The Impecunious Kid comes out blasting

If the RIFC AGM was a bit of a damp squib there were definitely fireworks beforehand this morning.

The esteemed chairman, who had turned up empty handed to the cash-strapped outfit, was still packing heat.

I’m told that he was seething about a piece in the Daily Radar that hinted that the full details of the “victory” over Ashley might not make for pleasant reading.

Mr King was unhappy that his inter-galactic PR guru had failed him.

Moreover, he knew that the leak had to come from within a very tight group in the Sevco High Command.

Of course, regular readers here were very well informed about the details of the…ahem…favourable settlement with Sports Direct earlier this year.

Now, the Impecunious Kid cannot control the content here, but he does expect to get an easy ride in the award-winning pages of the Daily Radar.

When Dave had calmed down it was agreed that the AGM would be told that there would be a new shiny retail deal in the future and that negotiations would start soon.

If this is true then Big Mike will be in line for another sizeable cheque to close off his current arrangement with RIFC.

The Sevco High Command had hoped against hope that Dave would turn up with some of the promised cash as per the annual accounts.

Alas their hopes were dashed.

On that issue of impecuniosity, the Serious Professional has contacted his opposite number at Pittodrie to expedite the payment due to Sevco for the away tickets last night.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that there is a cash crisis at Ibrox.

For the avoidance of doubt, as I know that The People visit this site, I did attend a Catholic school in Scotland.

Just in case you’re wondering…







52 thoughts on “The Impecunious Kid comes out blasting”

  1. There’s a fantastic story’ in the Evening Times tonight – the headline reads ‘Dave King: Rangers have plans to redevelop Ibrox on 150th Anniversary’

    I fully appreciate that Mr King’s ambition clearly knows no bounds, but surely the year 2162 is looking just a little too far ahead?

    Or should the headline read along the lines of ‘Phoenix club intends to carry out essential repairs sometime over the next 5 years?’.

    I’ve never quite got to grips with this high level ‘off the radar’ pish, but I’m doing my best!

  2. How do we measure how useless the SFA are?

    Well, five countries with smaller populations than Scotland qualified for the World Cup last 32: Costa Rica, Croatia, Iceland. Panama, Uraguay

    Denmark qualified – but they have 200k more people

    Serbia (7.1m) and Switzerland (8.2m) qualified and aren’t that much bigger – allowing for Scotland’s football heritage and infrastructure.

    If the SFA spent less time corrupting Scottish football for the benefit of their brothers and thought about developing the sport for everyone – the story would be very different – third rate wannebees full of corporate jargon and excuses. Remember Barry Hearn had them sussed – funny he never got invited back.

    1. And the “too wee to succeed” brigade have never been asked to explain how Uruguay could win it twice, as well as the Copa América umpteen times.

  3. So the papers are full of share issue funding, Ibrox developments, 150th celebrations, shirt deal negotiations. imminent manager announcemnt, funds for players in January and CL ambitions

    King certainly knows how to lead the Bears by the short and curlies – and knows how to give easy headlines to the sad apology for journalism that is the SMSM.

    But none of that changes the colour of the ink all over the RIFC accounts – now or into the future – it’s all just con-man distraction. The truth is, King has nothing approaching a credible busienss plan and he doesn’t give even half a F**k – it’s all just an ego trip – and like all sociopaths – he’ll feel zero pain, remorse or responsibility when it all goes tits up – anyone remember david murray? I think the other directors know this now – did any of them even speak at the AGM in solidarity – but they don’t know how to get rid of him – they are probably hoping more than any Timmy that Lord B throws the book at him.

    Today, in homage to the RIFC accounts, I’ll mostly be singing “Red” by Sammy Hagar

    “Red, Red, I want red, there’s no substitute for red
    |Red, red, paint it red, green ain’t main compared to red”

  4. The quite different media reactions to the match officials display on Wednesday night is a sure sign of things to come.
    The Well player makes a suicidal tackle on MacGregor and clearly barges him over. If you look at the replay Boyata, on the half way line, has his hands in the air claiming a pen.
    Well spotted Collum, even though you owe us a couple. Cue a torrent of criticism towards the ref.
    Whilst over at Ibrox first hard tackle from the Dons, yellow card. McCrorie wipes out an Aberdeen player, no card, no verbal warning.
    And so it went on throughout the game.
    Mackay Steven has his heels clipped twice by Tavernier affecting his balance and shot on goal. Penalty and red card….. Nope, goal kick.
    Christie gets booked for questioning another horrendous decision by Son Of Dallas followed by the inevitable 2nd card and a ban from Sunday’s match.
    Linesman has an unrestricted view of the 3rd goal, two home players offside, no flag, job done.
    Might not have been quite up there with the infamous Mike McCurry performance but nevertheless is a stark reminder of the impact officials can have on the game.
    Yet only Collum is getting criticism for one decision whilst the Newco game was littered with questionable decisions made by one of Fleming’s fast track graduates who gets away Scot free with a terrible performance.
    As 8, 9 and 10 become a reality anyone thinking that Celtic will skoosh it be warned.
    Apart from our own fans no one wants to see it happen especially Newco and their friends in the media. Give them their due, they have even stopped trying to hide it.
    As for our football authorities expect no favours as they will play their part in attempting to stop 10 IAR, for the good of Scottish football of course.

    1. The problem for Rangers is that they are third rate wannebees – in the dressing room, in the dugout, in the boardroom. They are so used to brotherly help, financial doping, SFA/SPFL blind-eyes and SMSM bullshit that they don’t understand what it takes to be build a genuinely successful football club. My advice – which I can give freely beciasue they don’t have the sense to follow it – bite the bullet, run a break-even business, get rid of the hangers-on, buy in real expertise, do the hard work and win honestly. Otherwise they’ll always struggle to get past the first qualifier in Europe. With the current MO theiir biggest income from Europe will be earned by Celtic until the likes of King, Johnson and Mini-Murray have popped their clogs.

      And I should also say that the SFA anad SPFL are still hoping beyond hope that Rangers return to their glory days – and will bend/break/create any rule to assist – but only because they too are third rate wannebees who want money for nothing and their blazers for free. But Rangers will not return to their tax evasion glory. How can anyone not understand that employing brothers to referee matches at Ibrox is transparently corrupt and an anathema to fair sport that ordinary people can care about. Too stupid for words.

      and breathe . . .

  5. what next for sevco administration bet it was lies that Cunningham king was telling that in negotiations with a new retail deal bet it wont last they cant even afford pay of admiral warburton and pedro Here we go to 10 in a row

  6. There’s no doubt a concerted media campaign to discredit Celtic at every opportunity.
    Every back page headline belittling the penalty awarded to Celtic with claims of cheating, diving and worse.
    Having watched the incident over and over it’s crystal clear that Rose barged into the back of MacGregor knocking him over with some force.
    Expect a queue of ex refs in the media perpetuating the no penalty cause.
    One things for certain ……if last nights officials at Ibrox had been in charge at Fir Park Celtic would have lost the game.
    It’s not enough for Newco to win the match but now one of Aberdeen’s better players will be suspended for Sunday’s rematch.
    Job done Dallas, shocking display but Collum gets all the negative headlines.
    Oh and hardly a word about the shower of coins launched at the Celtic players.
    Will it be mentioned in the ref supervisor report, will the SPFL take action or even comment.
    Last night we got a glimpse of the future with a ref making a pro Celtic decision getting pelters in the media whilst the match officials at Ibrox got 10 out of 10 despite, or because, of a series of horrendous decisions none of which benefited Aberdeen.
    How can the run to 10 IAR and back to back trebles be derailed…….very easily.

    1. I totally agree with your comments….
      However surely its getting close to the time when Celtic FC OFFICIALLY complain about this treatment.
      I watched Scott Brown, on the Scottish News last night, make a very decent effort to highlight the unacceptable nonsense which is going on at the moment, and would praise him for doing so.
      But surely the time has come for the Club to publicly state its objections.
      Hail hail.

  7. News Now Rangers: “King: Transfer Fubd for New Man” Rangers Official website

    Ooops, 404 Not Found

    same headline on Rangers websiite – click “Watch Now”

    Oops, 404 Not Found

    Dave tells the truth at last

  8. Trying to picture David Ian Cunningham King at my old school Saint Margaret Mary’s

    “Aye I’m loaded lads, I’ve got hunners a money but it’s doon ma grannies bit the noo”

    “Ma Da’s a polis and he’s taking me to Ibrox to see the Gers ”

    Awe here Squint Eastward…..booof

    1. Ah wiz playin’ fur St. John’s Boy’s Guild against your Boy’s Guild…up at Castlemilk.
      Your team scored…but ma mate was standin’ just behind the post ( spectatin’…and nae nets in they days either)…Anyway he stopped the baw on the line and kicked it back oot…Ref. waved play on…
      Cue your Parish Priest ( he ran the team) to go ballistic…and head fur ma mate …whilst screamin’ at the Ref.
      Bottom line…After a mighty punch up between players…the Ref. abandoned the game…and awarded you the points.
      Ah…The good auld days.
      True story that.

  9. Phil, my previous ‘Souness Aboard The Titanic’ post was a deliberate example of me ‘being silly’.

    My query from two posts back, however, was a highly relevant and pertinent question which is largely lost, if not actually suppressed, by many of the leading voices in the debate, particularly those who seem to enjoy certain privileges courtesy of the board around match day, a fact of which I’m sure you’re already well aware.

    For if it’s ‘the truth’ we’re really after here, then no question should be dismissed outright before being duly respected and considered as worthy of further investigation, particularly when there are certain indicators which remain naggingly in place and which might not bode well for the future, and this most especially if the so-called ‘critics’ observing this affair are themselves being slickly greased to ensure that they don’t become bumping cogs in the well oiled money machine that modern day football has been bent and twisted into.

    But we’ll never get to the bottom of it if we keep stopping at the middle and it’s disturbing that so many observers seem quite happy to quickly ‘wrap up’ their questions faster than Jabba at a Warbo press bash the moment some quiet ‘self reflection’ is required.

    Don’t you think ..?

  10. I too attended catholic schools in Scotland,it made no difference to my outlook;that all religion does is,cause war,death,grief,pain,anguish and disharmony for All concerned.
    There are many who profit from both war and religion,but that’s for another day.
    I was hoping for more fall-out than we have gleaned till this point.
    I’m sure Phil has more in the pipeline.
    DCK skint shocker!!??☮️
    Cheers Phil HH?

    1. The fact that having attended catholic schools it made no difference to your outlook might suggest that it is in fact other things in life, perhaps not such sitting targets as religion, that cause war, death, grief, pain, anguish and disharmony in life. Just a thought …

      1. Nah,sorry Adrian,I know exactly what I meant,you can take it any way you like,however these ‘conflicts’ are religious based,eg.ISIS.
        We won’t have to look far for other examples of RELIGION causeing war.
        Nazi Germany persecuting Jews… etc etc.
        It’s the ‘people’ who profit from wars that We should All be very aware of.Their reach is far more than we know.

        Phil I was well aware that DCK was asked that sectarian bigoted question,I used your example to show my school record,but being brought up Catholic,which even as a young man,made no difference to my lifelong belief that religion causes more grief than it provides aid to the masses.
        You don’t believe anymore than I do,so I’m still at a loss as to your point.
        Either way we are All entitled to our opinion.

        1. Hey, Mhiguel, islam is a different case. Please don’t throw Christianity in with it.

          You mention “people” who make money off war. Who are they?

          1. Thank you mhiguel for the link. most interesting.

            I have to say, and I may be wrong here, but its sentiment seems a bit out of step with your earlier posts. I’m sure I’ve overlooked something though.

          2. The documentary,The Four Horsemen,is where your question of ‘who are they?’ will best be answered.
            However,The Desiderata is something I hold dear,thee most beautiful poem I have ever read.I can only hope that my actions and outlook on life is heavily influenced by those words.I stumbled across it nearing 25 years ago and it just clicked with me,as if it were fate.For me that poem is as close to religion as I am ever likely to get,there is mention of religion but he wisely leaves it ambiguous.
            The poem also guides the reader on how to draw conclusions in life with or without religion,and ending in the words ‘strive to be happy’ I think people can sometimes forget to do just that.??
            It would be interesting to read what you think of the documentary too,it lasts 1 hour 38 minutes,ideally watching it in one hit,although it took myself another hour at least,having to stop and reference what they were speaking of.
            I wish you well,HH?
            Great game today,Édouard was tremendous,a week late for my wager,but nonetheless greatly appreciated.

            Here’s the link for it,enjoy.


            I think it will almost certainly reveal details of certain things that you have previously thought you knew well.

          3. The documentary,The Four Horsemen,is where your question of ‘who are they?’ will best be answered.
            However,The Desiderata is something I hold dear,thee most beautiful poem I have ever read.I can only hope that my actions and outlook on life is heavily influenced by those words.I stumbled across it nearing 25 years ago and it just clicked with me,as if it were fate.For me that poem is as close to religion as I am ever likely to get,there is mention of religion but he wisely leaves it ambiguous.
            The poem also guides the reader on how to draw conclusions in life with or without religion,and ending in the words ‘strive to be happy’ I think people can sometimes forget to do just that.??
            It would be interesting to read what you think of the documentary too,it lasts 1 hour 38 minutes,ideally watching it in one hit,although it took myself another hour at least,having to stop and reference what they were speaking.
            I wish you well,HH?
            Great game today,Édouard was tremendous,a week late for my wager,but nonetheless greatly appreciated.

  11. Phil, a damp squib indeed…..why no mention of the Resolutions (especially 11), I take it they all sailed through?

    IS there another Company (Klub/Ethereal Entity) in the world where a Chairman would be asked which school he went to. Sadly they are all still locked in the 17th century, even the ‘stakeholders’ who should be pushing the Bored (I know) to plan for the future…..imbred muppets.

  12. P.S would be it cynical of me to suggest that their expensive signings played last night in the hope of getting a result before the AGM ?

    What chance a terrible injury to befall some players by Saturday ?

  13. If the payroll went through today then Park caved in. Simples.

    Which means CCK doesn’t care if it folds as he won’t cave in first.

  14. No warchest with gold Kruggerands carried by elephant up Edmiston drive? Shame!

    After all they’ve done to Aberdeen, they want a fiscal hurry up? Against the SPFL Rules? Total cheek. What with their home bred referee an all.

    It won’t enamour McInness if Stewy Milne points out the Sevco request to him.

    Well the AGM is over. So over to Lord Bannatyne.

    It’s quite funny how Glib talks about soft loans repeatedly when:
    1. They attract hefty interest as per the accounts show.
    2. The shareholders are about to pay for the loans due to res 11.

  15. I’ve been a keen motorist for forty years or more traveling all over this best wee bigoted country in the world. I have been stunned by the amount of roadkill throughout the year particularly during the spring and summer months.
    I concluded that , alongside the Wildebeests crossing the Nile, the pheasant was the most stupid or even, stupidest creature on the planet, that was until today.
    They have both been overtaken by the Sevco gullibillies. Imagine voting to halve the value of your investment, or even losing it all, as long as the team are performing. Psyche men would have a field day with this lot. Stupid is as stupid does.
    News filtering back is that the pheasants and wildebeests are partying like it’s
    Cheers Phil

    1. SUN TSU

      Pheasants aren’t as stupid as you think.

      Sure,they make up a large proportion of roadkill. But that’s because they’d rather take their chances wi the traffic. Any time they take to the air,some eejit shoots at them!

  16. AGM Summary: Move along there Billy shareholder, there’s nothing to worry about. Just keep buying your ST and paying your £18.72. All is well. The grown up tax criminal has it all under control.

    AGM Highlight: “We continue to be envied by other clubs for having such a magnificent debt free stadium and training facilites.” FFS, now the stadium is an etherial entity with it’s own credit rating. Genius!

    AGM Non Events: well too many to list really, but worth mentioning
    a) no meaningful discusssion of the practical impact of Lord B’s judgement or
    b) no explaining in words of one syllable why the C1872ers will have to pay again to regain the same percentage shareholding in the clumpany thingy that they have today.

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing Prince Far I’s “What You Gonna Do on Judgement Day”

    1. If he could have got away with it Glib would have preferred it to be called Club2012. Because £20.12p contributions brings in more than £18.72p.

      1. GA, he’ll soon be able to call it Club 2018 – every little helps

        btw I love the idea of £1,000 bonds for 50,000 supporters to buy the assets and raise £50m – they only put £4 into the IPO.

        That’s £50m to buy assets that belong to the clumpany that they are already buying twice via Club1872

        There really is no substitute for genuine stupidity.

        btw what exactly does “debt free stadium” mean?

        Perhaps it means that Charles Green or the mysterious Blue Pitch Holdings own it outright and are renting/leasing it to the clumpany? So it may be “debt free” but it is not ours.

        And if it belongs to the clumpany and is “debt free” then why don’t they borrow against it to accelerate “the journey”? Maybe because it’s so delapidated (you can’t paint rust) that it is uninsurable? Maybe because ownership is subject to a legal challenge (5008 to Scotland switheroo) ? Maybe the Cold Shoulder is unnecessary because anyone with a brain would not trust King with a half eaten sandwich and a pint of piss?

        And who are these fnancial wizards who invested in RIFC expecting capital growth and dividends and are now constatntly demanding results – ffs – if I’d done that I’d be keeping bloody quiet about it.

        And finally, for now, how’s that Living Wage for all at Ibrox and Murray Park thing coming on – must have missed it in the accounts and at the AGM 🙂

        1. If King can offload Ibroken to the Gullible. Then the gullible will be legally responsible for it and it’s maintenance and HSE Compliance and not the RIFC PLC Board.

          Suddenly King will be asking why the fans are not replacing corroded and structurally unsound roofs.

  17. Lots of blue suits and well-polished dignified, decent shoes. But there seems to be something not right…something missing.
    Shouldn’t there be some substance?

  18. It’s Pay Day & Patron Saint Day a reason to fly the Flegs surely ?
    Maybe they need the Sheep’s ticket money to cover some bills/payslips?

      1. He went to Allan Glen’s school. As did I and a few of us Celtic supporters. He was Castlemilk, we were Pollok, Easterhouse, Shettleston etc.
        I don’t recall any religion type debate as we were all from different areas and were made to study hard.

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