Mr Eck and Sevco

This is the week that the rubber could hit the road for Sevco High Command.

The Annual Growling Meeting (AGM) on Thursday will not be pretty.

Indeed, things could get ugly.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if extra security for the event is being actively discussed by senior Sevco functionaries over the next few days.

Much of the angst among The People has money, or rather the lack of it, as the root cause.

This is a company that is starting to demonstrate the classic signs of financial distress.

If you doubt me then look at their annual accounts.

Of course, the fans are concerned with what is happening on the field of play and in the technical area.

At the time of writing Sevco are still without a permanent manager in place.

Apparently, there has been a lot of bets placed on Mr Eck as the new manager at Ibrox.

However, he has denied having any contact with the Sevco High Command about the managerial vacancy.

Today he told a tabloid newspaper:

“I would like it to be known that there has been no contact from anyone at Rangers and it’s important that the speculation is put to rest.”

You see, dear reader, I was sure that Mr Eck had dinner recently with a senior Sevco functionary.

They are both buddies from the old days at Rangers (1872-2012).

My understanding is that the ex-Zamalek supremo had wanted to know what the state of financial play was at the five-year-old Ibrox club.

The information that I have is that this convivial meal was just BEFORE Pedro found out that he had tendered his Warburton resignation.

Of course, dinner with an old friend does not constitute formal contact with the employer of said buddy.

Following on from that dignified dinner date my understanding was that Mr Eck had then met the Serious Professional for an informal conclave.

This subsequent meeting was suggested by the senior functionary over dessert.

At that second sit-down, everything that Eck’s dinner date had told him about the finances at Ibrox was confirmed to him by the Serious Professional.

However, Mr Alexander McLeish EBT has said that nothing of the sort took place!

So that’s good enough for me, sometimes sources get things wrong.

The fact remains that the Engine Room Subsidiary requires a manager that can enthuse the fans.

The Sevco High Command will require a squadron of squirrels on Thursday to prevent a mutiny by The People.

Developing farce…

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