Expensive specifics

I think it is fair to say that Mr David Cunningham King is not too popular among the Sevco High Command today.

Yesterday morning there was a Churchillian conclave immediately before the AGM.

From that sit-down emerged an agreed script.

Essentially it was to be as ambiguous as possible in terms of finance, language and timescale.

Instead, Dave felt the need to make specific promises rather like the President in Bananas.

Of course, once the South African based convicted criminal was at the lectern the rest of the High Command were powerless.

The most specific item on the non-agreed shopping list was the re-development plans for Ibrox.

He also went seriously off-script apropos the manager.

The agreed scéal was that he was to say that they had indeed made a mistake with Pedro.

Consequently, they were going to take their time and get it right this time.

Instead, he got all specific again, including that the target might well be currently under contract.

Which, of course, means compensation.

Mr King also told the AGM that there would be funds available for the new manager.

However, this contradicts the accounts which stated that there would be no net spend on players in the year ahead.

Moreover, the statement that he made yesterday about negotiating a new retail deal had them chortling in Shirebrook.

All in all, it was another day where Mr David Cunningham King uttered cheques that other will have to cash in the real world.

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