.

      What difference does a deid Scottish fitba club make to their mendacity?

      It’s just another fly on their three century long dung heap.

      The pretence is over, they can do what they like, so don’t be surprised to see Dave King walk, with his lordship throwing rose petals before him, as I predicted months ago.

      Great work with the questions though, Phil.

      You have them on the run now alright.

  41. very disappointed that Duff & Duffer aren’t on that list, as they did have to balls to try and actually sign a player as one of their first acts as Administrators back in 2012….

  42. I would expect any e mail message from yourself to the Edmiston Drive Circus would go straight into their spam folder. Dont hold yer breath for an answer. And would anything coming outta there be truthful anyway.

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