Jamie Murphy and Sevco’s reputation in England

After the Jamie Murphy shambles, I reckon that you would need to be a diagnosed Stable Genius to think that Sevco is not in financial trouble.

I was told this morning of the main reason for the chairman’s anger at your humble correspondent regarding this embarrassing episode.

Apparently, the plan was hatched south of the Limpopo and it was this:

The “signing“ of the Brighton winger for “one million”  would have been used to give a boost to the sales of half-season tickets.

The acquisition of the player would state to The People that there were no financial problems at the basket of assets.

As ever the local media were happy to play an important part in fooling their dignified demographic.

Unfortunately, the terms offered by Sevco to Brighton and Hove Albion were, to say the least, imaginative.

Nothing down now and £500k in May when the season ticket monies came in.

The explanation proffered to the folk at Brighton for this bizarre offer will travel through the English leagues like a new strain of influenza.

At the time of writing Sevco does not have any money to be signing footballers on permanent deals.

They have stated this in their dealings with Brighton.

It is as simple as that.

Anything else, by way of explanation, in the local media is just high-Level pish.

It is difficult to underestimate the reputational damage that this attempted signing has wrought on the Ibrox club.

Lately, we have had three important pieces of public data on Sevco:

  • Derek McInnes refused their offer of employment.
  • Former Sevco youth player and hot prospect Lewis Morgan turned them down for Celtic.
  • They couldn’t sign Jamie Murphy due to lack of money and had to go for a loan deal instead.

These are known facts.

Then there are the stories broken here recently about Sevco seeking out invoice financing and getting quotes from prospective administrators.

The reality is that cash is king and King has no cash.

Despite all of that The People continue to be soothed by the local media that all is well at Ibrox.

I reckon that Planet Fitba could teach a Grand Master class on fake news.

However, it only really works when you are feeding it to folk who would pass the Stable Genius test.

Sadly, it would appear that there are lots and lots of them at Ibrox at the moment.

74 thoughts on “Jamie Murphy and Sevco’s reputation in England”

  1. The signs of imminent administration are clear. No $800,000 for McIness. No money to sign Murphy. No money for a new manager. I wonder if the Florida hotel bill will be paid. That’s a lot of cash needed. Not enough money to pay January wages will sound the death knell.

  2. Excellent blog Phil. “ Stable genius.” Indeed ! Trump certainly has a way with words. Heh,heh,heh.
    He has more in common with Sevco and the hordes than you would normally think.
    Dotards describes both entities perfectly. Wee Kim Yeung Sun kicks ass.
    I heard that he was the chairman of the NKCSC, honest.

    Hello, Hello, you are the Dotard boys.
    Thank You.

  3. Anyone fancy investing in Sevcoin? A new, virtual currency. Perfect when you have virtually nothing to spend on signings or face painters.

  4. The Media in Scotland are doing no favours to the sevconians as was the case in 2012 .No doubt they will change their narrative when the shit hits the fan.

  5. Yes, yes, Phil Funnyname, we know this and it’s been discussed on every fitba board in Scotland outside the Old Firm (whose premises I never darken). It wisnae you and the Old Firm (Sevco) 2012 Ltd chairman isnae angry with you. You don’t matter and it’s not your story. Stop inventing your own achievements.

    Just let them die and your continual claim that, ha ha, there’s no Old Firm anymore, us Old Firm (Parkheid) Ltd supporters don’t give them a thought any more, might just start to sound less mince.

  6. you would not hear the same level of pish regarding Dean Shiels being abused if it was an ex Celtic player, IE: Neil Lennon.

    I fuckin hate the SMSM and their constant bias. every one of them bar the odd exception of Chris Sutton are cowards and they are a disgrace to their trade.

    There is Sevco feel good pish every single day wither it be in the rags or online, I am absolutely sick of it.

    The biggotdome should have been flattened after Liquidation and the creditors should have got as much as possible from the land sale to a housing company. Every player sold and the club consigned to the grave like Third Lanark.

    When you look back on it all, Whatever you wanna call them, Rangers, Sevco, Dodo, Tesco, They have got away with absolute murder.

  7. Newco set to splash the cash on Cummings with a £1m bid being readied for Notts Forest.
    10 bob downpayment.
    £1k per week over a 4 year contract and the balance payable on CL Group Stage qualification.
    As per Phil’s article the word will he out in England about the state of their finances.
    Hearts showed them the cold shoulder when it came to Walker, I doubt if they will risk further embarrassment by going back to Aberdeen for MacLean.

  8. This bhun cerryon gets better by the day, whatever bad things happen to SEVCO 2012 this year is just mer icing on the big dungheap, just enjoy the ride cos it wint be stoappin anytime soon thank you phil god bless honest journalism.

  9. McInnes didn’t take the job because he lacks ambition
    Lewis Morgan turned the club down because he is not a real Rangers man
    The ruling against King will not affect the club, and in any case he expects to win an appeal
    Jamie Murphy signed on loan because Brighton wanted the entire fee up front which no other club does
    – and it’s a great result because now we can spend the spondulicks on other players
    Heard they’ve got a pretty hot striker at Fleetwood Town
    We’re the most successful club in the world
    We welcome the chase

  10. I’m hearing Guadalajara are still awaiting that £2.2m fee for Pena from Sevco. It never got paid. That’s why he hasn’t been sold but is on Loan.

    Sevco are hoping somebody takes him for the full owed balance. But presently, Sevco are legally on the line for the quantum.

  11. Skybet are offering odds on every team (even celtic) finishing bottom place in the league… Every team apart from one that is… betting is suspended for that particular team . Anyone know why?

    1. I just saw that. I got £10 on at 150/1 a week or so ago. It was 100/1 last night and the bet has gone entirely when I checked just now ?

  12. I’m still waiting for someone to tell us why this loss making business has no credit line or overdraft from a bank. Losses aside, after 5 years of trading, you’d think some sort of credit would be made available. Surely they have something they could use as security of some sort. It’s puzzling.

  13. The big question is what happens if administration then liquidation comes . Is it a case of the company’s company died

    1. Maybe the club can operate without the liquidated company.

      Why the original rangers didnt just do that is beyond me 😀

  14. I heard from a reliable source that Hearts wanted money up front, Budge wouldn’t agree to a “gimme now and we’ll pay later” deal for Walker

    1. Hearts has previous with Oldco when they had to wait for final payments for Wallace after admin then liquidation.
      Newco had to make the payment as part of the deal with the SFA under the football debts rule, its little wonder that they would have demanded payment in full for Walker.
      Once bitten and all that.
      It’s been a recurring theme during the King reign.
      Scott Allan, O’Halloran, McInnes, Walker, Morgan, Murphy all on the never never with unrealistic add ons……..CL Group Stages!
      The Kenny MacLean to Ibrox story has disappeared from the media.
      Perhaps after the McInnes debacle Milne might have been tempted to go public with details of a low ball offer on the never, never for his player.
      Of course many of the gullibles are still on Level 5 message, that Brighton moved the goalposts in the Murphy deal, whit? After they checked Newco’s credit rating?

  15. The problem with this deal is that Brighton and Hove Albion are a Big Club with history. They really have no time to deal with the wee skint diddy clubs.

  16. But, Phil… I have it on good authority that the reason why the Murphy deal turned to a loan is because the money they have offset is going to fund the imminent arrival of Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr. A wee drunk guy told me this, and all this truth cost me was the princely sum of 10p which, I was assured, was to buy a cup of tea! Isn’t it wonderful how cafes and fast food outlets in Glasgow have managed to circumvent the rising costs of hot beverages?!!

    1. I got £10 on Sky Bet at 150/1 the other day, they’re down to 100/1 right now offering £14.20 cash out. Jump on while you still can.

  17. The Ibrox media comedy continues. It seems they are now chasing Deviant Cole who is also of interest to Sheffield United and Millwall. Now, if that is true which of these three clubs would any decent player really want to sign for? This “scoop” was broken by the Birmingham Mail a sister paper of our very own Daily Record. That says it all.

  18. Pena out on loan has four goals from 8 games. So he’s a Misfit.

    Murphy has ten goals from 85 games. Clearly a real Rangers man.

    It’s a reducing the wage bill exercise. And reducing the quality.

    Some sevconians believe it’s a conspiracy to keep them third. Just as they get good, they get hijacked by their own board.

    They’re clearly PARANOID. You’re just skint without tens of millions in bank loans and tax evasion.

  19. Secco will be saved murty has a cunning plan according to the Sunday mail
    Buy talent cheap,develop said talent and sell high with a “sell on clause then that’s a good business model.”
    The man is a genius to think this up.
    If only Celtic had thought of this strategy before Sevco who knows what could have been achieved!

    1. …and all this to be done before the end of the Transfer Window.. in for £100K ( on the Never Never or Provvy Cheque. )… Medical..pass to revolving door …out for £10M.. kerching,,,next mug please. Problem solved. Who needs CL money?

    2. They have been talking about the Southampton model over at Ibrox for 1o years.
      Of course a club much nearer home has followed this same model very sucessfully over a number of years.
      You can bet that Murty was handed a script by The Fat Controller including the reference to Southampton in case Murty went off message and said Celtic model.
      Any time now the Newco £4m bid will be being prepared for John McGinn, and as the payment terms are a bit stretched Hibs, and Lennon in particular, will be labeled as haters as they boot the offer into touch.
      If any other deals are on the agenda they better get a move on before Metro Bank pull the plug.
      Given the board is comprised of forward thinking professionals they will surely have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimise the impact of the cold shoulder and allow trading to continue as normal, cash most definitely being King.
      I have a vision of a taxi hurtling towards Nottingham with £1m of cash on board to bring Cummings back up the road with the media claiming that was done at NF’s insistence and in no way constitutes an Ibrox crisis.
      And the band played believe it if you like.
      The MSSM must be pissing themselves laughing as they recycle the Level 5 pap to the gullibles.
      Ever since Jacko got the ball rolling with his M’well billionaire with wealth off the radar crap, it’s been one thing after the other.
      The media forget that it’s not only the gullibles who access their shit but many of a sound mind who require a laugh and get a lift reading and listening to their crap.
      It’s media for morons.
      Despite the evidence of financial stress reflected in the McInnes and Murphy deals not one of the media has the balls to stand up and tell it like it is.
      Of course when the brown stuff starts to fly they will claim to have been all over the story from the start, or some such nonsense, and will find someone, anyone to carry the can.

  20. Regan & Doncaster are all in, so would not be surprised if they do what they have always done: Try to brazen out the cold shoulder. It would then be on the teams to refuse playing Sevco, which they would legally be obligated to do. I hope it happens, because it would finally mean the Chuckles Brothers get the heave ho.

  21. Small Donation made phil.

    Nobody knows how this ends.

    For me, the known knowns would be:

    1. There will be a team in blue, probably playing out of ibrox, if not then the splintering of the customer base will accelerate…… the only link they have to Rangers, the club that was. Is the supporters

    2. Financial reality has to hit Sevco. Or indeed any future incarnation of the original club that played out of ibrox.

    3. Financial reality brings austere times and sensible spends, within parameters allowed.

    The unknowns (to me at least)
    1. Where and when will the Charles green factor end at the current entity. Admin as far is a I know would end a lot of this, but not all of it.

    2. Who actually owns the ground/football stadium commonly known as Ibrox (Park or Stadium whatever it is) who holds the title deeds??

    3. Is the plan bullshit and hubris and somehow hopefull make the champions league proper get a windfall to break even, because if it is that’s fantasy of highest order.

    Back to last point there even if somehow they did win the league in next 2 to 3 years, Iv no idea how they negotiate the qualifiers to make the champions league.
    In reply to the question and answer with club 1872 I’m sure they stated to their fans that making champions league group stages is when they make a profit.

    Which finally leads me into last point. Celtic’s operating costs are higher than those of Sevcos, yet if we don’t make champ lge proper we don’t run at a loss.
    While I realise our worldwide commercial arms, our sponsors, scouting etc are highly prudent and profitable, it clearly must show cash is haemorrhaging out the back door at Sevco.

    How are the “onerous contracts” phil??

    Are they alive and well are Charlie and the boys still profiting from their creation??

    1. That is correct, NT, Celtic’s operating costs are significantly higher than Sevco’s, in fact, they came in at an eye watering SEVENTY SIX MILLION POUNDS in this year’s accounts, so what I’m wondering is, who will cover this breathtaking shortfall should Celtic fail to qualify for the upcoming CL Group Stages and the concomitant 40-50 million that comes along with it ..?

      (If you’ll pardon the pun.)

      I mean, we only had a 6 million PreTax profit out of our 90.6 million turnover this year and we all know THAT’S not enough to cover it.

      So who makes up the extra 70 million?


        These results, which declare sales revenue of £90.6m (2016: £52.0m) and a profit before taxation of £6.9m (2016: £0.5m), reflect the PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to the Company of participation in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

        Just as it is IMPORTANT to RECOGNISE THE IMPORTANCE to us of participation in the UEFA Champions League, so IT IS IMPORTANT TO RECOGNISE that the financial gap between Celtic Football Club and the richer clubs in European football is widening.

        The growing financial power of a number of key constituencies (?) within the European game makes us vulnerable to structural change.

        It is, therefore, vital that we are represented at the highest levels of European football. (Preferably without any further investment)

        Peter Lawwell’s appointments to the Board of the European Club Association, the Club Competitions Committee at UEFA and the Professional Football Strategy Council of UEFA gives the Club a voice
        (Except when it comes to telling the truth about Rangers, Sevco & their catastrophic impact upon the Scottish game?)
        and ensures that we are very well represented and that our image and profile are held high (double 7 goal humpings aside).
        We are grateful for Peter’s continued commitment to promoting our interests in this VERY IMPORTANT (76 Million!) arena.’


      2. MR M, decent questions to ask. I think it’s case if the champ lge isn’t made then the costs are cut accordingly. The big 67m costs u talk of. I don’t know exact figure but think u are right…. will be a case of, right we got champ lge money in from last year. Let’s get X Y and Z done.

        As with any business the more profit they show the more tax has to be paid. So often makes sense to get important stuff done. Like some basic stadium upgrading and repairs etc, few extra licks of paint. A fix roof while sun shining policy.
        players contracts will go up a spot and some extra bonuses etc.

        Dare I say It, Mr Desmond will skim some off the top too via investment in one thing or another…..he’s entitled to within fairness. After all he did pay Robbie keanes 60k a week during the poor Mowbray era…..out his own pocket.

        If we don’t make champ lge. A player has to be sold, such as Van Dijk etc. From what I mind, If we didn’t make champ lge back in 2007, during the penalty shoot out v Spartak.

        Rumour was boruc was away for £8-10m.

        It’s hard to say exactly what and how the shortfall for non qualification of champ lge made up.

        But safe to say, we as a club will run at a loss if we don’t make Europa League group stages. Now to my mind that hasn’t happened since the infamous artmedia Bratislava
        Defeat. Strachan was told he had to cut spending, and delivered success to his credit he did. And against an EBT doped up Rangers. Kenny miller was sold for £1m to derby to free up wages and bring in some cash. Despite champ lge qualifying two years running after we still had to make up for shortfall that year and the crazy spends of O’Neil years by keeping a tight ship.

        It’s a difficult thing. We have manager on a crazy wage but while delivers champ league football and increases players values by improving them then he has to be worth every penny.

  22. I’m just thinking here…..(a yes or no will suffice guys)

    If a bid of £20m came in for Dembele would you take it? (10% sell on added of course to benefit us long term)

  23. I am not really understanding our own club policy on the centre backs Phil.

    If big Jozo goes for the reported £8m then we have replaced him with a £1m 32 yr old (who cannot even play in Europe until next season). Now I understand Jozo may not even go but I get the feeling we are not going to spend even another £4m on a bit of real quality….hopefully I am wrong here.

    PS: Brown has been different class this season again but IMO Ntcham is a beast of a player, easily our best holding centre against the likes of Armstrong, Bitton etc etc

    1. The same question I’ve been asking for years, Fred, where is all the money going?

      Our record signing was SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, ffs, and in that 17 years we’ve had at least 6 Group Stage earners, a UEFA Cup Final, multiple Europa League farces and now, this year, a 91 million quid turnover and we don’t even have one member of a back line we can trust?!

      No one else seems to get it but maybe you can see what’s wrong with this picture ..?

    2. IMO Jozo yes he’s class but he has injury problems. It’s not good business sense to be paying a man to be on the treatment table so much. I like him but take the money and run if it comes. Agreed on Compper though. I’d like a big centre half from down south if need be. Even as cover, and who knows. But Brendan does want ball players too though. But it’s so tempting when you look especially at some of the big brutes this weekendplay in the FA Cup live on tv. Playing for league one clubs etc.

      We signed Gary hooper from Scunthorpe mind and sold him for a nice profit too.

      The rolls Royce of the lot is KT. He’s the best player in the team and still has plenty more to offer. He can’t be sold but if he is has to be. £30m minimum.

      1. I wouldn’t sell KT for all the tea in China but I’m sure that Peter & Ian & Co would punt their own grannies for a bottle of champagne and a few packets of Monster Munch.

  24. Hell mend Murphy. I am sure the guy could have had much better career options down in England.

    It shows his ambition, sounds like a wee boy with some bad advisors around him.

    I fear if he doesn’t hit a goal target in double figures in the 14 or 15 games they have left to season end (inc SC) he will be back at Brighton, tail between his legs. Contracted to Summer 2019, Brighton look like they may stay up and obviously do not see him as good enough for the EPL (Unless you check out ibroxnoise who state he is a Scottish international with EPL experience also).

    1. Murphy has scored ten goals in 84 games over two years for Brighton.

      They are reducing the wage bill with a poorer quality replacement whilst the SMSM plays it up as progress and improvement for fan digestion.

      The SMSM eternally blowing hard for Jabba and King.

  25. There’s talk of Ross McCormack heading back haha haha these loonies in some of these papers .
    22nd of January should be fun with the headlines.
    Glib comes to mind
    It’s time to tell the gullibillies they’re going for 1

    1. No, it’s a policy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in the self serving kleptocracy that is Scottish fitba, Bobby.

      It’s the major theme across our so-called ‘democracy’, where it’s solely the highest ranking members of the plethora of secret societies who call all the shots.

      Secret societies, running a ‘democracy’ …

      Plato would be most displeased.

  26. If Sevco don’t have some benevolent philanthropic benefactor waiting in the wings to make us all look very silly, admin2 can only be a very short time away

      1. I have a very nice skybet receipt with odds of 150/1 on them finishing in the bottom 6… an insolvency event would therefore be very well received ?

        1. I have the same bet, but was thinking they could wait until after the split. Take the points deduction and still finish 6th

        2. Me too, but it is a 150/1 shot for a reason. The SFA will bend over backwards for the new club and don’t be in the least bit surprised if admin 1 happens after the split and they remain in top 6.⭐️

    1. geez Johnbhoy, you need to give yourself a shake mhate

      admin 2 can’t happen as there was never an admin 1 only a Liquidation. Also the club playing out of Ibrokes these days have never suffered any insolvency events… perhaps you are thinking of the previous club that died in 2012..?

      Don’t let the high-level pish distort the facts please

      Phil…. a happy new year to you and yours

    2. I fervently hope you’re correct however I’ve read this for 5 years and I won’t be surprised if it’s being written 5 years from now, I can’t come to grips with why wealthy people would loan money to an organization heading for administration.
      I’d also like to know how these lenders get their money back after a share issue, if the reinvented shares are offered, it dilutes present worth and if for arguments sake it raises £30m, it’ll cost £1m or £2m to finance it leaving £28m and with £20m worth of shares going to pay of loans it gives the club/holding co £8m and they’d have screwed their shareholders to do so
      Please Phil, I’ve asked you to explain before but with no success

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