At the going down of the sun we will remember their crimes

So it is over for another year.

However, it will be along again before you know it.

I am, of course, referring to the annual British festival of Poppy porn.

It is truly sad that the genuine grief for lost loved ones has been weaponized to lobby for current military adventures.

Of course, within this collective remembering, there is also a national agreement on forgetting.

The millions slaughtered and grand theft of the British Empire makes the Third Reich look like a bunch of juvenile delinquents by comparison.

By the time the Great War started the British state had carved out the first genuine trans-global empire.

How it got to that imperialist pinnacle was through a catalogue of crimes against humanity spanning several centuries.

However, the Poppy apologists say that the compulsory emblem of grieving on the British telly is about “the fallen” of two world wars.

However, the body count of innocents by the Westminster Imperium from the creation of the Royal British Legion Poppy is appalling.

Let’s start with the terror bombing of the Kurds in the newly created state of Iraq in 1920.

It was the first major operation of the newly formed Royal Air Force.

Then there is the Bengal Famine of 1943.

Churchill was fully aware of the plight of these subjects of the Crown in India.

Moreover, his replies to memos from colonial functionaries clearly stated that he didn’t give a damn about the millions who were slowly starving to death.

I have been struck by the extent to which Winston Churchill is a hero figure among The People at Ibrox.

What they see in that drunken racist genocidal sociopath is beyond me.

Oh wait…

Now, if you ask the average British person about the colonial times in India they will probably state that it was very good in the long run for the subcontinent.

Prepare to hear something about the railways.

Unsurprisingly, the folk in India have a different view.

A decade after Belsen was liberated by British troops the UK government thought it perfectly ok to operate their own death camps in Kenya.

Before they were evicted from that African country the British destroyed thousands of incriminating documents regarding their reign of terror there.

Yes, we will remember them.

Many Poppy apologists will state that they are just thinking of the poor squaddies of the First World War.

Yet many of the chaps in the trenches went on to commit war crimes in Ireland during An Cogadh na Saoirse.

My grandmother’s brother was in a POW camp for a chunk of WW1.

Here is the camp in Wales where was held.

Note the fetching outfits worn by the guards.

I don’ think that they’re Welsh…

The Frongoch volunteers used their time well there and they formed a very effective guerrilla army.

The IRA would soon meet their erstwhile captors on the boreens here and they bested the Brits in a new type of warfare.

At that time British state possessed one of the biggest military machines on the planet.

Today, in Brexit Britain, they only have an army of 78,000 full-time troops and fewer fighter planes than Belgium.

Turkey has a bigger navy.

As the Brits slip down the military rankings this compulsory grieving seems to become more rigidly enforced with each passing year.

Here in Ireland, the RBL Poppy remains a divisive symbol.

This year a version of it was worn by our privately educated Love Actually Taoiseach in Dáil Éireann.

Dear British person, if you find Boris embarrassing then you have no idea what many of us in Ireland feel about Leo…

I wrote this piece about the same subject seven years ago.

Sadly, little has changed.

If anything the compulsory grieving has got more oppressive.

On Planet Fitba the RBL Poppy remains a weapon of war for The People against Celtic’s Irish roots.

Back then they had an ally in the Parkhead Boardroom.

Thankfully Baron Reid has left his post at Celtic.

This imperialist version of seasonal affective disorder will be back again next year.

Until then, the klan will put away their outsized Poppies.

However, like the midsummer marching madness and 11th-night “bone fires” we know that it will return.

What can change is the reaction of all right-thinking folk everywhere to Poppyfest.