Zen and the diffcult art of buying players when you’re skint

Don’t be surprised if Jamie Murphy is loaned to Sevco by his parent club.

I’m afraid that trying to buy players when you can’t put any money down is rather difficult.

Promising to pay the first tranche of the transfer fee when the season ticket monies arrived probably didn’t impress the folk at Brighton.

Of course, the stenographers played their part in the gushing headline that “Rangers splashed the cash” for Murphy.

Actually, the basket of assets do not have any money to spend on any player at the moment.

Moreover, the loan deal for Sean Goss from QPR is much more redolent of their current financial state.

Players will also have to be sold by Sevco in this window.

However, that will be for simple survival.

They remain a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

15 thoughts on “Zen and the diffcult art of buying players when you’re skint”

  1. What’s with the claims on twitter about Rainjurs still owing over £7m in transfer fees still unpaid phil??? Do you have any info on it m8?

  2. Sean Goss said that his switch from QPR to Ran*ers was ‘a no-brainer”.

    Does that you mean that you would have to have no brain to make the move ??!!

  3. #obsessed. Ha ha. Pmsl at this rancid tribute act of a club. I’m sure everything will be fine once group stage European football is achieved. All part of the plan. You can’t stop progres.

  4. How remarkable that nobody in the smsm mentions the lack of money just about how their splashing the cash
    The sfa and spfl are as compliant in this as any of them with their silence re the Derek Mcinnes affair, the CoS ruling and how it affects Scottish football.
    When the cold shoulder bites where does this leave the sfa,spfl,and football clubs that are plcs in relation to sevco as they will be seen to be assisting a co that has openly flouted business rules. Will football clubs be allowed to play them. Can the “governing bodies” let them play in cups etc.
    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated Phil or maybe even an article from yourself or Rugger guy.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. No doubt it wont be the club that gets the cold shoulder, but the Company that lives in the boiler room that runs the Club. Now, that’s another story.

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