High drama and low motives

I have a feeling that this particular storyline in the Sevco sitcom is reaching a dénouement.

Last night I understand that the agent representing Mr McInnes contacted the Serious Professional.

The message was quite simple and it was this period of indecision had to end.

The request bounced around the Sevco High Command like a pinball with no one wishing to make a move.

The Serious professional reminded the Blue Room grandees that going to Aberdeen without cash in hand was a pointless exercise.

However, that is what happened.

The subsequent statement from the Pittodrie club said so much with very few words.

Of course, the scriptwriters could create a scenario whereby the Aberdeen management team decide To Do Walking Away.

In that storyline, the erstwhile Pittodrie chaps might buy out their own contracts.

They might do so because they have a cast iron promise from the Sevco chairman that they will be financially looked after.

Oh dear.

Betrayal is a constant theme in great dramas down the ages.

42 thoughts on “High drama and low motives”

  1. So, as I understand it, Rangers have asked to speak to DM, but were refused permission by SM. End of. So DM cannot know what Rangers have to offer him and so DM cannot have performed Sunderland-esque “due diligence”. Yet DM is missing training, a press confernece and a match. That seems rather odd to me – have I missed something?

    Perhaps SM fancies a move to Ibrox one day himself, so does not want to be seen to be protesting too much by the brotherhood – is he impersonating three monkeys?

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” by The Hollies

  2. I’m sure Derek still has Mr Warburton’s phone number somewhere. That’s the only phone call he needs to make for an honest appraisal of the Govan Titanic.

  3. It’s just been reported on a pay per view site that the deal is done…and Milne has agreed to give them time to pay.
    When I quoted my source the other day about McInness staying at Aberdeen…I wish to clarify…
    She had been assured that the sticking point was up front payment…and as Sevco couldn’t meet that requirement…there would be no deal.
    If my opening paragraph is correct…then who saw that coming ?

  4. Sorry folks you are all mistaken. Chris Jack (Herald) writes that McInnes is Ibrokes bound where he will have a better squad, more money to spend on transfers—— big cheques will be written, all supervised by DCK.
    Win the next Celtic game qualify for EUROPA and all will be well.
    Seriously I do not think that I have ever read such utter rubbish from a journalist in my life.
    Absolutely no mention of the problems that Sevco face, no attempt at balance, just a not very good propaganda piece. The Herald should be ashamed to have printed it.

  5. So Derek, does that Timmy assistant of yours sspeak any Latin – cos we’ve got quite a few Latin players here.you know.

  6. DMI is a working guy trying to do his best for the family. This situation is one that all working people face at some time,and trying to think what’s best to do.
    The guys probably had some sleepless nights,as we all know the feeling when we struggle to decide,and everyone and his dog are telling us what’s best
    Personally I don’t think he is top class,as his tactics seem to be punting high balls up the park,but this is only my opinion.
    Again my opinion, let’s cut the guy so slack,as this can’t be a great time for him,with the media,and other forces pressurising him.

  7. If McInnes does decide to go to sevco serious questions should be asked about the integrity of the two games last week. Had the Dons won both, they would be twelve points clear with a much tighter goal difference. Twelve points adrift in third place would be a daunting prospect for any new manager. However since both results were in favour of sevco they now sit in second place by virtue of a far superior goal difference, an entirely different prospect for a new manager. A manager who was in a position to directly influence either situation. It really doesn’t look good. I fully expect however, that NO questions will be asked BY ANYONE in ANY position of authority.

  8. A bit out of left field though is there something bigger behind the scenes going on with DM having previously held council with the cardigan who suggested he would be I’ll advised to work with King. Does the cardigan know admin 2 and cold shouldering is coming and the GSL will be gone for him or another off licence putsch to swoop in and save the day. DM may be briefed on this scenario, possibly told he’d be ‘looked after’and may be sold a bunch’o’bull on writing off debt and having money to spend soon…

    Either way, lies, deceit and false hopes believed and budgeted by the common punter gullibillies, and, as others have stated I doubt it will affect Celtics long term plans and continuous development mindset.

    Casandras cat makes a great point on the awful media, who will first report liquidation on the other!!!

  9. Looks to me like they need a ‘RRM’ in charge for the next tits up, before the alleged Murray/ Souness consortium waiting in the wings takes over.

    It worked with Ally and they always need the deluded onside to pull the thing off.

    Handy having peepil attending meetings they think are for the ‘greater good’ twice a week, eh?

    Looks like you can tell them anything and they’ll swallow it.

    Even the hitherto ‘astute’ Aberdeen manager.

    1. ‘Hirsute’ as well as ‘Astute’.

      And, after his last two results against the Sevvies, it’s clear he’s already wearing the bear suit.

      Cheerio, ‘Deek”s career reputation.

      I never did believe ye.

  10. The SMSM tell us that Sevco have asked permission to speak to McInness.

    Is it not true they started talking to his agent a week before Pedro was sacked?

    And his agent relayed everything to him? And back and forth? No rules about, say, Paul Murray talking to an agent, who represents lots of people!

    Who is his agent? Get him in tv and get some sound bites.

  11. Once a Celt always a Celt

    I find it hard to believe that McInnes would be daft enough to leave a
    secure job to join the train crash that is Sevco. Does he realise that he may be the last ever manager
    of the new club?If he takes the job his credibility goes out the window.

    Donation made today via paypal.

  12. In terms of promises and the inability to pay for his contractual release you would think that DM has a few pointers as to his potential war-chest. Allied to the annual report then if he goes then he clearly needs his head examined

  13. Apparently the compo would be paid over the duration of his rangers contract..say 10p grand up front and the same every year till its paid up or paid of when his time is up….the problem is if they go into admin having only paid 1 or 200 hundred grand then the rest is lost so milne would rather sue mick innes for it in breach of conteact and get his money uo front

    1. Didn’t a similar thing happen with the former Govan Club…?
      They agreed a fee of £900 K with Hertz for Lee Wallace…went tits up…and Hertz got feck all…?

  14. Some questions for Deeks ( sorry it’s Mr McInnes now ) at his first press conference:

    1. You recently completely endorsed everything Stewart Milne said in response to the speculation regarding a potential approach by Sevco. What has happened to change your mind and do you no longer have unfinished business at Aberdeen?

    2. You have also recently stated that any manager would want to do proper due diligence on a club he was about to join, as you rightly did regarding Sunderland. Bearing in mind Sevco were only granted permission to approach you some 24 hours ago and that their perilous financial state is not exactly a secret, how have you managed to satisfy yourself in such a short space of time that everything is in order to your satisfaction? This of course assumes that there has been no illegal contact in the meantime.

  15. Whether he stays at Dons or goes to Sevco it will not make one iota of difference to us. This is a guy who has never laid a glove on Celtic with a better squad than what he’d have at Sevco. Aberdeen’s so called challenge only lasts until January at best, and that’s including flogging a dead horse from October / November. The occasional cup final tossed in has kept his profile artificially high. I believe even that great bastion of nonsense, Hugh Keevins, remarked “Show him a big game and he’ll blow it”.
    If I were advising him I’d say “Stay where you are, steady employment with a low ambition, low expectation, low quality club where no real scrutiny of you takes place and absolutely no one else in football gives a jot about you or the club, rather than risk it all for a probable short term appointment with a bunch of fruitcakes who meet the same criteria as above but try to pretend otherwise”.
    All this saga has done, which I didn’t think possible, is heap even more ridicule and embarrassment on Sevco. …….truly the World’s Most Embarrassing Club!

  16. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1885743/derek-mcinnes-backed-every-word-of-stewart-milne-statement-rangers-job-aberdeen-slam-door-shut/
    So after putting his name to the above statement he now, according to our trustworthy MSM, is saying he wants the *rangers* job Del seems to have fallen in line with the Glib and Shameless liar.
    I can accept every manager thinks he is the one to turn a club round. But you would think he would have done his homework and looked at the recent history of lies and subterfuge that’s come from DCK and his cohorts. Mcinnes has done well at Aberdeen only in so far as making them a reasonable force in Scotland. In reality they have one trophy and a few second places under his tenure and each foray they’ve had into Europe on the back of that ‘success’ they’ve been pumped by less than skilful opposition. He will be found out if he goes to ibrokes and his career will be finished. A shame really, but if you sleep with dogs you’re bound to catch fleas. Still, not worry, onwards into Europe in February.

  17. I thought he had some brains when he decided against the Sunderland job. Obviously a better paid job, but to be interested in the Sevco job without a pot to pi $$ in really is quite incredible.

    Celtic are light years in front of Aberdeen so in reality all Derek has to do is get in front of the sheep. Maybe nick a cup (with all the home draws they are a great bet to get to the semi finals).


  18. It’s all very interesting, but at the end of the day it’s two bald bear chairmen fighting over a comb, while Celtic head for a 10pt lead after 16 games, so on target for 23/24 gap after 38 🙂

    Carry on chaps – you’re all doing very well.Splendid

  19. Well, it does look like my hunch expressed on here yesterday – that the reason for the confusion & delay would be a classic Sevco attempt pay the release clause figure in instalments – was bang on the money. Or rather, bang on the absence of money.

    Their plan was to open talks with McInnes and do a personal deal, thus burning his bridges at Aberdeen and strongarming Milne into a position where he had to accept their payment terms. But Milne, unfortunately for them, wasn’t born yesterday. Nor within the last six years, like certain entities we might name.

    So, emboldened by the apparent accuracy of my call, I’ll make another one: it would be a huge mistake for DMI to go to Ibrox. Surely it must by now be obvious to him that they are (1) perilously short of funds and (2) all over the shop with their decisionmaking. Would he – and Tony Docherty – really be willing to front a seven-figure sum to buy out their Aberdeen contracts, on the Glibly-Shameless-CastIron-Guarantee of repayment over the course of their contracts? Even after what happened with Warbsdo and Weirdo?

    Given McInnes’ comments on his decision to knock back Sunderland’s approaches – “Managers are not blameless for results, of course, but when things are as poor as that then it’s an indication that it’s more than the manager. It’s sad to see someone lose their job so early in the season like that but it’s clearly very difficult circumstances to be working in” – can he conceivably intend to follow Warburton and Caixinha into the apocalyptic omnishambles of Sevcon One?

    Save yourself, Derek. Now, of all times, you need to think outside the Brox.

  20. If he decides that’s his destiny then fine. Personally I couldn’t care less & in some sort of Machiavellian way hope he goes. It will have no bearing on 10 in a row.

  21. Phil

    McInnes would be a fool to go to Ibrox now for 4 reasons,

    1. The club has no money to spend on players and finances are in a critical state.
    2.Caixinha’s imports will still be around and hard to punt in January with any decent resale value.
    3. Management team are forced to go along with a script provided by the High Level PR Guru.
    4. There is a total lack of transparency from the Honest Chairman.

    The People have had their own way for too long and now they do not like to be told “No!!” by anyone.

    What next for the Sevco High Command?

  22. Career suicide?
    Surely he’s one more good season/cup final away from a better proposition than Rangers who will play 2nd / 3rd fiddle to Celtic for the foreseeable?

  23. Anyone stupid enough to believe anything promised by a “glib and shameless liar” has only themselves to blame when it goes sour. I was never that enamored of McInnes as a top-flight manager, but I thought he was fairly good and on the ball (i.e. not an idiot). May now have to re-evaluate that opinion….

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