Why Derek Mcinnes made the right call on the Sevco job

I learned more today about the Derek McInnes debacle.

This comes from an impeccable source close to the action.

When McInnes was considering the Sevco job he met with Mark Allen to discuss the position.

I’m told that the Dons’ gaffer came away from the meeting feeling rather sorry for Sevco’s Director of Fantasy.

Quite simply the ex-Citeh chap didn’t seem to know very much about the inner-workings of the basket of assets.

My information is that Derek had come to the sit-down thoroughly prepared for a productive meeting.

McInnes had a list of players that he wanted to bring into Sevco in the January window if he took the job.

I understand that John McGinn and Louis Moult were among the names that he wanted if he took the Ibrox job.

Mark Allen took the list and simply replied with his own.

I’m told that one of these Sevco targets plays for Ayr United and another one was Jordan Jones of Kilmarnock.

Derek was polite and professional throughout the conclave, but stated to Mark Allen that he wouldn’t sign these players for Aberdeen!

During the same period of time, McInnes’ agent contacted the impecunious Mr King on THREE separate occasions.

Each time the agent wanted to know the exact amount of money that his client would have to work with during the January window if he took the Ibrox job.

I’m told that this very precise question was evaded each time it was asked.

Dear reader, if can recall the breathless tone of the stenographers at this time as the implored McInnes to join Sevco and then juxtapose it with this hard news.

Unedifying to say the least.

13 thoughts on “Why Derek Mcinnes made the right call on the Sevco job”

  1. Louis Moult was never going to Govan….trust me.
    But on a more up to date story…
    What is your understanding of the current Jamie Murphy situation…i.e.
    As of this minute..?
    Hail hail

  2. ‘Jamie Murphy has dramatically been left off the flight to Florida
    Meaning his £2million move to Rangers hangs in the balance’. So overnight the deal has jumped up
    By £1million and concluded deal
    Has not been concluded.
    Elsewhere Kris Boyd says he would happily hire a bus to drive Alves, Morelos, Candeias etc to the airport as they don’t have Rangers in their hearts. What is a Kilmarnock player doing writing such a passionate article about a competitor in a daily newspaper?

    1. Well said. Kris Boyd is a disgrace and the powers that be at Kilmarnock FC really ought to say or do something.

  3. Will Murphy be on the plane to Florida?
    Will Newco pony up the transfer fee up front or has Brighton been confronted with the usual Newco transfer fee nonsense?
    Minimal up front deposit, some of the balance paid on a monthly basis and half of the agreed fee dependent on CL qualification…….Group Stage of course.
    The ignorance of their fan base is without equal as in regards to the sale of Windass one blogger says that we don’t need to sell him and another says that unless his buy out clause of £3.5m is met then keep him.
    Something about getting top dollar just like the beggars in the East End.
    Pena back to Mexico for the alleged same £3m paid for him? No chance, a loan at best with Newco still paying some of his wages.
    There will always be interest in the transfer market for the likes of Pena, Herrera, Alves et al but few, if any, clubs will be prepared to meet their current salary and contract lengths so getting rid won’t be easy.
    As the transfer window closes any offer for players will be accepted as the bills pile up and January pay day approaches, not to mention the countdown to King’s demise……though Richard Wilson and Robertson are at pains to dismiss any notion that the club will be impacted. Oh dearie, dearie me.
    We had to wait till Whyte’s trial to discover that SDM had benefited from the sale of Oldco as HBOS had agreed to sell back to him part of his old metals business as a reward.
    We had to wait till the annual accounts were published to find out that King besting Ashley came at a cost of £3m plus 27p per share handed over by Club1872 and a new ‘investor.’
    What will we discover when the whole thing implodes………that none of the concert party/board has security over the prized assets of Ibrox and Murray Park, them being RRM and all that?
    Lucky for King that he’s ensconced in South Africa, leaving his fellow bears to take the heat which will be red hot when the roof falls in.

  4. WTF is going on Phil?

    Is it just feel good bollocks we are again being fed by the MSM that the tribute act will pay £1m up front for Murphy?

    RSVP please Phil

  5. Speaking to a zombie at work recently, he was under the impression McInnes was told he would have to sell players to generate ANY budget

  6. Just when they think they’ve got out you push them back in, Phil, a great series of articles today.

    This must be unedifying to both the ‘edifice of Scottish society’ that once was Rangers and even more unedifying to its five year old bastard offspring wearing the dead scam’s clothes.

    Speaking of ‘fabrics of Scottish society’, have you seen that Alec Salmond has his own talk show on Russia Today now, you know that Cont. Opp. channel that pretends to be alternative ..?

    I wonder if he’ll ever discuss any of the stuff you cover here with any of his future guests ..?

    Who knows, he might even get the Impecunious One to come clean some day for the price of a pint and the flash of a peeping nipple, but I somehow seriously doubt it …

  7. Wrong again phil, Derek didn’t what it took to manage the teddy bears.

    I know this, as I read a statement on their website and it has to be accurate as Dave king himself seems to have sanctioned it, something about Derek not being sufficiently concomitant. You see, WATP.

    In Dave they trust.
    Poor bastards. Stupid bastards.

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