Expensive Carlos and the need for austerity

The Serious Professional was locked in conclave with the people at Cruz Azul Fútbol Club this morning.

What he brought back to the Sevco High Command apropos Carlos Alberto Peña Rodríguez was not pleasing to the chaps in the Blue Room.

I’m told that the Mexican club will not go above £10k per week as part of any loan deal for the abstemious midfielder.

Moreover, the signing on fee that he was being paid in weekly instalments will still be due to him from Sevco.

My information is that the Holding Company Vehicle would rather he let that one go for old times’ sakes.

However, the Mexican’s representatives are holding the basket assets to the letter of the player’s contract.

Of course, even £10k per week still leaves £15k of salary to be paid by Sevco.

The other high earners that Pedro brought in last summer will have to be shunted out the door during this transfer window.

Young Master Murts is fully aware of that situation.

The only Pedro players that he has been informed that he can keep is Daniel João Santos Candeias and Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz.

With the exception of those two fine fellows, Graeme Murty has been told to plan without Caixinha’s galacticos.

That said, young Murts is also aware that if a reasonable offer comes in for either of them then they’re gone.

Developing austerity.

46 thoughts on “Expensive Carlos and the need for austerity”

  1. So the squad are working on new tactics and strategies for the rest of the season in Dubai, which is nice to know but, with Erik for the off, Jozo pining for Burnley & Boyata upset cos he doesn’t have a song, who will be there to implement these new plans?

    Lustig’s exhausted after his WC heroics, Henderson’s off to Bari, or wherever Brendan doesn’t have to look at him, Bitton’s still a midfielder, Moussa, KT & Sinclair have been half the players of last season, Roberts is still injured and Compper, who IS NOT ELIGIBLE for the Europa League, only joined the squad for the first time yesterday, with seemingly no new deals in the offing.

    I don’t suppose our infamously parsimonious PLC board would be taking advantage of Sevco’s imminent demise to avoid having to spend another penny on the playing squad, would they?

    I mean, they wouldn’t buy us a CB or two for the Champions League, why would they fork out good money to have some play Brechin ..?

    Celtic PLC Accounts, 2017

    Total (Record) Turnover – £90.6 million (Ninety Million Quid!)

    Operating Expenses – 33.3% Increase to £76.4 Million

    Who sees my areas of concern in forward planning, lack of investment and where all the effin money’s going here?

    1. Rugger Guy provided an in-depth analysis here of the state of Celtic’s finances when the accounts were published.
      I suggest you read them.

      1. I will do that, Phil, remiss of me not to.

        Fred, it’s good centre halves that make all the difference in Europe, Liverpool clearly know this, a strong backline is all the difference between a 1-0 victory and a seven goal defeat, as plenty of our history shows.

        And KT is all the Bhoy we ever hoped he’d be but he’s been hampered this season.

        Hope the break does us all good.


    2. After reading this mate I am not sure what you are on about !!

      Man City made £1m profit from an operation costing £420m.

      Lets take one of your points…….

      Celtic spend £5m on a centre half last August, Would we be any better off than we are now?, My answer to that is absolutely 1 million % NO.

      The centre half would not have made one bit of difference in the CL and we would obviously still be top of the SPFL. Maybe more points, lets say 15…..

      So for me, yes I agree that Dembele (although hampered with injuries) has not been as mega, Sinclair cannot string a decent number of games in a row where he is mega, Disagree on KT, He is our bhoy and he is always mega !!

      Hail Hail

  2. The Daily Record are on overdrive putting out pro Sevco propaganda to counter social media truths.

    It appears to be their reason for existence. Sevco’s main propagandist outlet.

    The Pena pish now the bookies odds on Admin pish.

    What Next? Glib is innocent pish?

  3. I see the SFA have just paid out £10.3m to member clubs to promote the growth of the game. I was thinking, Could they just not have given Sevco that money to keep the lights on a bit longer?

  4. Hilarious listening to Clyde last night as the panel tiptoed around the question of Newco’s impecuniosity.
    To anyone with half a brain it’s clear that Kingco are tapped out and that the gravy train is heading for the buffers.
    Having splashed the cash, ??, on Goss and Murphy whose next in line for transfer negotiations the Ibrox way?
    They may well have shot themselves in the foot with their new concept of signing a player and deferring the downpayment to May. It might catch on and rebound on them with a club making a similar offer for obe of their stars.
    It’s crystal clear that meeting January payroll is top of the agenda and that without incoming transfer fees that might be a bridge too far.
    Whilst all expenses will have been met by the organisers of the Florida trip there will be no significant payout to the partcipating teams as attendances are not exexpected to generate much in the way of profits.
    All the while the clock is ticking down to King’s day of destiny which fortunately, according to Robertson and Richard Wilson will have absolutely, guaranteed, no impact on the club itself. DJ is also of this opinion so who can argue with the voice of a football.
    Given that SDM benefited from the sale of Oldco when HBOS rewarded him with the opportunity to buy back part of his old metals business which remained a secret only revealed during the Whyte trial, then we had a further revelation that King’s triumph over Ashley came at a cost of £3m plus 27p per share, again not made public till the auditors deemed it worth mentioning in the notes to the recently published accounts, you know the accounts that showed the business to be moving in the right direction, would anyone be surprised if Newco’s assets, primarily Murray Park and Ibrox Stadium had been used as security for the ever rising soft loans?
    Again we may have to wait for the implosion before this becomes public knowledge, its the Newco version of transparency.

  5. All kidding & swanking aside, Phil, you’ve provided us with some of the best, and funniest, updates on this unravelling of madness around Ibrox for years now but your relentless revelations over these past two weeks have been beyond priceless.

    My only regret is that I didn’t stick that score on Skybet but, sure, I never have any money anyway so the loss of 3 grand is neither here nor there 😀

    Excuse my merry mood but I’m sure all your readers feel pretty much the same way right now, knowing what’s coming down the shit pike for Sevco, thanks to your good self, so multi gracios for that.

    On a side note, don’t worry about your lad in South Korea, that whole thing is a hoax and distraction akin to the spin of Jabba and , besides, they’re announcing on the telly right now that the Winter Olympics Committee will most likely allow the North to participate in the upcoming games, so I don’t think even the Stable Genius would push his ‘Bigger Button’ on the young Kim ‘uns’s figure skaters 🙂

    All the best to ya, man.

    And cheers for putting up with me.

  6. Why did the Sevco Board put forward a Resolution at AGM to conclude a share swap for debt plus share release if they will not execute such after the resolution passed?

    Charles Green got a full IPO and LSE AIM listing achieved before Christmas, after the green light, in less time.

    It’s now well into January and this Board dithers endlessly and undecidedly.

    1. Or are they going into Administration?

      Is it to be another ten million investment this season and next to stand still, football wise, from the three bears, or is it time for Admin?

      More cash is required to bridge the gap (over investment). Is TRFC Glory worth the personal financial loss of few for the many?

      Or is enough enough?

      I’m guessing it’s Admin but all are awaiting King’s play at court in 13 days to roll out. Thus directing the blame on him.

  7. If the Mexico Football Association do not request a Registration transfer of Pena from the SFA then RIFC/TRFC are stuck with the weekly bill and the Player.

    King has 13 days to satisfy his court order.

      1. It’s RIFC blue insiders laying the bets.

        Sevco is the gift that keeps giving even unto death.

        Guess there’s insider information out there regarding Board intent.

        1. King evades share issue by putting RIFC PLC into Administration in next 12 days.

          Everything that can be sold gets sold to pay up to 100% on debts.

  8. Phil could you put a bit more meat on the bones of your story? Have you got this one right? The daily record report that the Mexican team will cover all of pena’s wages and if he does well will reimburse sevco all of their xfer fee in the summer. Record seems to be very confident about their sources.

  9. Embarrassment FC really have reached new lows in recent weeks, what with the McInnes nonsense, the apparently unexpected installation of the No2 (have you ever heard such a song and dance being made about a No2 being employed)? Then the humiliating shambles of the Murphy “transfer”.
    This coupled with the sympathetic, or more accurately, pathetic reportage they receive is only helping to underline what a ridiculous shambles the whole concept of Sevco has been.
    By default, I overheard a Glasgow based radio phone-in tonight who’d accidentally let a caller through who mentioned the “A” word. A bloated buffoon could be heard muttering in the background “No, No”, and suddenly all 3 studio based fonts of knowledge on all things football knew nothing! Happy to blurt out trash like “I certainly haven’t heard that”, or “We just don’t know the ins and outs”.
    I hope when these guys look in the mirror all they see all over their face is “Embarrassing”…. I know that’s all I think when I hear them.
    You’ve been prolific since New Year’s Day Phil, I hope you’re not insulted if I say. …Award winning stuff!

  10. STV News tonight…showed Carlos Pena arriving at his new “Loan Club”….and made sure we were told he was carrying “Rangers’ gear”….
    He certainly was…
    It was a pair of Sevco shorts…and he blew his nose into them…!!
    Hail hail

  11. The truth has habit of coming out and even when it does these same “journalists” will claim an exclusive for it.
    You would think they would say enough is enough when it comes to cutting and pasting high level p..h. Have they no integrity or shame

  12. Off topic but the Bottom 6 Finish bet on Sky had Sevco at 150/1 for a fortnight, then 100/1 last night, now its gone entirely. Could Triggers Broomstick FC be on a cliff edge?

    1. I’ve been wondering if they’re holding off administration till after the split to ensure a top six finish and avoid possible relegation. As Phil has pointed out several times, the new club has no creditors as such so liquidation – the mechanism by which the old club went out of business thus allowing this SHAMbles to take their place – isn’t on the cards.

      I’m sure if this was any other club in Scotland then they’d be hauled over the coals for bringing the game into disrepute.

  13. IF only they could sell their esteemed chairman in the transfer window too.

    However,I’m sure there’d be quite a few sevcolites that would rather wait another 2/3 years for that ‘War chest’ he promised.I’m sure it’ll all be fine?

    Thanks Phil,on the ball as usual ?⚽️✅

  14. the daily rag published an exclusive on sevcos ‘break even’ scenario when the loan deal begins and ends in June. they stated as fact that wages would be paid in full by the Mexicans and that a fee in or around £2mil would follow suit, enough to wipe your nose with! This felt like a puff piece written by those at level5 to deflect from sevcos inability to find the money for the murphy deal, it smelt like a copy and paste job, it reeks of award winning

  15. You…and others…continue to highlight the omnishambles at Govan…Yet ..STILL the SFA see no need to investigate this ongoing circus.
    Surely they have a duty of care to all other Member clubs…?
    Only in Scotland.

    1. I continue to highlight the madness of the housing crisis/debt bubble, via http://www.twitter.com/HousePriceMania, but still the Bank of England, issuer of debt, does nothing and the property owning politicians with tax payer funded London second homes refuse to act.

      Why ?

      I’d guess, the for the same reason the SFA refuse to act, up to their necks in it.

    2. SFA is a variant of the three wise monkeys, albeit they seem to think the rest of us aren’t wise.

      Honestly though, if sevco was an animal – as opposed to being follow,followed by animals – it would by now have been humanely euthanised.

      And on another note, anyone see what a Magic Hat-less managed against Arsenal yesterday? I hope SMSM were right about him being future english manager, will be as entertaining as the recent Ashes which has been causing me sleepless night for what I suspect are very different reasons to most englishmen!

  16. Phil, what about Morelos? Seems to me like he’s been, by some distance, the best signing they’ve had since their reconstitution in 2012.

    Are they looking to cash in on him to pay the bills, or will they keep him and push on in a hopeless attempt to challenge Celtic for the title in the 2nd half of the season?

  17. I wonder if ‘moved the goalposts’ is going to become the latest buzzword phrase? Obviously the daily rager spouting lies today (and every day, to be honest) are just setting it up for when actual news comes into common knowledge.

  18. If this has an ounce of truth to it then the so called media in Scotland should be utterly ashamed as they continue to peddle PR nonsense

    Can they not see how stupid they look?

    1. It brings in the Blue £. Nobody else with a working brain cell would read it. They have got to cater to the only demographic that is left to them. They rely on advertising for survival. So to sell copy they tell their target market what they want to hear. Pro Sevco/pro Loyalist & Orange Order, Anti Selik/anti Kaflik . Pro Unionist / anti Independence. For me probably the worst betrayal, for a paper that was traditionaly geared towards Labour and the working classs, is their acceptance of Tory led “Austerity” & Brexit, in the full knowledge of the damage that is being inflicted on our country, against our Democratically expressed wishes and their deification of Ruthie baby as opposed to their villification of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Where is their impartiality? The SMSM in general, in tandem with BBC Scotland (EBT staff welcome), are a disgrace, an affront to the people of Scotland. The irony is that we have to pay them for the privilledge of being lied to.

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