European progress and bizarre storylines

Despite the narrow home defeat to Anderlecht Celtic will be in Europe after the winter break.

So, progress and not Progrès for the biggest club in Scotland this season.

Just before that magical music blared out at Celtic Park Aberdeen put out this short statement.

If you thought that this particular storyline in the Sevco saga couldn’t get any stranger then you’re probably very wrong indeed.

Perhaps the award-winning scriptwriters will throw in something from left field.

It might even be an episode where the Sevco High Command makes an approach for the manager of another SPFL club.

When the subject of the contractually based compensation is brought up the Blue Room chaps make an interesting move.

Instead of stumping up a lump sum as laid down in the contract they offer to pay it over the lifetime of the manager’s contract if he accepts the job.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

The episode then closes with a short, terse statement being uploaded to the other club’s website.

Then again, that is probably too far-fetched even for the Sevco sitcom.

Isn’t it?

Personally, I can’t wait until Sevco is a series on Netflix.

At least there they’ll be a success.

29 thoughts on “European progress and bizarre storylines”

  1. I’m sure you’ve noticed Phil, however Pedro’s got a new job!

    Off the wage bill and cash freed up for the McInnes push.

    Whether it’s successful is another matter…

  2. Whenever I read utter, uber bollocks in the SMSM like Chris Jackass’s piece today, my mixed emotions of anger and indignation are easily salved by remembering that their circulation figures are in a nose dive toward administration and liquidation. Losing 10% to 15% of cicualtion year after year is a slow motion train wreck in busienss terms – halving revenue every five eyars or so to a critical point when it just collapses. . And there will be no-one there to pretend they didn’t die. In fact, it’s become a race – will Rangers report the death of the SMSM or will SMSM report the death of Rangers again (sic).

    check out – for the grim statistics – and don’t be fooled by claims of fast growing web audiences – the web is free – pay walls don’t work and advertisers pay micro-pence for each ad dispalyed/clicked.

    Today, I’ll mostly be serenading the SMSM with “Trash” by The Whip.

  3. If Sevco made McInnes manager tomorrow, the leaders of Scottish football would do hee-haw. The may reluctantly ask Glibby to pay some compensation but it would be no where near £800k.

  4. McInnes probably knows deep down it will ruin his career but seems to still want to go. Handy for getting to work I suppose as he lives 10 minutes from ibrox and nowhere near Aberdeen. Not much commitment there. Rangers live on the never never and through begging. Take that Garner guy. Bought him for £2 million they said. Aye, half a million a year for 4 years. Binned him halfway through and said they got a million. Eh, no you never. That million paid what you were still due. You got sweet FA.

    1. Seems to me DM has the choice of going to Rangers and being known as devious and untrustworthy for evermore – sold his club and fans down the river for personal gain – not good when Rangers crash and burn and he needs another job

      Alternatively, he will be seen as the man who bottled it under media pressure and gave away six points to a near rival – a classic twelve-pointer – and managed the media exceptionally badly by not putting an end to the stories – which was within his power. – not good when looking for his next job.

      Either way, DM is damaged goods when it comes to a better job outside Scotland – there’s are plenty of out of work managers, so why take a chance with a wrong-un.

  5. Celtic should be playing 4-4-2 in domestic football with Dembele-Edouard-Griffiths rotating two up front.

    It cuts midfield down to four enabling resting legs in this campaign.

    Broony deserves a game here and there resting. Ntcham should be stepped up now to regular starts in central midfield.

    We’re halfway through the season and they look as though the four tournaments is catching up with them. Slower on the ball, dithering…bad errors.

    Has morale taken a wee knock with charismatic Patrick Roberts sent South for 3 months?

    Ryan Christie is a ready made replacement. Why pay a cool million for Hayes plus give Christie to Dons ? Awful decision. Especially if Forrest is injured.

    Why is Sviatchenko never played? He was excellent in central defence. Has he gone backwards under Kennedy and Rodgers?

    1. Get Christie back in January.

      Loan Dons Johnny Hayes back.

      Buy a left back and rotate KT with Sinclair as left winger.

      KT reminds me of Shaun Maloney on left Wing.

      Midfield: Tierney-Ntcham-McGregor-Forrest. (Subs: Sinclair-Rogic-Biton-Broonyresting- Armstrong-others).

      Defence: new left back-Sviatchenko-Simunovic- Lustig (sub; Boyata, others).

  6. SM: look son, I don’t wnat to lose you, but be careful, they’ve got no money, so think twice about anything they’ve promised you.

    DM: No Stew, that’s all bampot talk. Dave as zillions stashed away and he’s going to over-invest to blast Celtic to hell where they belong.

    SM: Tell you want son, we’ll ask them to put £1,000,000 in escrow to see if they are serious about paying your compensation – and if they have any money

    DM: no problems – and then I can talk to them?

    SM: yes son, but don’t go doing any silly interviews before we know what’s what.

    DM: ok boss

    SM: So son, instead on putting £1,000,000 down, they’ve offered me 60 monthly payments of £12,000 which adds up to £720,000 ignoring loss of interest. My guess is, one way or another, I won’t see more than £100,000 of that. So the answer to them is “NO”.

    SM: more importantly son, for you, it shows that they have no money. Under the same circumstance, I’d put the money on the table in a flash as a sign of funds and genuine interest. They have no money – for your salary, for your bonus, for buying players, for keeping high salary players. No money Son. Do you want me to explain that another way?

    DM: But Stew, I really, really want to manage Rangers.

    SM: Well that’s up to you son, do what you need to, but remember we have a contracts and I won’t be shafted by a tax criminal even if he is a brother and a fellow RRM.

  7. Ehm! We’ll give DM a four year deal and pay you nice Aberdeen guys 250k per year, at the end of each 12 months. Ok?

    If you say naw then oor hacks in the DR will tear into you tomorrow. Hello Hello.

    Aberdeen: but DM doesn’t actually wish to join you.

    Sevco: who cares? We arra peepo!

  8. Let be honest – we were rotten last night. Narrow defeat? played off the park we were. I paid for a ticket last night to see if we could get another win- we didnt even try. Poor. Forget about the tribute act -couldn’t care about what they get up too. Progress- we haven’t either- yes we are in to europe after christmas but we have the same amount of points as last year in the champions league.

  9. I really have no sympathy for Aberdeen and Milne ….. Let’s bygones be bygones and nothing to be gained by raking over the coals blah blah blah.

    That how you learn and lead ya fud, !!!!!!

    I hope Sevco, the media, the rule bending SFA and Ladbrokes rip them a new one.

    They had their chance and Milne couldn’t wait to make Celtic look like self serving mugs.

    GIRUY !!!!

  10. Ongoing shambles at Sevco.Penny Arcade indeed.Celtic will gain more euro millions from the Europa League and will strengthen the team in January thereof ensuring domestic domination.BR is here for TIAR.Hope it hurts Sevconians.

  11. Surely there must be some action from the authorities on this protracted unsettling of a manager and rival team?
    Sorry I am being stupid it’s Sevco and they can do as they please.

  12. Phil – there’s no let-up from the media on this. In this morning’s Daily Retard, there’s a strong suggestion that Mr McInnes will (along with Tony Docherty) tear up his contract with Aberdeen! How low will Jabba and his underlings within the Ibrox boardroom stoop? It’s high time the SPFL and SFA charged the tribute act with tapping up the guy! This is a concerted campaign, not only by the media, to unsettle not only Aberdeen’s management, but their entire structure! I’d piss myself laughing if Derek McInnes told them, in no uncertain industrial-strength language, to go forth and multiply!

  13. Any club approached by sevco for their manager should reply in a single word. Hows about General Tony McAuliffe’s single word Reply of “Nuts!!” in response to the Hun surrender untimatum at Bastogne. No Surrender is so old school.

  14. Smart move by McInnes to stay at the Dons for now until a better club with a real player budget and realistic progres ambitions comes in for him.

    What now for Sevco who have shown their hand?
    Surely anyone else approached for the toxic chalice job will realise they are second choice?

    However, are Sevco so devious as to have known that they had no chance of getting McInnes but have appeared to have appeased most of the Bears by making a move for him anyway?
    They can not afford lump sum compo apparently.
    I think Murty will stay in post until the end of the season as Sevco will believe that it can stay in second place in the league now and the PR spin will maintain that the “club” is taking its time to get the right man. Maybe an out of work RRM could be brought in to assist him.
    After all, finishing 2nd in the top flight will be real progres.

  15. Perhaps last two managers off.. have Warburton and Weiry Dave and Pedro and his team been paid?? Yep it’s all sea fat cry from Celtic being hammered over Tommy Burns approach …. one rule for the Bretheren ….

  16. There is no free coffees in life

    Time “the sevco” paid up And stopped behaving like “oldco”

    Pay Aberdeen – One Million up front for their guys or leave them alone

    Pay the magic hat and primark Pedro what they are owed

  17. So not only do they have the ‘press’ haunting McInnes’s,every move,they now want him to,if he goes,live his time at iBoaks quite literally living on a knife edge.No change there then,as that is what his predecessors had too.
    McInnes would be in need of some help from mental health specialists in does,of course that may already be required.

    Truly hunfuqnbelievable,whatever next!! Only @Dignitas FC.
    Do you think there’ll be Christmas Special??
    Cheers Phil.?

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