Amoral manoeuvres and stunned steongraphers

The mood was funereal tonight on BBC Radio Sevco.

Chris McLaughlin, who had been particularly adamant about the inexorability of McInnes to Ibrox sounded as if he was in shell-shocked mode:

“The news that probably no one was expecting.

It has taken most people by surprise.”


Well, I’m not one of them Chris.

Nor would my many readers be stunned at this development in the Sevco sitcom.

However, let’s not rake over the coals on this one as I’m not detecting any appetite for that.

I think a period of healing is required.

Kenny McIntyre said “none of us could have predicted that this would have been the outcome”.

Well Kenny, I did predict it.

I stated quite clearly to my readers that the Sevco High Command were not in a position to meet the compensation demands of Aberdeen FC.

Only Michael Stewart contributed to the cause of veracity by constantly making reference to pesky facts.

Hat tip Mikey.

Tonight the Pittodrie club put it all to bed.

You can read their statement here.

Aberdeen is a proper football club with a great history.

In my opinion, Derek McInnes has made the correct call to have nothing to do with the shambolic five-year-old-club.

If the luminaries of the Fitba Fourth Estate are stunned at this news, then my readers are almost certainly not.

Regular visitors here have had a contemporaneous account of the machinations of the Holding Company vehicle apropos this embarrassing clusterfuck.

How many days have the Sevco High Command been searching for a new manager?

The answer is, of course, 42.

If Pedro was on borrowed time, for say, a fortnight before the fateful day then that’s a long time to be without a permanent manager.

When the loveable Portuguese spoofer was sacked a high-Level plan was hatched in a glib and shameless manner.

Use the shills in the local media to unsettle the Aberdeen manager and he would walk out of his job.

It might take a few weeks of incessant speculation, but he would ultimately cave in under the pressure.

This way Sevco would get the manager from their nearest rivals without having to pay them compensation.

If I didn’t know any better it is almost like the chaps in the Blue Room are amoral amateurs being assisted by craven venal hacks.

However, I’m sure there must be a Quintessentially British explanation that just exudes Unsurpassed Dignity.

Yes, there must be…

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