When no plan means more comedy

Well, I did write yesterday that Sevco was a developing comedy.

The Engine Room Subsidiary turned up to Dens Park last night and gifted three points to the bottom team in the league.

Of course, The People are revolting.

The thing that few of them might dare to consider is the following:

What if there is no cunning plan?

It could be that chaps in the Blue Room are staring into the headlights of mid-table mediocrity as a doubleheader against Aberdeen is next on the fixture list

The Sevco High Command took over in March 2015 thanks to the Off Licence Putsch.

What has transpired since then could be a case study in the Dunning–Kruger effect.

I have mentioned this psychological theory previously apropos the King regime at Sevco.

Both the Admirable Warburton and Poor Pedro were hired, in part, on the basis of non-football related criteria.

The Blue Room chaps thought that the ex-City trader could open doors in the Square Mile.

Then the likeable Portuguese spoofer was appointed because he allegedly knew lots of mega-rich types in the Gulf States.

In the immediate aftermath of the match at Dens Park, an inter-galactic PR guru and a magnificently maned factotum were spotted in a deep conclave.

I think this explains the sock puppet activity on social media late last night.

However, the futile attempts to stem the rising tide of anger against the Sevco High Command made the poster appear a bit of a Canute.

The most excellent Graeme Stuart Murty had a brief discussion with the Serious Professional about the vacant situation.

He implored the Sevco High Command to make a decision on the vacancy without any further delay.

It might then come as a surprise to learn that at the regular meeting of the Sevco High Command yesterday morning the managerial situation was NOT discussed.

What was on the agenda was the impending cash crisis and a growing pile of unpaid invoices.

Once more a senior director stated that he would not be putting up any more cash to keep the lights on at Sevco.

Such largesse has been Parked and will not be brought back to the table.

Therefore it is now entirely down to Mr David Cunningham King to keep the show on the road.

Oh dear.

This is what happens when you are part of an under-funded hostile take-over.

It rarely ends well.

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