Bom dia de Lisboa

I’m not in my Donegal corner this morning as I arrived in Lisbon last night.

The Portuguese capital is the new home of the Web Summit.

Consequently, normal service on here will be rather interrupted until this time next week.

I did catch up with one of my sources as I was boarding last night.

He told me that there was a growing constituency in the Blue Room in favour of young Murty.

As previously reported here the sensible faction in the Sevco High Command want the caretaker installed permanently.

It is the cheaper option for sure.

I was also told that the operation to gently ease Bruno Alves off the wage bill has already begun.

Quite simply, the Holding Company Vehicle cannot afford him.

While I’m here at the Web Summit I will not escape the beautiful game entirely.

There are several talks today on the intersection of the digital revolution and sport.

I’m going to one this morning entitled :

” 5 ways technology is changing football”.

It is being given by Pedro Proença a retired referee.

I’m looking forward to it.

You never know, I might find out how you say “Honest Mistake” in Portuguese…





22 thoughts on “Bom dia de Lisboa”

  1. Is it just me or are the poppy fascists becoming more vocal?
    For me Earl Haig has previously had strong links with the poppy display.
    He’s now referred to as Butcher Haig for his casual loss of soldiers lifes at the Somme and other battles.
    No King, no Kaiser, no war.
    I have the greatest respect for those young men brave enough to leave the trenches and commit near certain suicide running towards the German guns.
    Haig, and all his ilk, on both sides should be tried posthumously for war crimes instead of being lauded as war heroes.

  2. Dignity, respect and integrity……thats what Newco is founded upon!
    Tens of millions removed from the public purse and they still have the brass neck to come away with this shite.

  3. Irony in the forname , the problem in the Scottish game Phil is that any new technology especially TV time outs during games may well exterminate these “honest mistakes “

  4. Enjoy Lisbon what a beautiful city i walked the steps of my uncle and found nothing but beauty and surreal the stadium opened to me and I inhaled what my uncle experienced total enjoyment and anticipation Celtic conquered. What delight what excitement they travelled far and wide and their team did not fail my heart is bursting with pride and love.

  5. I can highly recommend Declan O’Rourkes recently released Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine. Beautiful, intelligent and current Irish folk music; 15 years in the making from the man who wrote Galileo ( the song Paul Weller most wished he’d written)

  6. Retired referee and now the President of the Portuguese League … Portuguese Neil Doncaster if you like!
    There are supposedly quite a few footy related talks .. I believe both the Benfica keepers Julio Cesar and the new youngster Svilar will be talking. Young Svilar will probably be explaining how to score two own goals v Man Utd ! Also Bruno the crazy Sporting President will be giving his ideas on everything.. and probably complaining that Sporting are not getting the benefit of the new Video Ref … which is a bit hit n miss over here to be honest ! Diverte te Phil em Lisboa …. as they say in this caravan and dog chasing part of the world !

  7. Phil ,a blind man can see that the pot is empty and any attempt to bring in a reputable coach / manager will certainly result in a hike in salaries for all concerned within the backroom staff etc.
    Murty may well get a bit more out of the pound stretch squad than Pedro did………therefore he is an almost certainty to retain the position until the end of the year…..
    They have a relatively straightforward ru of games…….games that are winnable…..then they meet Aberdeen in a double header……..THAT is where he will be judged…..
    If he negotiates these two matches and emerges with some points and no distinctive heavy defeats……the masses will be chanting his name……

  8. Enjoy your busman’s holiday Phil. Here the big breaking news is of financial goings on… involving the Isle of Man, cast members of Mrs Brown’s Boys and, er, Dermot Desmond. Honestly, could not make the BBC up. Not a whisper of the Rangurz crook, the convicted tax dodger Dave King, or the wobbly Sevco finances. While I don’t want to defend anyone who takes paying their taxes lightly (Oldco), I got the distinct feeling that whoever trawled the Paradise Papers for Gers connections got a bit of a shock, decided to lob a couple of harmless barbs at the ‘other side’, anyone Celtic, or even Keltic, and hopes this will numb the Broomloan badmouths when it comes to the Queen bankrolling Bright House and other, far bigger fish, yet to be disclosed. When I saw the BBC story about Mrs Brown’s boys I had the sound turned down on the telly. One of the cast was dressed as a priest, and I thought, not another sex scandal. Scandal is what passes for journalism at BBC Scotland this weather. Why don’t they pay any attention to the crooked one at Ibrokes? Or the state of that bloody roof.

  9. Wanted to ask if you had any info on the roofs meeting planned for 31 October.
    I am hoping that if it did happen, no problems around their ears.

  10. Top Scottish Story: Irish natioanl avoids (not evades) tax in Switzerland by buying insurance in Isle of Man to save £3m.

    Mark Daly – I remember when you before you were a squirrel trainer – when you were a journalist – shame on you.

  11. Your visit to Lisbon will not be complete Phil until you get off the train at Cruz Quebrada and stroll one mile up the hill to the Estadio Nacional, Enjoy Phil HH.

  12. How to say “honest mistake” in Portuguese? I think you’ll find: bastardo maçônico desonesto
    does the job!

  13. I’m not surprised. The young,and most very excellent Graeme Murty will, in my opinion get the manager of the month award for November

    1. Hallo? Hallo?


      Are you a broken record or a parrot stuck on Repeat?

      Or just another daft hun who cannae mind whit day it is ..?

  14. Eventually, technology should render referees and linesmen redundant.

    Wee backwards Scotland would be slow on the uptake. Until they figured a way to knobble the technology to Rangers FC Advantage. Perception is reality and all that.

    Dodgy white offside lines being drawn across screens 0.5seconds too late. Allowing a sprinting striker to be a chest width offside? The old ones are the best.

    If we have intelligent cars that can control themselves, we can police a football match with lasers and cameras.

    If world tennis can use lasers to determine if a 100km/hr small tennis ball crossed a line then surely the same technology can be applied to a big leather ball at 30km/hr?

    I see the next Sevco manager might be treated to a Florida tourney in January. Is it a recruitment angle? Have the flights and hotels been paid? It’s all on Dave King’s NOAL Trust fund. Or is it just Jabba pishery?

  15. My reliable pal has also told me that Murty is a front runner…and may, in fact, be announced tonight.
    Watch this space…
    Enjoy your trip to Portugal Phil…..who have the nicest people in the world.
    Vaya con Dios.
    PS: If its somebody else…blame my pal…:0)

  16. Lisbon – great memories of being there in May for the celebrations…
    Was in the same cafe/bar as you after being at the stadium on the 25th ( the little one in the park on the way to the station) but you were deep in conversation so didn’t want to intrude.
    Enjoy Phil and keep the inside info coming.

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