Jamie Murphy and Sevco’s reputation in England

After the Jamie Murphy shambles, I reckon that you would need to be a diagnosed Stable Genius to think that Sevco is not in financial trouble.

I was told this morning of the main reason for the chairman’s anger at your humble correspondent regarding this embarrassing episode.

Apparently, the plan was hatched south of the Limpopo and it was this:

The “signing“ of the Brighton winger for “one million”  would have been used to give a boost to the sales of half-season tickets.

The acquisition of the player would state to The People that there were no financial problems at the basket of assets.

As ever the local media were happy to play an important part in fooling their dignified demographic.

Unfortunately, the terms offered by Sevco to Brighton and Hove Albion were, to say the least, imaginative.

Nothing down now and £500k in May when the season ticket monies came in.

The explanation proffered to the folk at Brighton for this bizarre offer will travel through the English leagues like a new strain of influenza.

At the time of writing Sevco does not have any money to be signing footballers on permanent deals.

They have stated this in their dealings with Brighton.

It is as simple as that.

Anything else, by way of explanation, in the local media is just high-Level pish.

It is difficult to underestimate the reputational damage that this attempted signing has wrought on the Ibrox club.

Lately, we have had three important pieces of public data on Sevco:

  • Derek McInnes refused their offer of employment.
  • Former Sevco youth player and hot prospect Lewis Morgan turned them down for Celtic.
  • They couldn’t sign Jamie Murphy due to lack of money and had to go for a loan deal instead.

These are known facts.

Then there are the stories broken here recently about Sevco seeking out invoice financing and getting quotes from prospective administrators.

The reality is that cash is king and King has no cash.

Despite all of that The People continue to be soothed by the local media that all is well at Ibrox.

I reckon that Planet Fitba could teach a Grand Master class on fake news.

However, it only really works when you are feeding it to folk who would pass the Stable Genius test.

Sadly, it would appear that there are lots and lots of them at Ibrox at the moment.

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