The history Bhoys

In the generations of the Celtic family, I was rather fortunate.

I was taken to my first match at Parkhead as an eight-year-old by my maternal grandfather.

The year was 1966.

Yeah, lucky, dead lucky…

As Celtic made history in Perth today the camera scanned to the away end and there were a few wee lads in the colours.

Of course, it just comes down to luck.

There are thirty-somethings in the Celtic support who were first taken to see a team with Wayne Biggins wearing the Hoops.

Not so lucky…

The new generation of Hoops fans is watching something very special indeed.

Celtic and Brendan Rodgers look to be pretty much a perfect match at this juncture.

Just like Big Jock, who was described as the first “tracksuit manager”, the man from Antrim is part of a new breed in the dugout.

I’m told that Rodgers, together with his backroom team, utilises a forensic attention to detail.

Of course, there isn’t any need for some ludicrous cartoon on the Daily Radar website explaining the Irishman’s exotic tactical ideas.

His results are proof enough of how good he his.

The team that he fielded to win the Scottish Cup in May this year had only one new face (Scott Sinclair).

He had inherited the other ten players in the starting line up from his predecessor Ronny Deila.

However, some of them were unrecognisable in terms of their contribution to the cause.

Rodgers was the difference.

I watched that match in Lisbon.

I was in the Portuguese capital to commemorate what had happened in that city 50 years earlier.

That night over dinner in Bairro Alto I said to by two buddies that Tom Rogic’s winning goal could go down as one of the most historic in Celtic’s long story.

I only put Stevie Chalmers’ effort past Sarti and Harald Brattbakk’s clincher in the Ten In A Row game at Celtic Park as being more historic.

The invincible treble was a huge achievement as it could so easily have been derailed by an Honest Mistake.

Now this…

At the time of writing Celtic have gone SIXTY-THREE domestic matches unbeaten.

I’ll just leave that there.

This is what history feels like.

So savour it.

You’re lucky to be living through this.

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  1. The Isle Of Man stuff re private jets is used by hundreds of companies and individuals.
    DD has made it clear that all his business interests are tax compliant and anyone that says, or even hints, otherwise better be lawyered up.
    BBC Scotland continue to employ EBT recipients…..Dodds, Rae, Thomson etc.
    Have they yet complied with HMRC demands to repay the monies, plus penalties and interest?
    If not, why not? Is the BBC paying money to tax cheats, beneficiaries of illegal tax scams?
    Is this the same BBC that removed their reporter from day 2 of King’s Court Of Session hearing as a really great news story unfolded in front of them…….ie. King’s skint, tapped out, broke, in the poor house m’lud.
    Oh please Dermot take this corrupt shower to the cleaners. Shoul we just remove the BBC moniker from the title and rechristen it as EBT Scotland?

  2. If the letter to the BBC from Dermot is the real thing I hope he crucifies them.
    Meanwhile on the new manager front looks like McInnes or Murty, though paying off Aberdeen will add another £1m to the cash flow shortfall.
    Not to worry, NOAL’s on the ball.
    Another couple of wins and Murty may get the gig to the end of the season, though a couple of defeats will quickly see him binned.
    However most of the hacks either don’t get it or can’t bring themselves to acknowlege whats in front of their faces.
    As long as Brendan is in situ nothing will change, apart from Celtic improving and more youngsters coming through.
    The financial situation at Ibrox is dire, as confirmed by the recent accounts.
    Its more likely that losses will increase next year rather than be trading at break even as some joker claimed.
    King is now on his own as the bank of last resort, a fact that seems to have escaped our media.
    Given his history would you be relying on the convicted criminal to lead your club to the land of milk and honey.
    If someone stands on the steps of Ibrox next week and announces an admin event the fans won’t know whats hit them due to the pap they have been fed from our media.
    Hell mend them.Have they learned nothing from history…..SDM, Whyte, Green and possibly finally King?

  3. It will take Sevco three annual cycles to become FFP compliant.

    Given the cheater license in 2017 from the SFA, they must be banned for three years from UEFA participation.

    The SPFL Premiership must relegate sevcobto the championship on these blatant accounts which demonstrate reckless fiscal indebtedness to buy success.

    Sevco are gambling £20 to try and win £2 back from euro competition.

  4. With 63 on the board and more to come I’ve reflected on what Celtic means to me and some of the ups and downs throughout the journey.
    We will all have our own bitter/sweet memories so here goes in chronological order.

    1. 1957 7-1 League Cup, still a UK record for a major cup final
    2. 1965 3-2 v The Pars, first trophy win I witnessed as a fan.
    3. 1967 Lisbon and those glorious nights in Paradise along the route to the final. Not forgetting winning all the domestic trophies.
    4.1969 4-0 Scottish Cup Finan annihilation and back to Big Yogi’s bar in Coatbrig for the party.
    5.1970 humbling the great Leeds side over 2 legs in the European Cup semi final, 136,505 at Hampden, a record crowd in Europe that will never be beaten.
    6. 1974 9 IAR.
    7. 1988 Centenary year double.
    8. 1998 stopping 10 IAR with that nerve shattering game against St Johnstone.
    9. 2003 The wonderful road to Seville. So, so close with Porto going on to CL glory the following season.
    10. 2011 6-2 v Oldco, thanks Martin.

    1. 1960 my first cup final v The Pars, 0-0 then 2-0 defeat in the replay.
    2. 1964 semi final of Euro Cup Winners. 4 nil defeat in Budapest to MTK, overturning a 3-0 victory in Glasgow…..unforgivable.
    3. 1966-another ECW semi v Liverpool, edged out 2-1. The final that year was at Hampden.
    4. 1967- the devacle v Racing Club. Alf Ramsay wasn’t wrong about them. Ronnie Simpson felled with a missile before kick off and FIFA take no action, unbelievable.
    5. 1970- Euro Cup Final v Feyenoord after climbing the mountain that was Leeds in the semis.
    Little did we realise that this was our first view of Dutch football and the start of a golden era for their clubs.
    6. 1974 v Athletico Madrid. 0-0 at home in the European Cup semi final. Devastating as they kicked us off the park from 1st to last minute. Watching on u tube after all these years still turns my stomach as they took turns to maim Jinky.
    1989- Jacki scores 4 against Partizan Belgrade yet we contrived to lose a last minute goal and go out on away goals, 6-6 all after 2 legs.
    Took me just a few minutes to log the above so probably missed lots of good and bad.

  5. On the subject of history, and yes, it is a very tenuous link. I was horrified when I read in the Irish Times a report on housing intimidation in Northern Ireland. Between 2012 and 2017 there were 2,060 incidents of housing intimidation that met the Executive’s criteria for re-housing those who were intimidated. They were forced out by paramilitary activity and the location suggests it is Loyalist paramilitary activity. It was not just about sectarianism. People were also forced out because of their race, sexual orientation, and disability. Up until August 2016, only 32 convictions for it were secured. I watched television news showing Catholics being forced out their homes in Belfast in the Sixties and now over 50 years later people are still being intimidated out of their homes by so-called Loyalists.
    [Full story can be found by Googling: Irish Times Housing Intimidation].

  6. Once a Celt always a Celt.
    Donation from my dad made today.My dad first saw Celtic aged 9 in
    1942.From his teenage years he never missed a game,home or away.He has
    lived through the good times and the bad and lived to tell the tale.(I can
    assure you he has a lifetime of tales.His love for his beloved CELTIC has
    never wavered even under the shambles of the Kellys and the Whites.
    Although he is no longer able to attend games now he watches avidly
    on TV and he is having the time of his life.He keeps saying I never thought
    I’d live to see the day.He is so proud of his team and cant stop laughing
    at sevco. Keep up the good work Phil.


  7. I’m surprised that there isn’t more celebration about the Rangers accounts.

    If Rangers finish high enough to get into Europe (of win the cup) AND if they earn well from a good Euro run AND if they have good domestic cup runs AND if they don’t spend anything on transfers AND if season book revenue increases AND no unexpected expenced arise (pedro, Whyte, Roofs etc) AND if Dave King’s keeps his word “to invest” via a trust he doesn’t control (New Oasis, M’Lud) then the auditors are prepared to stretch incredulity and declare Rangers a going concern – that is – not going straight to administration.

    Looks like 10IAR is just a matter of keeping Aberdeen at bay. But will the titles count when Rangers are in admin again (sic).

  8. I just missed the Lisbon Lions, but was introduced to Celtic as a five-year old in the 1974-75 season, at the back end of the only 9-in-a-row achieved without an inadvertent subsidy from HMRC, or any ‘honest mistakes’ from lodge bretheren. Fair to say that since then, I’ve seen plenty of ups and more than my fair share of downs. However, there seems to be something special about Brendan and his Invincibles. Yes, the domestic opposition isn’t great, but even the HMRC-sponsored Rangers of the 1990s faced a similar level of competition and never came close to anything like this.

  9. Going for 94 is the next target which will take us to season end and back to back trebles.
    We have to embrace what we have just now, its history in the making.
    Could we be Lyon bound at the end of May?

    1. i don’t think back to back trebles has ever been achieved.
      that would be another glorious first.
      to do it in back to back undefeated seasons would simply be magical.

    2. Well I sincerely hope so Joe,I placed a bet with BET365 @ 100/1 for Celtic to win the Europa League,placed the bet over the phone after requesting the price,as odds aren’t out on site as we still haven’t officially qualified.
      Good luck if you venture.HH?

  10. My first game was v Kilmarnock in 1971 . Taken by my brother was 5-0 win, if memory serves me well , I was only 5 at the time , stars on show included Jinky , Dalgleish and Bobby Lennox. Watching KT , James Forrest and Calum McGregor v Bayern , I was struck with the notion “why not” world class superstars all start somewhere , these three are growing up into their roles beautifully . In the case of KT I think the sky is the limit ! Hope he sees out his career / potential at Celtic

  11. I saw my first game at Celtic Park when I was 12 years old.
    It was October 1959…and we played Wolves in a friendly…to celebrate the opening of the floodlights.
    Now my first love was playing football…so going to Celtic Park did not become the norm. for me until 1967.
    I was playing for a top Junior club when I badly tore ankle ligaments in February 1967…which put me out the game for over 3 months. To “pass the time”…I started going to watch the Celtic.. thanks to my big brother (R.I.P) who took me on his motorbike to the games…and dropped me off at the door.
    This in turn led to us going to Lisbon in May…on the bike….Happy days !
    Greatest goal…??
    Has to be Stevie Chalmers’ winner in Lisbon…that greatly helped make us what we are today.
    Congratulations to all at Celtic FC…and thanks for being there…for us !!
    Hail hail

  12. Forget The dead Rangers and Sevco. THIS IS WHAT GLASGOW CELTIC ARE ABOUT.I have followed Celtic for over fifty years and these are our good old days.Our forefathers laid the foundation for us and we have continued to support and build.Savour the fruits of our labour and enable our future generations to continue from this position of overwhelming strength.

  13. This is what can be achieved, if you have the best Scottish player’s playing for the jersey. Historically that has always when Celtic have been most successful. It is clear that Mr Rodgers gets that as well. Long may it continue, Celtic are Scotland’s team. The ambassadors of our game. Equality is putting the other mob to bed. Good times for our footballing nation. The young of all races and creeds know where to go for, for the real deal. European nights will bring a supporting, legacy eternally, from all walks of life. Well done all, at Glasgow Celtic, a massive credit to our nation.

  14. Loving the past and present tales of woe and also of celebration, I was in my 20’s at the times of McGinn and co, I remember queuing outside CP for tickets for at that time it was classed as the Old Firm, McGinn was at the window of the soon to be Walfrid restaurant and the fans were singing his name in derogatory terms, I wondered why ?? I had been in that queue with my uncle since 5-30 am after traveling the 90 mins from Ardrossan and still never got a ticket, I realised a couple of years later as to why they were singing his name that derogatory way as we tumbled towards administration, BR is on the verge of creating something even more special at CP as he snaps up a lot of promising talent from around the world (mind Arsene Wenger did it with Arsenal in his first season) he seems to have the run of CP and hopefully that continues as if it does there is no reason for him to want to go anywhere else, the press hate it because he’s too intelligent and articulate to get lulled into ‘bad press’ long may it continue, hope DD gives him a percentage of shares in the club a similar thing the magniers did with Fergie as i really think this guy is the man to lead us onto a Euro success in the near future, maybe not Champions League but a Europa success

  15. In my opinion the Voyage with St Brendan will have countless wonderous days ahead more and more trophies accolades records broken and unforgettable memories to savour. This is the beginning fellow Celts just the beginning HH

  16. 10:44 EST NEW HAVEN, CT., USA.
    My first Celtic match was at Cathkin Park in a 2-0 loss in 1963. James Healy took me to games then. My dad wasn’t interested in senior football. My hero in the Lions team was Bobby Murdoch, and I was fortunate enough to meet him at his business while I was doing my business. “Don’t call me Mr. Murdoch. Call me Bobby. Why am I a Celtic fan? I love football the Glasgow Celtic way. Our world records, name and fame were won by skill and endeavour. To this day I hate only cheating and lying, which is the same thing. Celtic gave the Dutch “complete football” and Mr. Stein took his ideals from the “magnificent Magyars.” Come on the Hoops. The work-rate Mr. Deila tried to instill in the side wasn’t embraced by all, but when Mr. Rodgers delivered it with his “name and fame” they saw the light. This is a different type of total football and it sure beats knowing the masons-in-the-black screwed us again.

  17. Don forget that as well as essentially being Ronny Deila ‘s team ( which Brendan has significantly improved) it was the nice Norwegian who started this unbeaten run. So thanks to him as well! I do love how even when there are clear footballing reasons, our managers leave on good terms with the best wishes of fans and club. Unlike another club which seems to sack its managers without properly telling them OR giving them their due settlement.

    Let’s make it 100 unbeaten ! HH

    1. It was Neil Lennon who started this run To Lenny and Ronny we will be grateful but to Brendan Rodgers – He is the man who really moulded this team of winners

    2. Let’s make it 105 unbeaten and grab the world record!

      And isn’t it weird that nuts Lincoln Red Imps, Brendan’s first match conquerors, who hold 2nd place with 88 undefeated ..?

      I’m sure Brendan would relish at least taking over that particular place in the rankings 🙂

      Loving all the stories, Bhoys n Ghirls, especially from Paul Theriault & his Dad and that of Mike Bhoyle.

      All those memories, all those games and all those incredible moments in our glorious and legendary club’s history come flooding back to me reading through them, from my first game against Hibs at Parkheid on my grandfaither’s shooders with Big Billy, Bobby Lennox & wee Jinky running the show on the park on our way to The One & Only 9 In A Row That Will Ever Matter, to everything else mentioned in between.

      Gotta say though, 10 Men Won The League and beating Hearts to the title at Love Street are two exceptionally magical memories for me, although every last minute goal to secure Celtic victory out of the hundreds I’ve witnessed still send tingles up my spine.

      What a team, what a support, what an outragously incredibel club to blessed to be able to support out of all world football!

      For it’s a grand auld team to see alright.

      This is how it feels to be Celtic.

      Hail Hail, ye, one & all!

  18. Phil, as a 30 something who was also taken to his 1st match as an 8 year old in 1988.

    Yes Wayne Biggins was bad, macari recruiting 2 brits straight from the butchers army worse.

    Shocking times.

    But you know what, it makes this era all the more enjoyable.

    MO’N taught me how me to idolise in the manner my father spoke of, with literally generations worth of his hero’s.

    Now I get Brendan Rodgers..

    Man for man we aren’t a patch on MO’Ns great team but how we are coached means we’d give them a helluva game and it might take pens to separate!!

  19. Maybe biggans could then also been a star if he had the right manager!! But what we must respect is he was a Celt , also a very brave one to join at that time when most players knew what was happening and stayed well away hope he’s doing well , what he lacked in skill he made up For with effort

  20. A sporting achievement unlikely to be repeated in football for another 100 years. Everyone at the club has worked for this, the fruits of honest toil under an inspirational manager and coaching team. I watched the Bayern game and was thrilled by our movement, and when mistakes occurred, marvelled at the youth of the squad and the potential on show. Let’s hope for a successful end to the Champions League campaign and European football after Christmas. Roll on 2018!

  21. Could not have put that better Phil. My first match was versus hearts as a 6 year old circa 1968. Only real memory of the game was of Bobby Murdoch spraying passes around the park. Even at that formative age I was in awe of a guy who had no peers in the game.
    For obvious reasons big Yogi was my favourite but for sheer class and
    understated quality Bobby Murdoch had it all.
    We are undoubtedly lucky to live in an era of Celtic dominance Phil, but apart from the cheating years we have been Scotland’s Alpha males for the majority of my lifespan.
    Are they even recognised on a European stage anymore?
    They know in their hearts that they aren’t. Hence the denial and permarage.

    1. John Hughes – I too share Yogi’s name and started watching the ‘tic around 1957 as a 7 year old.
      I have had the privilege to witness Big Jock’s Lisbon Lions and 9 IAR (Jinky is my all time favourite, just ahead of Henrik !), Cesar’s Centenery Double Winners, MON’s Seville Celts, and now Brendan’s Invincilble Treble Winners/ British Record Holders. A good run in Europe after Xmas would be nice and 10 IAR would be the icing on the cake for me. There have been some bad times also, especially during the Murray Cheating Years, albeit there is some consolation that this did result in the Liquidation of said cheats. It really is a blessing being a Celtic fan today. Hail, Hail.

  22. Phil, hand on heart, I remember the bad times. I think in the statement that you mentioned about a few young children witnessing history being made, coupled with you being (old) young enough too remember the Lisbon lions, is with out doubt, moments that need to be cherished. I can remember the 1988 double winning team in our centenary year, that was also to be cherished. After that nothing……And nothing until Mr Fergus McCann rescued our club from hitting the skids. To this day, that guy is without doubt the man who, and I also feel, sometimes was massively overlooked as too where we are now. Fergus is and always will be in my mind, be the man of the moment. Nothing is- was ever said in the daily rags about the Rangers (Sevco), in those days about keeping us down during the Souness, Smith,- Advocaat era. That’s a bit strange really? But now with us being on for 7/8/9 titles, Scottish football is in real dire straits?. Has being a Cork man, and knowing a wee bit about us and them, I will say this……Life ain’t all that bad after all. A lot of young men and Children witnessed history being made today. YNWA..

  23. Nice piece, I can relate to, as a 5 year old in August 1950 my father took me to Celtic Park for the first of my visit to “Paradise” as my 5th birthday present. To this day the pilgrimage continues, if the wondereous record reaches the magical “67” that would be a momentous milestone however, it does not have to stop there forever and ever we create unbeatable achievements HH.

  24. The full of Scotland seems to be celebrating this magnificent achievement tonight, they are letting fireworks off everywhere ??⚽️⚽️

  25. I grew up on the “9-in-row” side. I was in my second last year at primary school when we won the first and in my second year at uni when we lost it again. I will compare every Celtic side I ever see to that 67 side and I know in my heart I will NEVER see their likes again. The’70 side were close. The side cheated out of the final by Athletico Madrid in 74 were also a terrific side. But this current side are by far the best I’ve seen since that era. I’ll be 66 years old when we complete the ten and that will NEVER be surpassed or even challenged in my lifetime, unless we do it ourselves. What we suffered at the hands of the cheating ORCS can’t match what they will suffer then.

  26. Phil there have been SO MANY Tom Rogic /Harold Brattbak moments in Celtic’s History it would take a whole Encyclopedia to fully appreciate the Phenomenon of the club.
    The 1965 Cup Final . For many the beginning of the Legend of Mr Stein.
    The Leeds Utd double header in 1970.
    The 1969 Cup final 4-0 Sevco .
    ’72 against a great Hibs side which ended 6-2.
    The 10 men winning the League.
    The Centenary Cup Final and indeed Semi-Final against Hearts.
    On and on ,countless individual matches, mingling with your own, singing, occasionally dancing but NEVER ashamed . Even during the shameful cheating years when we played against the Handshake and the Eye.
    My second ever game was early 60’s against Queen of the South at Celtic Park. We lost 1-0. I remember my brother covering me with his coat as bottles rained outside the Main Stand after the match. Approximately 5 years later we were European Champions. Who’da Thunk it. ….HH.

  27. I’m now 60, been supporting them since I was 4 coincidentally my first match I went to was todays opponents, and the score, yes 4-0 ???????????

  28. You are so right Phil,just enjoy this wonderful period in our history,nobody else will give us any credit. The late 60’s, early 70’s, early noughties, and this era, were (and are) wonderful times to be a Celtic supporter.COYBIG.

  29. Yes indeed we are All so very fortunate to be witnessing this special team of winners,like you Phil I have witnessed all sorts of versions of Celtic throughout my days.Bratislava springs to mind as a more recent example.Long may we enjoy Mr.Brendan(Buck) Rodgers’ team creating further history as they dominate in Scottish Football for the foreseeable.
    In fact,Kris Commons today stated that he thinks that last years invincibility could be extended into this season also,oh how I hope that he is correct in that summation.
    Thanks Phil?

  30. Paton’s elbow/forearm smash on Brown today was a shocker. It was – imo – premeditated, cowardly and reckless. It could’ve easily resulted in a broken jaw, but thankfully it didn’t. In days gone by, this type of challenge was considered ‘part n parcel’ of the game. However, with players being fitter, faster and stronger than before, the law makers have rightfully sought to protect players from this type of foul in the same way they do a ‘studs up’ challenge. I am therefore unsure how Referee Bobby Madden decided it was worthy of only a yellow card. Referees get unfairly chastised for missing the subtle stuff in a game that is now lightning quick. . . . But when a ref sees a challenge like this, and doesn’t give a red card, criticism will rightly follow. Only Bobby Madden knows why he didn’t issue a red – I’d really like to hear his reasoning. Well done today to Brendan and his staff and the players. #63notout

    1. I could be wrong but I think the issuing of a yellow card rather than a straight red, means that the player misses no game time – i.e. he stays on the park when his team should be reduced to 10 men and the Compliance Officer is unable to take any retrospective action as the referee has issued a card (all be it the wrong colour) and dealt with the matter.

    2. The cynic in me , who I hasten to add done fitness training with referees like Dallas, Tait, Mottram, Douglas on a Monday night. One of the Monday crew who gave me a lift every week to the training at wishaw sport centre until he found out my religion. He also told me that night why every young 17 year old was evaluated every week but not once did I get evaluated and told me I wouldn’t be becoming a grade 1 ref. Learning the laws of the game was on a Tuesday. I believe my story has been printed in a well known books. I took up refeering purely for spending money while at University and to officiate in boys games. Anyway, reason for yellow card? Once booked it can’t be upgraded by compliance officer. If it he wasn’t booked it could be upgraded from no action to red.

    3. Unsure how he only issued a red card Kev, I’m in no doubt. The victim was wearing green and white hoops. Madden should be nowhere near a game involving either Celtic or Rangers. His bias is blatantly obvious. Just as well the current hoops are just too good to allow him to influence the result.

    4. Madden seemed to find some of his decisions funny as he exchanged chit chat with the players.

      Paton ‘ s forearm smash was a red card all day long. I believe this was not his first assault on a Celtic player!
      Some of the ref’s decisions were a joke, perhaps that’s what he was laughing at.
      It looks as if it will take more than one honest mistake to bring our fantastic run to an end.
      Some of our players have played at least 12 games more than others in the league….CL qualifers, CL Group Stage, League Cup, SPFL and most of them on international duties for their countries.
      These games have all been squeezed into a hectic 4 month period and no doubt has affected our performance levels on a few occasions.
      I expect us to kick on after Xmas with a couple of Europa Cup games per month the only barrier. We will see much more of the type of performance that blew Aberdeen away and for parts of yesterday’s game.
      As Brendan continues to stamp his mark on the team and the style of play he is apt to remind us that we have improved and will improve further.
      That’s not good news for the rest of the league…the best is yet to come.
      26 more league games
      1 league cup final
      4 Scottish Cup ties.
      That would take us to a magical 94 and back to back trebles.
      Gordon Wadddell’s pathetic attempt to sell KT in his article today is just a symptom of the hurt that the blue facing media is suffering. His assertion that if someone comes along and waves a £30/40 million pound cheque in Peter Lawwell ‘ s face will have the Celtic CEO driving Kieran personally to his new club.
      We are not Rangers, we don’t need the money. KT and Dembele are huge assets and their values are rising in a crazy market.
      Perhaps Waddell and his ilk should have concentrated their attentions on the Rangers financials. Has it not dawned on any of them that the rest of the board and concert party have pulled the plug on their regular donations to keep the lights on and that King, and his family trust, are on their own.
      The fate of Newco is in the hands of a glib and shameless liar who only a few weeks ago in the Court Of Session claimed via his counsel to be on his uppers but lo and behold just a few weeks later has committed to provide £7m plus from his own funds to meet the forecast cash flow shortfalls.
      In what world do we live in that no one in the media has thought this worthy of mention? Either he has lied to his counsel or to the auditors, it’s that simple. It’s interesting that his counsel suggested in the Court Of Session that he would provide evidence of his client’s penury, yet a couple of weeks later King has provided Campbell Dallas with proof of funds that has enabled them to sign off on the accounts………they will have asked for proof of funds, won’t they?
      I’m sure the audit partner will have met with King and has been given a plausible explanation of the rapid turn round in his client’s financial position.
      I’m assuming that the audit partner does read the papers or watches the news on TV therefore is fully aware of the Court Of Session disclosures.
      On the other hand Lord Bannatyne may also be interested in King’s benificial change of circumstances and might be looking for the same plausible explanation given to the auditors!

  31. Phil, my Grandfather, the man who first took me to see Celtic play Aberdeen at Paradise in 1984, was alive to see Willie Maley’s men go 62 unbeaten. He died in 1995, a proud Celtic Supporter. I’d say he’s dancing for joy in heaven today…..I’ll leave it at that and savour history in the making.

  32. These are great times to be a Celtic fan.We suffered through their tainted 9 in a row, can’t remember too many articles pleading for a strong Celtic during those years.Brendan Rodgers has made all the difference let’s hope he stays well beyond 10.

  33. Phil I felt the same way about the Scottish referendum, but too many voters failled to understand the significance of the priveledged positiio that just happened to be in. Could it happen JUST ONE MORE TIME.

  34. Unbelievable achievement under Brendan and the frightening thing is who’s going to stop the invincibles from creating even more records…..its a magical time for all tims

  35. And it was all achieved by honest means, not one EBT or side letter to be seen. Yes when it comes to integrity and sporting fair play Celtic are untouchable, some across the city without a line of credit from the bank may want to take note of how it’s done.

    I dare say the Scotland’s leading daily lie the Daily Tripe will run with the story about how Bill “the budgie thief’ Struth grew a prize winning turnip on the very day back in 1950, anything is worthy of a mention as long as they can keep away from mentioning record breaking invincibles…

  36. Congratulations to all at Celtic football Club.

    It’s always team effort behind success.

    From the offices cleaning ladies to the terraces sweepers and part time match day employees.

    They all contribute.

  37. If you own a history

    As some of the Twitter feeds say, we make history rather than buying it. These are glorious times, while its funny to laugh at Sevco, it’s superb to celebrate our own success. And to think, this is possibly just the start.

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