Murphy’s flaw

Director of Fantasy Mark Allen thought he was in another movie when he was contacted directly by the esteemed Chairman.

The Impecunious Kind told the ex-Citeh chap to get the Jamie Murphy deal over the line and he sanctioned wages up to £25k per week.

What had started as high-Level spin suddenly had substance.

I had suspected that King was being capricious and that was confirmed to me this morning.

Moreover, the headline figure of around £1m is rather misleading, to say the least.

The idea that Sevco can stump up that sum straight off is simply not true.

Of course, it generates feel-good copy for The People and the stenographers are happy to oblige.

Sevco attempted to sign the winger at the start of the season, but the £1.2m valuation was too rich for their dignified blood.

Now, with half-season gone we are expected to believe that they have been able to access a similar sum up front.

I’m told that the structured payments for the Murphy deal are “highly complicated”.

For the avoidance of doubt, at time of writing, Murphy remains a Brighton and Hove Albion player and the embarrassing haggling continues.

Of course, it would be hilarious if Sevco had initially offered NOTHING up front to the English club and had only offered to pay the first tranche in May when the Season Ticket monies arrive.

When Mark Allen told the Serious Professional about King authorising the Murphy transfer there was a free and frank exchange of views

On the other hand, the acquisition of Sean Goss on a low-cost loan deal from QPR emanated from the non-King faction of the Blue Room.

The latter made financial sense, the former reeks of King not having any fucks to give.

I’m told that the sensible ones in the in the Sevco High Command have once more asked their esteemed chairman to Do Walking Away for the good of the Holding Company Vehicle.

He flatly refused.

Quite frankly, they don’t believe that the Impecunious Kid will pony up what he promised he would.

Consequently, Sevco is now cash flow critical.

According to the published accounts of RIFC by now NOAL (King) should have stumped up £2.9m.

So far that hasn’t happened.

Moreover, the non-King faction in the Blue Room don’t expect to see it.

My understanding is that the world-class football administrators at Hampden have been brought fully up to speed with the situation at Sevco.

Moreover, those highly professional chaps from Campbell Dallas had a sit-down on Wednesday with the Serious Professional.

I’m sure they’re not worried about the situation as Mr King would have furnished them with bomb-proof documentary evidence apropos the existence of the necessary funds.

Yes, yes, I’m sure about that.

I mean it would be a terrible realisation for them to have to admit that they had been played by a glib and shameless liar.

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