Go Compper

Across the city from Ibrox the comparison in this January window is stark.

When Celtic signed their new centre-half the boss invited him to his home for a breakfast meeting.

The 32-year-old German was, to put it mildly, pleasantly surprised that the fare on offer was all gluten-free.

I’m told that the ex-RB Leipzig player is rigorous about his national regime.

The thing is the gaffer already knew this.

During breakfast, Rodgers produced a dossier on the player.

How he plays, the positions he takes up at different phases of the game.

Marvin Compper was stunned at the level of detail.

This vignette is instructive as to the level of professionalism of Rodgers as a manager.

Regular readers will be aware that I am scornful of the mainstream peddling of the “Old Firm” myth.

As well as indulging in Liquidation Denial it implies that there are two titans of equal strength slugging it out.

The recent goalless draw at Celtic Park has given that fairy story some energy.

However, if you drill down into the details then the reasoning quickly falls to pieces.

This drilling down is easily done during a transfer window.

I’m told that Sevco made a very serious approach for Lewis Morgan.

The fee would not have been a problem.

Moreover, they promised that the id would be a first team starter for the basket of assets.

It is widely reported that young Morgan has a cultural affection for the Ibrox brand.

Despite this, he eschewed the offer from Espanyol Glasgow and has instead decided to join the biggest club in Scotland to take his chances in a talented squad of players.

There will be no spin emanating from Celtic during this transfer window about how much money is being spent.

Quite frankly they don’t need to.

The published accounts of Celtic and RIFC are as stark as could be.

One shows an enterprise that is rolling in it while the other has a going concern warning.

It is worth noting that Celtic’s accounts did not factor in the possibility of a windfall from the sale of Virgil Van Dijk.

At Celtic, all transfer business is being quietly and efficiently carried out.

There is no split in the boardroom and everyone is on the same page.

The manager is in total charge of football matters including recruitment.

This is the fourth transfer window that Rodgers has been in charge at Celtic and he is still dealing with the effects of Heated Driveway productions at Parkhead.

Thankfully those days are gone and the untitled director of football is no more.

What the Irishman is about is fashioning his own squad to play the way he demands.

The prescient German centre-back is part of that evolutionary process and there will be others.

Anyone who has a cultural affinity with the Ibrox brand should not be too hopeful for the second half of the season.

What is being assembled at Lennoxtown is seriously fit for purpose.

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