Expensive Carlos and the need for austerity

The Serious Professional was locked in conclave with the people at Cruz Azul Fútbol Club this morning.

What he brought back to the Sevco High Command apropos Carlos Alberto Peña Rodríguez was not pleasing to the chaps in the Blue Room.

I’m told that the Mexican club will not go above £10k per week as part of any loan deal for the abstemious midfielder.

Moreover, the signing on fee that he was being paid in weekly instalments will still be due to him from Sevco.

My information is that the Holding Company Vehicle would rather he let that one go for old times’ sakes.

However, the Mexican’s representatives are holding the basket assets to the letter of the player’s contract.

Of course, even £10k per week still leaves £15k of salary to be paid by Sevco.

The other high earners that Pedro brought in last summer will have to be shunted out the door during this transfer window.

Young Master Murts is fully aware of that situation.

The only Pedro players that he has been informed that he can keep is Daniel João Santos Candeias and Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz.

With the exception of those two fine fellows, Graeme Murty has been told to plan without Caixinha’s galacticos.

That said, young Murts is also aware that if a reasonable offer comes in for either of them then they’re gone.

Developing austerity.

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