Defcon Sevco as the AGM looms

This is turning out to be a very stressful week for the senior functionaries at Sevco.

Yesterday there was a call put into an RIFC board member from Argyle House and it had nothing to do with the current managerial debacle.

The conversation was about one thing only:


The Blue Room chap made it quite clear to the functionary that his days of bailing out the five-year-old club was the thing of the past.

The director surmised that if he was getting a call then there must be no recent word from the South African based Chairman.

He was correct in his deductions.

So, as of yesterday, no one in the Sevco High Command would admit to having had recent communications with their chairman.

Consequently, it must be a great source of comfort to the chaps in the Blue Room to know that the folk at Campbell Dallas must have received very convincing documentary evidence apropos Mr King’s net worth.

Otherwise, they all might be utterly fucked.

It would appear that my recent attempt at sarcasm rather missed the mark in some quarters.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is my information that Mr Eck DID reach out to a senior functionary in the Ibrox firmament a few weeks ago.

A dinner date with an old buddy from the Rangers days then led to an informal sit down with the Serious Professional.

The ex-Zamalek supremo was left in no doubt about the parlous state of the Sevco finances.

Therefore, Mr Eck was entirely correct to state that there had been no contact FROM Sevco.

However, his statement to the media had a certain inter-galactic PR guru blowing a gasket.

Developing chaos…

20 thoughts on “Defcon Sevco as the AGM looms”

  1. This Rancid Club,Just keep given Everyone Utter Delight and Amusement…Ive never Ever laughed so much as Witnessing This Lot about Scotland needs a strong Sevco.Believe Me,They are Strong.We can smell them From Here..HH

  2. Campbell Dallas would have been well aware of King’s counsels claim at the Court Of Session that his client was skint and even suggested to m’lud that evidence of said skintness could be provided if required.
    The evidence of proof of funds given to the auditors from King/NOAL must have been comprehensive and overwhelming, particularly in regards to a business that over the last 20 years has continually posted losses. Not to mention the toxicity of the business in the City and the reputation of the de facto Chairman.
    Anything less would be a dereliction of duty by the auditors.

  3. It’s clear that as the unbeaten domestic run continues the more the media long for someone to bring it to an end……for the sake of Scottish football of course.
    BBC Scotland radio went into overdrive following Lustig’s own goal, claiming that Well were on course for a deserved victory.
    Having just seen the highlights its not clear why Well merited a win.
    Their goalie had a blinder and Celtic created lots of chances.
    Some wishful thinking in that BBC commentary!

  4. Is that Murty back in the frame?
    Same again on Sunday could clinch the gig for him.
    Poor as Aberdeen were the ref had his yellow card out every time one of them made a strong tackle whereas he waved play on as Newco players threw themselves at the Dons players.
    If the linesmen had not waved their flags on a couple of occasions then players in blue would have escaped punishment as the ref played on.
    It was inevitable that someone in the Dons team would be sent off and so it followed.
    Of course Christie’s first yellow card was for complaining to the ref as yet another foul from Newco went unpunished.
    Two players offside at the 3rd goal including the scorer with the linesman having a clear view but didn’t flag.
    Dallas is a product of Fleming’s fast track school. There is never a week goes by where one, or more, of the graduates make serious errors, often referred to as honest mistakes.
    It would appear that the only casualties at Hampden are the national team managers whilst the likes of Fleming, Bryson, Regan and Doncaster are bullet proof no matter how they perform.

  5. Rangers have certainly ruined that age old saying “no news is good news”. For them, no news means no new manager to guide them through a season-defining double header and with time to make effective use of the warchest in the January window. (oh stop it!) Instead, they have a reluctant, serial caretaker who no one believes in – including himself.

    Here’s a tip for next season, should you still be around. Before you fire a fantastic manager who has transmuted into a useless manager after a few weeks in your employment, first, get another fantastic manager lined up to take over immediately, otherwise your season could be over while relying on someone who doesn’rt even aspire to being a useless manager – which may lead potential fantastic manager candidates to believe that the board is more useless than both the reluctant, aimless caretaker and the fantastically useless manager you fired some months ago.

    Tomorrow, I’ll mostly be singing “Better Days” by Massive Attack for Murty the Miserable

    “You say the magic’s gone, well I’m not a magician
    You say the spark has gone, well get an electrician
    And save your line about needing to be free
    All that’s bullkshit babe [board], you just want rid of me”

  6. “Excellent, just Excellent.”
    “Otherwise, they all might be utterly fucked.” And in so many ways.
    Fools and their money, What!!!
    Thank you sir, great start to the day. Lol

  7. Hilarious attempts at positive spin by Miller and Murty in the lead up to the All Gers Moaning (AGM).
    Can’t wait for todays instalment as the fun is ramped up.

  8. Hilarious media developments, clearly from Jabba. Truly desperate.

    Auld Kenny Miller on 6pm news stating the losing is a nonsense. And he’s bored with it. Losing to bottom two teams is merely a nonsense.

    And he’s bored.

    In the press ray Wilkins states he’s in the frame and calls on all RRM incl. Barry Ferguson, Ally McCoist, Butcher et al to turn up and help out.

    It’s hilarious.

    It must really be the death throws. It’s got completely irrational nonsense.

  9. Im hoping they pass this share issue resolution thingy. It will be the real beginning of the end. I was lucky enough to watch the 2016 movie GOLD starring the brilliant Matthew McConaughey. I had never heard of the story on which it was loosely based. But it reminded me so much of the Sevco success story 🙂 There was one scene in it that had me laughing. It went something like. Q How come you all got caught in this scam? We wanted to believe it was all genuine so we never looked in the right places.
    The sevco AGM will come to pass ra peepul won’t want to ask any real difficult questions because they really DO NOT want to know the truth. And the even funnier thing is they would rather be blissfully ignorant and let the same thing happen to this club that happened with the last club that played out of Ibrox than admit they have been scammed yet again and take action.

  10. Was a tad concerned with that myself Phil,because after reading your article I spied one on the CelticNN that had escaped my attentions earlier in the day.That article stated that Big Eck had personally gone and phoned ‘Sly’SportsNewsDesk telling them to stop saying that he was in contact with the sevco board members as it simply was NOT true.
    Devoloping fiasco…..
    Cheers Phil??

  11. The PR Guru may actually have to earn his money over the next month. He’ll be rummaging through his files to refresh his memory of every careless word, indiscreet tryst and fading Poleroid that he can use to keep the SMSM on squirrel. Guess we’ll soon see if he still has the dressing room or whether there’s a dissident NUJ WhatsApp group.

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing “Blackmail Man” by Ian Dury and The Blockheads

  12. Sarcasm, Yes.

    JJ is not the brightest but the rest of us got it.

    He does seem to have a hard on for you Phil.

    Did you reject his advances by any chance?

  13. Are you sure the auditors require this sort of confirmation? My impression was always that they asked the questions of the board and the board supplies the answer. The phrase in the accounts, if I remember, is that the board has satisfied itself that funding is available. Without any evidence at that time to the contrary, the auditors take this, possibly written missive, from the board at face value.

    That puts the board and all the directors firmly in the firing line for any investigation if it proves incorrect and the next time round, if there is a next time, the auditors might have something to say about the reliability of the words from the board. To be fair to the auditors, until now the board have stumped up.

    However I will stand to be corrected, but there isn’t anything in the accounts which indicate that they received written confirmation.

    1. Nice trap. CCK doesn’t pay up and the board look like duped fools.

      To be fair, there’s absolutely no point in throwing anymore good millions at it to keep it going any longer.

      Is it a cash giveaway indefinitely? No! Of course not!

      There’s no Euro CL millions at the end of the rainbow. With 8 hard fight qualifying games sevco have no chance.

      Why the bother? Stop putting it’s critical to get Euro money in the accounts summary.

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