Sevco’s Director of Fantasy collides with financial reality

You have also to feel for Sevco’s Director of Fantasy Mark Allen.

Just before the festive break, he approached the Serious professional with a list of potential acquisitions.

The ex-Citeh chap was accompanied by young Master Murts.

They were both on the same page that the players on the page were value added.

Moreover, the list had been drawn up with an eye to the lack of resources at Sevco.

In other words, the players were cheap!

Sadly, the Serious Professional had to tell these two fine fellows that there weren’t the funds to action any of these targets.

It is with this in mind that I was interested to learn that by the end of November there were outstanding invoices to the sum of over £800k.

To be clear, these are not football debts or is it monies due to HMRC.

No, these are invoices to suppliers etc.

Moreover, I’m told that these invoices are overdue.

Once more, if my information is incorrect then I will happily publish a retraction here.

All that I need is a statement from the basket of assets formally denying that at the end of November the club formerly known as Sevco Scotland Limited owed just over £800k to suppliers.


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