The problem that the truth causes for King

I’m told that elements of the Sevco High Command were differently delighted at my reporting on the Jamie Murphy shambles yesterday.

Late yesterday the Impecunious Kid contacted the Magnificently Maned Factotum and expressed his ire at your humble correspondent.

The word that was used to me to describe the Chairman’s mood was “seething”.

Oh dear.

The Johannesburg based convicted criminal then called on the services of his inter-galactic PR guru to assist with this matter.

However, even the most modest damage limitation exercise was beyond the ample advisor.

Quite simply even the usual suspects in the stenography corps told him that my reporting was accurate and couldn’t be rubbished.

25 thoughts on “The problem that the truth causes for King”

    1. DCM
      Strictly speaking the don’t/didn’t.
      Despite finishing second in 2012 “Rangers” did not represent Scotland in Europe the following season. Neither did they receive a bye to the 4th round of the Scottish Cup which would have been appropriate and they were unseeded in the League Cup (drawing Motherwell).
      This confirms that UEFA, SPL and the SFA all treated Sevco as a new club.
      Regardless of what Doncaster blurted out at a press conference.

      1. uefa and fifa, sky sports news , spfl and everyone apart from us treat them as the same club , if you go on uefa website this will confirm this , its shocking

    2. My favourite line is that Rangers were “demoted” from finishing 2nd place in the top league to the very bottom league in our game. I mean, How fuckin ridiculous a statement is that?. Even Paul Lambert mentioned it a few weeks back. There is n rule whatsoever in the footballing rule book to do such a thing……………unless of course the club is LIQUIDATED !! They then are NOT demoted but are required to start at the bottom league IF they are granted a licence to play (no laughing at the back)

      Absolute fuckin joke.

    3. phil can you give your thoughts on this please ,,, the old rangers haven’t been liquidated yet ,, the liquidation hasn’t been completed . old co still exists and now we have the new co ,, so does that mean there is 2 rangers ?? if liquidation means death then the old rangers aren’t dead yet !!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hints at a fracture between corrupt MSM and bullshit FC? Probably not, but after the reportage here highlighting that everything fed to the sportsdesks is impeccably relayed verbatim to the subscribing public, it is refreshing that at least this approach from Limpopo productions has been rebuffed. One fears that Perseus would be the only character capable of sitting at the sportdesks and taking on Gorgon Medusa PR……or perhaps Heracles. Both of which may have been mooted as of the radar signings.

  2. There is still a football team. Playing out of the biggotdome wearing the same colour strip and badge as a dead club being supported by the same biggots that the dead club was.

    The SFA will not say they are a new club because they are in on the sham.

    They have did OK out of this if you ask me.

  3. Stenography Corps is that what they call the Artists Rifles now…???

    Am I alone in thinking that a circular firing squad is just over the parapet…. ???

    After all the futile gestures ( a la Beyond tge fringe ) have been trotted out there will be nothing left but to face the old Lee Enfield of fate

    At the going down of the Sun and the Record and the Herald in the morning…. we will laugh our tits off…ho…ho..hi…

      1. After your mad outbursts on politics & Mr Trump I reckon that the hallucinogenics are all yours, Rumpole.

        ‘Dancing on the head of a racist pin’


        Good stuff, Tecumseh!

  4. Imagine someone leaking football’s worst kept secret? If you have no cash or credit, you can’t have the things you want!

  5. Had BBC Scotland’s Sportsound playing in the background this afternoon. When discussing Jaime Walker’s medical, he was ‘former rangers target’. Someone else was mentioned, again as someone who was ‘linked with a move to rangers’, linked in as much as Barry McKay was linked with Bullshit Liepzig. They then glossed over the fact rangers flew out today, without transfer target Murphy, claiming they didn’t know why that was. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with a complete lack of money, could it?

  6. Tell me this Phil no matter what they are still bringing in players, I just don’t understand it, the cold shoulder looks rather weak to me , because no people in their right mind would consider going there, so I think you could be wrong regarding the power of the cold shoulder

  7. Phil I think you could probably become an international spy if the work ever dries up, but with sevco that’s never gonna happen, keep up the great work HH

  8. What’s that I hear? The echoing hoof beats of the 4 horsemen drawing nigh to finally claim the unquiet soul of The Mighty Rangers?
    Or is it the raucous laughter of the rest of Scotland as they sense a bunch of cunts finally getting what they deserve…
    We Are Now Known as Ex Rangers Supporters (WANKERS).

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