High drama and low motives

I have a feeling that this particular storyline in the Sevco sitcom is reaching a dénouement.

Last night I understand that the agent representing Mr McInnes contacted the Serious Professional.

The message was quite simple and it was this period of indecision had to end.

The request bounced around the Sevco High Command like a pinball with no one wishing to make a move.

The Serious professional reminded the Blue Room grandees that going to Aberdeen without cash in hand was a pointless exercise.

However, that is what happened.

The subsequent statement from the Pittodrie club said so much with very few words.

Of course, the scriptwriters could create a scenario whereby the Aberdeen management team decide To Do Walking Away.

In that storyline, the erstwhile Pittodrie chaps might buy out their own contracts.

They might do so because they have a cast iron promise from the Sevco chairman that they will be financially looked after.

Oh dear.

Betrayal is a constant theme in great dramas down the ages.

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