Unbrotherly discussions and financial difficulties

At the regular meeting of the Sevco High Command yesterday there was no serious discussion apropos a new manager.

The only germane item on the dignified agenda was a free and fair exchange of views on the perennial problems of Blue Room leaks.

At one point the conclave was in danger of becoming less than harmonious.

Not surprisingly this dialogue focussed on how information leaked out regarding the Derek McInnes farce.

I was saddened to learn that a magnificently maned factotum made a harsh accusation of loose lips in the direction of one of his more senior brethren.

This was met with a stern counter-accusation that the likely Lundy in their midst might actually be closer to himself.

After that, the issue was Parked.

What the McInnes circus has done is to put fear into the sane faction in the Sevco High Command.

They are now pondering the reality that their esteemed chairman couldn’t find £1.2m (approx.) to secure the services of the Aberdeen management team.

If that is the case then the promises he made in the year-end account of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) look less than credible.

Then there is the money that Mr King will have to find if the Take Over Panel prevails in the Court of Session.

The historic victory over Ross County today was important on several counts:

It gave the fans something to cheer as Sevco notched up an impressive three victories on the bounce.

This strengthens the hand of the Murty faction in the Blue Room.

You may recall that he is the favoured austerity candidate among some of the Sevco High Command.

It also brought in much-needed match day revenue to the cash-strapped club.

Of course, next month will have a winter shut down.

That will undoubtedly be a challenging few weeks for the folk who have to keep the lights on at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

The fixtures mean that Sevco’s match against Motherwell on December 27th will be the last time that basket of assets are in action at Ibrox until January 24th when they play Aberdeen.

If you are diverted by low flying squirrels with high-Level orders then you will not make sense of the McInnes farce.

It was about money.

At the moment almost everything at Sevco is about money.

Or rather, the debilitating lack of same.

However, I’m sure it will all be fine.

After all, Mr David Cunnigham King is a man of his word.

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