Big Bruno, selling Trump and 25 years of being an amazing son

I was upset to learn last night that my discreet mention of Operation Get Rid Of Bruno caused some angst in the Sevco High Command.

Apparently, it put something of a dampener on a pre-arranged meeting yesterday between some dignified functionaries and the representatives of Pedro.

You see dear reader the same folk also look after the interests of big Bruno.

It would appear that they weren’t aware that the centre back’s remuneration was causing a financial problem at the Holding Company Vehicle.

Therefore, your humble correspondent was breaking news to them.

Consequently, the planned sit-down took on a rather different direction.

Oh dear.

Well, it isn’t the first time that a chap of my stripe has caused angst in Ibrox from Lisbon…

What is not up for debate is that a majority within the Blue Room now see the current wage bill as unsustainable.

This time last year I awoke to a lovely blue sky in the Portuguese capital with the prospect of darkening skies over the world.

I commiserated with American brothers and sisters who were in the media village of the Web Summit.

None of them voted for Trump.

One woman, in particular, was inconsolable.

This afternoon I am looking forward to hearing how this crime against peace and stability was engineered.

I never thought that Trump would be nominated, never mind win the election.

However, I did have an advisor who called it right from the get-go.

He’s 25 today and he’s one of the funniest, kindest, smartest humans I know.

He also happens to be my son.

I think I might have mentioned recently that I’m lucky.