Defcon Sevco as the AGM looms

This is turning out to be a very stressful week for the senior functionaries at Sevco.

Yesterday there was a call put into an RIFC board member from Argyle House and it had nothing to do with the current managerial debacle.

The conversation was about one thing only:


The Blue Room chap made it quite clear to the functionary that his days of bailing out the five-year-old club was the thing of the past.

The director surmised that if he was getting a call then there must be no recent word from the South African based Chairman.

He was correct in his deductions.

So, as of yesterday, no one in the Sevco High Command would admit to having had recent communications with their chairman.

Consequently, it must be a great source of comfort to the chaps in the Blue Room to know that the folk at Campbell Dallas must have received very convincing documentary evidence apropos Mr King’s net worth.

Otherwise, they all might be utterly fucked.

It would appear that my recent attempt at sarcasm rather missed the mark in some quarters.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is my information that Mr Eck DID reach out to a senior functionary in the Ibrox firmament a few weeks ago.

A dinner date with an old buddy from the Rangers days then led to an informal sit down with the Serious Professional.

The ex-Zamalek supremo was left in no doubt about the parlous state of the Sevco finances.

Therefore, Mr Eck was entirely correct to state that there had been no contact FROM Sevco.

However, his statement to the media had a certain inter-galactic PR guru blowing a gasket.

Developing chaos…

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