By Eck the Sevco High Command are under pressure

I was messaged today from a good source who stated to me that Alex McLeish would be the next manager of the Engine Room Subsidiary.

If that is true then it would make sense.

Since he was sacked by Zamalek in Egypt he has been out of work.

Therefore, there would be no compensation package to pay.

I’m told that a few members of the Sevco High Command were feeling the heat at Ibrox yesterday.

Apparently, they will let almost anyone into the Blue Room these days.

Consequently, post-match opinions are often expressed through the medium of unsurpassed dignity.

Just like Murty’s players in front of goal yesterday, when you’re under severe pressure you often make bad decisions.

It is entirely possible the Sevco High Command might well be about to react in a panicked way to merely placate The People.

My understanding is that Mr McLeish would demand a salary that is greater than what both Pedro and the Admirable Warburton were pulling down at the five-year-old club.

I understand that the ex-Aberdeen stopper recent had dinner with a senior functionary within The Sevco High Command.

During that meal, Big Eck was left in no doubt about the parlous state of the Ibrox finances.

However, he still might go for it.

To the untrained eye, this could appear to be an utter shambles.

Developing car crash…

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