Big Bruno, selling Trump and 25 years of being an amazing son

I was upset to learn last night that my discreet mention of Operation Get Rid Of Bruno caused some angst in the Sevco High Command.

Apparently, it put something of a dampener on a pre-arranged meeting yesterday between some dignified functionaries and the representatives of Pedro.

You see dear reader the same folk also look after the interests of big Bruno.

It would appear that they weren’t aware that the centre back’s remuneration was causing a financial problem at the Holding Company Vehicle.

Therefore, your humble correspondent was breaking news to them.

Consequently, the planned sit-down took on a rather different direction.

Oh dear.

Well, it isn’t the first time that a chap of my stripe has caused angst in Ibrox from Lisbon…

What is not up for debate is that a majority within the Blue Room now see the current wage bill as unsustainable.

This time last year I awoke to a lovely blue sky in the Portuguese capital with the prospect of darkening skies over the world.

I commiserated with American brothers and sisters who were in the media village of the Web Summit.

None of them voted for Trump.

One woman, in particular, was inconsolable.

This afternoon I am looking forward to hearing how this crime against peace and stability was engineered.

I never thought that Trump would be nominated, never mind win the election.

However, I did have an advisor who called it right from the get-go.

He’s 25 today and he’s one of the funniest, kindest, smartest humans I know.

He also happens to be my son.

I think I might have mentioned recently that I’m lucky.

63 thoughts on “Big Bruno, selling Trump and 25 years of being an amazing son”

  1. It doesnt matter who the president (puppet) is. The elite less than 1% who own the banks & thus everything else control the politicians of any power. Its the system that produces endless war & insanity (see Obama, Bush, Clinton etc etc etc etc……). What about Obama bombing hospitals & his drone assassinations program? What about Bush illegal invasion of Iraq?

    Trump as president is preposterous of course. But what is even more preposterous is the political system itself. Out of a country of over 300million that the only 2 choices that can win are Trump & Clinton (remember Libya & europe refugee crisis?).

    Politics is a farce. A con. Gives the sheep the illusion they have power and choice. The progressives & the politically correct are the worst. They give credence and fuel to the whole system while not realising how much they are being bent over & shafted by the 1%. And have so little self awareness to realise they are contributing to the agenda of the one world government, fascist state of which the EU is a stepping stone.

    A good example is the long planned flooding of western europe with refugees from the east which is happening now. They want western europe to move gradually toward a third world area. As soon as anyone mentions the genuine concerns of this the progressives and politically correct twitter & facebook do-gooders jump all over them shouting racists, fascist….

    Wake up folks.

  2. None so blind than those that cannot see….. More nonsense from the gullibles re the January window and the arrival of Moult, Walker and McLean.
    Apart from the financial considerations, with the club drowning in a sea of increasing debt, none of the trio would make the Celtic bench.
    They are incapable, or unwilling, to face the reality of their situation.
    With Brendan in situ they require to hire a top class manager and sign players who are superior to those of Celtic.
    NOAL has pledged to fund an additional £7m plus of loans just to keep the lights on.
    Best of luck with that one Dave.
    The £7m doesn’t include the cost of dehiring Pedro and his management team, nor the cost of bringing in a new manager or beefing up the quality of the squad.
    7 months to go before ST intake, its going to be a long hard winter and if Celtic go unbeaten, with back to back trebles, then whoever picks up the poisoned chalice will most likely be looking for a new job in the summer, and so it goes on.

  3. Bruno is only one of a slew of Sevco stars we won’t be seeing after Christmas, I wager. Wonder if the BBC will have a look at New Oasis and the monies bankrolling Newco… Don’t hold your breath!
    As for picture of your son with Bertie Auld and Bobby Lennox – it is a cracker which I am sure will keep you smiling long after we win the Europa next year. As for Tim the Catholic basher.. God help him.

  4. Trump beating Clinton was the singularly the most accurate definition of the phrase ‘lesser of two evils’.

    Brexit is undoubtedly the best option in long term but the establishment are clearly utilising all their resources to overturn the democratic vote. EU are delaying as much as can to allow this and the Lisbon treaty vote is another of the examples of the corrupt EU state along with the Greece debacle that made billions for Goldman Sachs and IMF against wishes of Troika and the Greek people.

    The NHS bus slogan being pulled out again by the MSM and one eyed BBC shows the lack of intellectual argument from the socialist left who are led by banksters claim of forthcoming apocalypse. Ironic isn’t it. I’m all for Corbyn though who has to stay silent on his EU criticisms of it being a centralised undemocratic corrupt elitist banking fraternity where financial audits can’t be signed off.

    P.S. Happy to hear a better arguement for EU based on facts.

  5. Attended the school where Brother Wilfred is buried ( St Joseph’s Dumfries) .. There is many good people involved with catholic church BUT there are just as many that are evil, some of the Marist Brothers would be arrested if they treated school children like they did in my day ( think some have, with many others seriously looked into) For me Celtic is founded by a decent group of people I don’t care about religious side of it.

  6. Hi Phil Hope your enjoying Lisbon . As to you being lucky ,your son is a product of the environment you brought him up in and the love he obviously was surrounded by ,in my experience luck has fk all to do with it. I have a lot of American friends in Vegas and they for the most part were rooting for Trump , he promised them a return to a time that never actually existed except in Hollywood , wrapped up in an all American flag, bollocks of course but dangerous bollocks none the less.
    Thai Tim , there are 1.2 Billion Roman Catholics in the world , undoubtedly a percentage are going to be less than their religion demands them to be. The Church is badly flawed is some respects and the covering up of the abuse is at least as bad as the despicable deeds carried out by some of its members.
    Anything involving this many people is going to have a percentage of seriously bad people ,but I think the vast majority are decent people let down by a rotten small percentage.
    The good that is done by the Roman Catholics of this world goes for the most part unreported ,don’t get me wrong im not an apologist for these despicable bastards, neither perpetrators nor the misguided that protect them.
    I think to grade the Church by this its lowest level is seriously flawed in its conjecture . If Celtic was anything other than it is ,welcoming all , it wouldn’t be the club that it is…a club like no other.

  7. So, none of your American media chums voted for Trump. I suppose none of reported on it being the Democrats and Hillier Clinton who funded the dirty dosier on Trump ( that’s fact by the way ).
    The Democrats paid for Russians to write a document which was meant to sway the election in favour of Clinton but its Trump the media want investigated for collusion with the Russians.
    Phil, think back to 2010 when the football press would not touch the Rangers demise story . Well you’ve got the same 3 monkeys attitude now in the American main stream media .
    They won’t touch or investigate the avalanche of corruption that is pouring out about Clinton because they are the American equivilent of succulent lamb takers.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things to dislike about Trump, but he won the election and its time that part of America that didn’t vote for him got over it and started planning for the next election.

  8. Trump may not be the best President they have had, but when voters are between a rock and a hard place the best candidate won. Personally not a fan of Trump, but Clinton would have been far worse.

  9. That explains everything now. The Red Top squirrel “exclusive” today claiming Pedro Caixinha undersold Barrie Mackay for £500,000 to Nottingham Forest. Indeed he did, by £5.5m to be precise. As the same rag claimed in another exclusive back in January – RB Leipzig was on the brink of making a £6m swoop for Mackay. Whatever became of that deal?

    So, is this squirrel set free to deflect from the cash flow situation at Ibrox?

    1. It really is risible. Since when did managers set the fee for a player? I do not believe you will find anywhere in the history of the game where a move in or out of a club is not sanctioned by the board of directors, the Chairman or the owner. A manager can say he wants to offload a player or bring a player in, but they simply cannot determine or authorise the fee either way. If Sevco sold Mackay on the cheap – and I believe they did – it is because Sevco needed the money. It is also no surprise that he was sold on the cheap to the one manager who knew more than any other just how skint the five year old club actually was.

  10. Thai Tim, there are head cases within the wide Celtic support base. That does not change the fact that we are a great support. You sound like a Rangers fan.

  11. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember Lisbon in 67. However, I do recall having the pleasure of seeing Jinky in his testimonial maych with Bobby Lennox nine years later. I recall man United having a goal disallowed in that 4-0 victory. I also recall referee Billy Connolly running onto the pitch wearing a rangers scarf at half time

    1. So, Ted, you seem to be claiming that you’re not a Billy after all so, may I ask, why have you posted that McMurty will win ‘Manager of the Month for November’ around a half dozen times on here in the last fortnight ..?

      Why do you feel the need to repeat such an obvious claim, given that the criminal racket known as Sevco needs all the ‘good news’ it can get from whatever source possible?

  12. I am a proud true Celtic supporter. I have been since the age of 8 years old. I love reading Phil’s blog full of intellectual wit and insight. I love Celtic FC but I would also love it if we disassociated the club from Catholicism. Seriously, what do you guys think? I refer you to the horrible revelations of the Netflix series “The Keepers” and the movie “The Magdalene Sisters” There is abundant evidence that the Catholic church is a demonic organisation which has decent lovely people duped within it. It seems to me the Catholic religion is evil and takes the side of pedophile priests over empathy and care of their victims. Celtic FC should be first and foremost a wonderful football team, nothing less, nothing more. Agreed? Father Walfred it seems was a wonderful man, but was he aware of the evil organisation he represented and should Celtic FC associate itself with the horror of this evil?

    1. Every religion has committed deeds to be ashamed off. However the people you call “duped” continue to use their beliefs to inspire them to do good.
      Remember “the evil that men do lives after them , the good is oft interred with their bones”
      This is not only applies to Catholicism but to all religions and none.

    2. I think I understand what you are trying to say here but I think your choice of words might cause your meaning to be lost.
      I also have been a Celtic supporter since my very early years. I was brought up under the protestant church although I have no religious beliefs at all. I think your statement that the Catholic church is “evil” is not only clearly wrong but it is offensive as well. Of course there are bad men and women in the Catholic church. There are also men and women who have covered up that wrongdoing through either ill conceived or evil reasoning. This does not make the organisation or the members of that organisation wrong any more than the fact that there are murderers in Scotland make Scotland evil. As I say, I think I know what you are saying but an ill advised choice of words may be hiding your meaning. I for one am quite happy for with Celtics association with the Catholic church as long as there is an understanding that the one thing we all have in common is a devotion to Celtic.
      HH all.

    3. I think its sad that you feel so bitter about one of the worlds largest faiths.

      I am certain Brother Walfrid would share my sadness.

      You are certainly entitled to your personal, albeit very vitriolic opinion.

      There are many platforms that will eagerly support your views and I am certain your comments will garner more support on them than they will on this one.

      1. Two damning reports by the UN have accused the Vatican of ‘systematically’ adopting policies that allow priests to rape and molest thousands of children over decades, failing to report allegations to the authorities and transferring offenders to new dioceses where they could abuse again. That is not something I want to associate with the football club that I love. Think of all the stained souls, alcoholism and suicides. The more I have looked into this the more I come to the conclusion that the Catholic religion is anything but good. Acting in this way is evil with no excuse. It’s not just an odd bad priest here and there. The problem is endemic and history shows the Vatican has actually assisted the offenders and accused the victims time after time. Watch the Netflix series “The Keepers” which is a documentary based on fact. Anyone of the Catholic faith should be ashamed and sickened by the revelations. That’s why its about time Celtic FC disassociated itself with ANY religion. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I find the systematic raping and abuse of children far more offensive than hurting the feelings of decent devout Catholics.

    4. ooft, get your popcorn and Irn Bru, sit back, and enjoy the show.. you are obviously off your nut, or trolling….. or trolling off your nut……

    5. Thai Tim, If you want to support a club that disassociates itself from the Catholic Church I suggest you look somewhere else in Glasgow. I’m sure you’ll feel at home with the Sevconians. Remember Celtic FC is open to all races and denominations

    6. Davy bhoy
      As a practising R.C. and a life long Celtic supporter l cannot condone your’ condemnation of the catholic religion, and technically the heritage of a worldwide sporting and charitable institution. Celtic football club.
      Founded amongst the R.C. Irish community (diaspora) if you like,it gave alms to the poor and salve to the sick of the whole community regardless of race, creed, or colour.
      Can you name another Glasgow institution like it.
      Every religious organisation have there problems. Some through their dogma, some by there misled,misinformed, unfortune sometimes unenlightened apostate
      The R.C.C. preaches tolerance and forgiveness. Reaches out to teach nourish and cultivate development. Some would actually take advantage to offend and misappropriate in it’s name,but a great many more work tirelessly and and unquestionably, without thanx or handsome remuneration to reach out ,to help and encourage it in its mission.
      Be careful what you wish for and be thankful for what you have are trueisms Br Walfrid would have understood.
      On a dreek week night in April 1970 my da took me to see his favourite team. We went in a mini bus from the “cosy corner ” in Blantyre to happen to see the famous Leeds utd. It was the best night of my young life. I recall telling AW my pals at school the next day and how envious they had been. The following Sunday in a fit of pique I remonstrated with my ma about going to Church. (I wanted to play fitba with my pals). And my da warned me “nae chapel nae Celtic”
      I went to mass.
      And the next time you sit/stand at Celtic Park look around and ask yourself how many of these people are catholic.!

    7. Thai Tim

      What planet do you inhabit?
      Your anti Catholic bigotry is usually found on the Blue Planet in the Entitlement Galaxy!
      Perhaps you really live in Thailand and have very little knowledge of the Catholic Church and its work with the poor and dispossessed throughout the world. The work that “Brother” Walfrid did in the late 19th century is still being done today and the Celtic community are very proud of their association with it.
      Of course there are a small percentage of rotten apples in every barrel and they should be rooted out and dealt with in the courts. Mistakes have been made in the past which will not be made in the future.
      By all means continue to support this very great football club, but to fully appreciate its history, do some research and at the same time have an objective look at the activities of the Catholic Church in the world today. You will see that it goes far beyond pedophile priests, Netflix blockbusters and demons.
      Otherwise go and join the Enlightenment Galaxy.

    8. This “Evil, demonic organisation” gives more aid, in terms of both money and manpower, to underdeveloped countries and their peoples than the rest of the so called civilised world put together.

    9. I am a Celtic fan and always cringe when reading about paedophlia irrespective of what religion it is found in, but it seems it attracts the most attention from the sevco fans, didn’t they take on board the boys that were interfered with by the scouts and trainers in their boys clubs and academy. There surely is good people who are prepared to nurture young lads without putting them at risk from these slimy scumbags. As an aside there are good people in Glasgow who are willing to put their colours aside and contribute to food banks as was collected by the Green Brigade at the last home game, please continue to do this to give needy Glawegians a pleasant Christmas. Hail Hail

  13. Trump’s victory was an absolutely total no-brainer, as was Brexit. I read across a spectrum of papers – or more precisely, the comments sections. It’s fairly easy to discount the idiots on both sides. Once you’ve done that, you start to sort the chaff from the corn.

    From quite early on, it was clear Brexit was extremely likely with Trump not too far behind – enough for me to reckon it was money from old rope from the bookies (I never bet unless I reckon the true odds are seriously in my favour). So it turned out. The bookies paid me out at good odds.

    My best bet – odds.wise – was an outside chance on Macron being pipped to the post (although I honestly though he was really preparing the ground for a certain lady winning next time around) – which is why I didn’t go the whole hog. However, the next one’s covered as the French get seriously disillusioned with Macron.

    I have several other EU-related bets. My one regret ? I didn’t put on an accumulator plus covering all the various permutations, for the various options I backed. If they all work out, I would have made a killing of well into 5-figures for a very low stake.

  14. All the best to your son on his birthday, Phil.

    Did he predict Trump’s ‘victory’ based on stats, sensing the mood of the American people or via the knowledge that presidents are SELECTED rather than ELECTED, and by a VERY Select Committee at that ..?

    Either way, very good insight and a cracking photie of 2 legends and one in the making 🙂

    All the best to you all, HH!

    1. He was quoting the voting trends in Congressional districts to me and a plethora of other data.
      He reads voraciously.
      My fella had a handle on things that I didn’t hear in any of the mainstream.

      1. Oh, the mainstream don’t tell the news any more, Phil, they’re only there to suppress it, the Zionists own all the world press these days.

        But it’s good to know that your lad is looking way beyond the puff pieces to learn what’s really going on and I hope he keeps up the exceptional work.

        I also predicted a Trump ‘win’ in the wake of Pizzagate, as it was obvious that anyone implicated in such a huge, and still largely buried, scandal was most certainly NOT White House bound.

        Cheers for the reply, reading is the very essence of life to me and has been since before I started school, but the main thing is to use that knowledge to make a change in the real world, as you do yourself.

        As to Rob’s question below, no I don’t mean the Electoral College selecting the president, as all that stuff is only there to cover up the sham democracy that America, and the rest of the world, has largely become.

        For proof of this, you can check out the vote hacking data in the post below your own from @mikefarb1 & #unhackthevote, plus there’s a ream of info online covering the Scots indyref rigging AND the following year’s UK election following a similar shady pattern.

        Though what you should really be looking into, Rob, is who the members are, and who runs, America’s shadow permanent government, for it’s those guys who are the actual policy makers, not some bankrupt with a misplaced attitude and extremely bad haircut.

        Have a look at Britain’s shadow government while you’re at it.

        It’ll make you sick but at least you’ll have learned something from behind the veil.


    2. Are you are referring to the Electoral College as being the committee that “selects” the President? They give there votes to the winner of the states election, the number of electors a state has is based on population. The fact that a candidate can be elected without winning the “popular” vote proves that the system works. The system prevents population centres ie California and New York from having too much sway over the whole country. They have more electors so they do have a bigger say in the outcome then say West Virginia, but you can’t just pander to them and expect to win as was proven last November. The system works as intended.

      1. Not really. The issue in the American electoral system is many fold. Each states electors in the electoral college votes in different ways AFAIK. In a few the votes are split as per the % of popular votes, in most all of them go to the one with the most votes. Some states allow the actual electoral college voter to vote as they wish ( in theory), the so called faithless voter. However in general because each states no of voters is basically representative of population, the big population states do have a lot of sway. California has 55 voters 9 10% of the total. Thus even if one person wins by a lot in some states but loses by a thin majority on others the discrepancy starts to appear.

        The key issue is that the senate has two senators per state regardless of population size. Only sheer luck I think at the moment gives each party almost 50:50. It could easily be that a small percent of the population could command a majority in the Senate

    1. exactly what was hacked? The voting machines? How exactly was the election “hacked”? Its always nefarious when things don’t go the lefts way.

      1. Look it up yourself, man, you have the keywords right in front of you!

        And the ‘left’ has nothing to do with it, what with the concepts of both ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ being but a divisive distraction for the enactment of the Hegelian Dialectic upon the duped and stupefied citizenry who don’t even know how to follow up the direct leads that they’re given and, when they do, refuse to believe them.

        For the sake of all that isn’t stupid, look it up, Rob.

        1. Here’s a reading list of 21 to start you off, given your inability, or laziness, to type in what’s written in front of you, ‘Rob’:

          ’21. Propaganda, Edward Bernays
          Media control and propaganda is how the rest of what is contained in the books that follows is ever made possible. Without belief in the orchestrated events of history, the tactics employed by the ruling elite could never work. This is an essential place to start to learn how human perception is altered so that a false reality can be created and accepted.

          Or, as Bernays himself said, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

          17. Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order, Jeffrey Grupp
          Corporations control all basic resources of the world, all the governments and institutions, and prevent us from solving humanity’s problems. Their New World Order plan is the global ‘prison planet’ that Hitler was aiming for.

          13. Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley
          1,359 pages of details about how the New World Order really works. A confession from one of the architects of the power elite and the structures they use to divide and conquer the planet.

          12. None Dare Call it Conspiracy, Gary Allen
          This is the counterpart to Quigley’s tome. At just 197 pages, Gary Allen distills the machinations of the political, banking, and elite think tanks into the most concise book ever written about how it is possible for a small group of puppet masters to direct world events and control entire populations.

          4. Snitch Culture: How Citizens are Turned into the Eyes and Ears of the State, Jim Redden
          In this alarming exposé, investigative journalist Jim Redden examines how snooping has become so much a part of American culture that it is practically a family value, encouraged on billboards, television, and even in classrooms. From employees hired to spy on their coworkers to doctors forced to disclose medical information, the U.S. has developed a chilling network for monitoring its citizens. Worst of all, the information gathered – and widely disseminated – is often unreliable, solicited from paid and anonymous informants. This book was written in 2000 and is even more disturbing to witness in hindsight all that has come to pass both domestically and abroad as the War on Terror has been given carte blanche to use any means necessary to expand the power of the State. A citizen spy network is the hallmark of tyranny and Redden’s book concisely presents its evolution even within democratic countries.’

          This is but one list, from the first page I opened, there are countless more.

          However, for the fullest understanding of how the US, UK, France & Israel have wreaked open havoc on Democracy on nearly every country on the planet worldwide every day since 1944, I recommend the annually updated murderography ‘Killing Hope’ by the quite exceptional William Blum.

          Once you’ve read this book alone you will fully understand that the people in charge of this world are murderers, gangsters and criminals and have even less respect for ‘Democracy’ than they have for human life, which, as Blum fully illustrates on every page, after 73 years of waging constant daily war on almost every nation worldwide, really isn’t any kind respect at all.

          So why would they allow ‘Democracy’ in their own countries when they won’t allow it anywhere else ..?

          Read ‘Killing Hope’ before wasting our time with a reactionary reply, thanks.

  15. You are indeed lucky Phil, and, as in all balanced families, so is your son. All the very best to you and yours, from me and mine.

    1. You’re not reading the runes in my opinion. He’s doing what he said he would do. His core vote will hold up (I have an American daughter-in-law who is extremely astute). The mainstream politicians on both sides are treating him with disdain instead of looking to see why he has the support he has.

      1. Prestor, a long post above about why you always know best at the bookies. Self-promoting and arrogant sounding.

        Now we find out that

        a) you’re a grandfather

        b) you voted Brexit

        Arrogant, old, know-all votes Brexit. Hmm…

        Instead of voting FOR your grandchildren why didn’t you vote WITH them? They wanted to stay in, you undermined their generation. Oh yeah, you’re an arrogant, old, know-all Brexiteer.

    2. Polls suggest his popularity has dropped by over 7% since he took the oath, but Obama’s dropped by over 16% in the same period. It’s a funny old world. Well, New World!!

  16. My sons a year older and predicted the same thing. Trump as president,no to indy and Brexit. Personally i thought it inconceivable. Never will a younger generation have been so f##ked by the older generation with the least to lose.

    1. Brexit voters like me voted for it to give our grandchildren the best possible future. I could write for hours on that. What I do know is that the EU is slowly disintegrating and we’re better outside before it collapses rather that being dragged down by it when it does !

      1. So tell me, Prester, where do you see the ‘UK’ fit into the ‘globalised’ society as outlined in the Maastricht Treaty and extensively detailed in the reams of literature written by the hard American Right’s vision of a New World Order under the control of a One World Globalist Government?

        And do you think it possible that a cash cow like the ‘UK’ could possibly ever escape the globalist grip of the international corporate, some say ‘fascist’, financial vultures ..?

      2. Hearty congratulations John.

        That must be the 3 most dishonest, disingenuous & downright delusional sentences I’ve ever read on Phil’s blog.

        Kudos sir, that takes a special talent.

  17. Nice photo Phil…
    One of my Celtic heroes is in it….Bobby Lennox.
    Like him…I was a left winger…who scored a lot of goals.
    But not nearly as many as him…For a winger at the top level…his stats. are amazing.
    He was also selected by Sir Bobby Charlton as being one of the best players he had ever seen.
    I had the pleasure of speaking to him a few weeks ago….not for the first time…and he is an absolute gentleman.
    Enjoy Lisbon…as I did…in 1967.
    Hail hail

    1. Bobby Lennox is a Celtic legend Mike, I have only seen him on videos, not in the flesh unfortunately!!!!
      Likewise 67, I would love to have been born to watch it live, still it’s in the blood isn’t it.

      Hail Hail Mikey Bhoy

      1. Cheers Gerrybhoy…
        Bobby is three years older than me…and is wearing well.
        I had the pleasure of introducing him to my wee brother…who had brought his two sons up from London for an SPL game .
        My nephews didn’t really know who Bobby was…but my wee brother ( he’s 63 btw) was awestruck at meeting a Celtic legend…It made his day.
        I first met Bobby about 45 years ago….and I see him very occasionally.
        Really nice guy…
        Hail hail Gerry.

  18. Love this, looks a cracking lad “can usually tell by looking”. Got two lads of ours both as different as you can can get but pure gems both of them. What more can we ask for? Hh

  19. Phil, no problem with the wage bill, no problem with taxes and other creditors, King has promised to provide all the funding required as and when.
    This must be of great comfort to the board, the fans and Dallas Campbell, all of whom will be able to sleep soundly in their beds.
    Did I dream this up that all of King’s assets had to be returned to South Africa as part of his deal with SARS?
    I’m also confused on reading that moving funds from SA had quite strict limitations which the £7m plus commitment, added to his previous donations, will exceed.
    So the only conclusion is that the funds didn’t come from SA but from elsewhere…….mmmm SARS sanctions not working out?
    Anyway, no worries, Regan and his crew will be all over the source of King’s new found riches!
    Would welcome some advice from his financial advisor………pauper at the Court Of Session just a few weeks ago, now rolling in it, allegedly, certainly enough to impress Dallas Campbell that he can meet all cash calls as and when.
    Is there a South African national lottery with a recent winner who wishes to remain anonymous… else can Dave ‘ s fortunes have turned around overnight?

    1. The money comes from New Oasis which of course DK doesn’t control m’lud.

      New Oasis just happens to be based on a ‘paradise island’ – whoddathunkit?

      Worth bearing in mind when some smart arse bear has a go about DD’s private finances.

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