The formation of doubts about Sevco

If Derek McInnes doesn’t know by now that Sevco is an absolute train wreck then I worry about him.

The possibility of Anthony Docherty having a seat in the home dugout at Ibrox appears to be causing some angst among The People.

Indeed, I’m told that that last night some dignified chaps communicated their unease about this matter to the Sevco High Command.

Perhaps these Quintessentially British fellows are worried about Mr Docherty’s rigid adherence to 4-4-2.

Yes, that’s probably it…

What I find much more troubling is that these Churchillian doubts were then passed onto the person representing Mr McInnes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ibrox story if the usual stenographers weren’t carrying out their orders.

I’m told that an angry inter-galactic PR guru had his shills spouting nonsense last night about the availability of funds for the compensation package.

Any doubts about Sevco’s ability to stump up were to be haughtily dismissed on air and BBC Radio Sevco did not disappoint.

You will note that Aberdeen FC allowed Mr McInnes to speak to Sunderland.

That’s because the English club was able to pay the compensation due.

If you don’t follow follow the money on this story then you end up off the radar.

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