The importance of getting it right at Sevco

Derek McInnes was visibly irked at the Aberdeen presser today.

That is perhaps because some of the Fitba Fourth Estate would rather that he wasn’t in the home dug out at Pittodrie.

The Dons’ boss told no lies when he said there had been no contact between the Aberdeen and Sevco.

That is forensically correct.

However, I am aware of a recent back-channel sit down between a senior functionary in the Sevco High Command and an important person at Pittodrie.

Derek’s agent has also been contacted but has acted with an appropriate degree of punctiliousness.

If the Dons’ gaffer is the preferred target for the Sevco High Command then they should stump up the compensation.

Unless, of course, there is a problem with the money.

Therefore, much the chagrin of some of the more dignified stenographers McInnes remains the Aberdeen boss.

As I was coming down the Rocky Road a trusted source called me and said that he wouldn’t be surprised if young Murty was given the job at the weekend if he manages to win the next match.

There certainly is a growing faction in the Blue Room in favour of this course of action.

At least he would be getting the job based on his ability to carry out the functions of the post.

The last two appointments had other strings attached.

With Warburton is was his Square Mile connections and with Pedro, it was the possibility of bringing in money from the Gulf states.

The reason that these two were, in part, hired is the same reason that no formal move has been made for McInnes:


Or rather the lack of it.

After the Admirable Warburton and Pedro, we are told that the key thing for the Sevco board is that they “get it right”.

However, I’m not sure what getting it right actually looks like.

If Murty is appointed, then it will signal a major victory for the sensible faction in the Blue Room.

He will be given the job with a remit to cut the budget to a sustainable level.

On planet reality, Sevco is in a league of 4 fighting it out for 2nd place.

Aberdeen FC is the strongest of the quartet.

The others, apart from Sevco, are Hearts and Hibernian.

First place is beyond the basket of assets.

The only team that can topple Celtic is Celtic.

Whoever is appointed to Pedro’s old job will have to contend with the expectation gap.

Simply second best isn’t good enough for many of The People.

The problem with the home crowd at Ibrox is that they want to believe that Rangers didn’t die in 2012.

Therefore, the basket of assets that Charles of Normandy breathed life into should be performing like the club Gazza played for.

Instead, Sevco is a Senderos car crash.

Slow moving…

Mr David Cunningham King will be hoping that the Court of Session will not hand down a judgment before the RIFC AGM.

That could be very awkward for the Churchillian optics on the day.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the Take Over Panel gets the result they are after then the recently published accounts by RIFC don’t make a lot of sense.

I’ve been told to watch out for one term from Mr King at the AGM and it is “quasi-equity”.

That is one way to get around that pesky Financial Fair Play thingy from UEFA.

So with all of that coming down the pipe, any prospective manager will need to think carefully about working at Sevco.

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