European progress and bizarre storylines

Despite the narrow home defeat to Anderlecht Celtic will be in Europe after the winter break.

So, progress and not Progrès for the biggest club in Scotland this season.

Just before that magical music blared out at Celtic Park Aberdeen put out this short statement.

If you thought that this particular storyline in the Sevco saga couldn’t get any stranger then you’re probably very wrong indeed.

Perhaps the award-winning scriptwriters will throw in something from left field.

It might even be an episode where the Sevco High Command makes an approach for the manager of another SPFL club.

When the subject of the contractually based compensation is brought up the Blue Room chaps make an interesting move.

Instead of stumping up a lump sum as laid down in the contract they offer to pay it over the lifetime of the manager’s contract if he accepts the job.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

The episode then closes with a short, terse statement being uploaded to the other club’s website.

Then again, that is probably too far-fetched even for the Sevco sitcom.

Isn’t it?

Personally, I can’t wait until Sevco is a series on Netflix.

At least there they’ll be a success.