The Impecunious Kid comes out blasting

If the RIFC AGM was a bit of a damp squib there were definitely fireworks beforehand this morning.

The esteemed chairman, who had turned up empty handed to the cash-strapped outfit, was still packing heat.

I’m told that he was seething about a piece in the Daily Radar that hinted that the full details of the “victory” over Ashley might not make for pleasant reading.

Mr King was unhappy that his inter-galactic PR guru had failed him.

Moreover, he knew that the leak had to come from within a very tight group in the Sevco High Command.

Of course, regular readers here were very well informed about the details of the…ahem…favourable settlement with Sports Direct earlier this year.

Now, the Impecunious Kid cannot control the content here, but he does expect to get an easy ride in the award-winning pages of the Daily Radar.

When Dave had calmed down it was agreed that the AGM would be told that there would be a new shiny retail deal in the future and that negotiations would start soon.

If this is true then Big Mike will be in line for another sizeable cheque to close off his current arrangement with RIFC.

The Sevco High Command had hoped against hope that Dave would turn up with some of the promised cash as per the annual accounts.

Alas their hopes were dashed.

On that issue of impecuniosity, the Serious Professional has contacted his opposite number at Pittodrie to expedite the payment due to Sevco for the away tickets last night.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that there is a cash crisis at Ibrox.

For the avoidance of doubt, as I know that The People visit this site, I did attend a Catholic school in Scotland.

Just in case you’re wondering…







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