The Sevco High Command prepares to assume the Armadillo position

This is all so unfortunate.

There are dark rumours about a dignified demonstration outside Ibrox by The People tomorrow night.

In the pre-match briefing at Ibrox, yesterday questions were asked about the security situation around the Director’s Box.

I’m told that similar discussion has also taken place apropos the AGM on Thursday.

It would appear that some among the Sevco High Command are not entirely sure about The People anymore.

Oh dear, it really wasn’t meant to be like this.

After all, the Blue Room is now full of “Real Rainjurrz men”.

I think it is worth recalling that the board that was ejected in March 2015 was within three months fixing the finances.

That is they were almost there in terms of making the business cash flow neutral.


Well just look at the recently published accounts of RIFC.

In March 2015 The People rejoiced that their basket of assets had been saved by these brogue wearing commandos.

Of course, any evidence-based analysis of the situation would have pointed to an alternative narrative.

With David Cunningham King in the Blue Room Sevco were in for rough times.

Moreover, the methods utilised in the hostile takeover are still to be fully appreciated.

The Take Over panel chaps are hopeful of a result from the Court of Session.

You see, this driving down the share price of a listed company thingy is also rather serious.

So expect to hear more about that in the fullness of time.

In the meantime, Sevco does not have a manager in place and they’re about to face a team managed by Derek McInnes.

My take on it is that he just might be a bit pissed off with the recent high-Level campaign to unsettle him.

If the Dons win emphatically then the Sevco High Command will need major squirrel activity at the Armadillo the day after.

I do hope that Mr David Cunningham King manages to be at the match against Aberdeen.

Developing carnage…